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Found 29 results

  1. The Fox clone (AKA Killer) was my first RC car when I was 11. I am trying to build it with the re-re Tamiya Fox, homemade decals and 3D printed parts. The biggest problem I face is I don't know the dimensions of the roll cage. Anyone here can help me out?
  2. Looking to buy the FOX clone (Killer) The car doesn't have to be completed but I do need the roll cage. I am located in Taiwan. Pay by Paypal
  3. I’m looking for these particular pieces to help finish my vintage Fox. I live in the US. Thanks!
  4. So I have been restoring my 30 year old fox these last few months (new chasis, ESC, wheels, tires, a couple of suspension arms) and I finally thought I got it going. I have a 30 year old brushed Le Mans 240st (nothing fancy) and today when I took it out for a run it sounded like the gears were stripping. Sounded like someone driving a bad stick shift. How do I know if it’s the gears or drive shaft? When I turn the rear wheel there is about a 45 degree slack before the other wheel kicks in and turns the opposite way. Just bumped about the new issue!!
  5. Hello While moving piles of modelkits from the attic to my new 'mancave' I dug up my old Tamiya Fox. I bought it om my 12th birthday (1988) and it was my first and only RC car. It seemed in good shape, the radio still works even after a drop from the first floor (they did make things of quality these days did'nt they?). So i decided to buy new battery (Lipo? Nimh? whaaw things have changed since then) and it ran as 30 years ago. Time to take it apart and see in what shape it really is. The inside looks clean. The MSC needed lubrification badly The dogbones needed claening (dust) and grease Aaawch. Splits in the rear upper and lower arms Time to order Novafox parts and take a break
  6. Hi everyone, my names Nick, and I'm new back to this hobby after about 20 years. I built an original Fox with my dad back in about 88/89, and just recently got it back from his garage which has re ignited my love for Tamiya RC! I remember as a kid going all across Melbourne with that car to different tracks and meeting others with their Tamiyas, and so many of my friends were building them with their dads. Brings back great memories! Now I've got a few questions, and I apologize in advance if this post is long, covering too basic topics, or going over topics already covered here. I have a 5 year old who's loving RC at the moment. He needs a lot of practice obviously and his driving skills are questionable! However, this Christmas I was going to get him some sort of rechargeable car, and realized for about the same price as Kmart Chinese crap, I can get him a grasshopper kit and we can build it. And I figured any thing he breaks is likely to be able to be repaired? Am I right in assuming parts are readily available? And is this one of the easier RC kits to build?? Now as for remotes, I see the trigger style remote with the wheel seems to be the much more popular style over the twin stock remotes? Any pros or cons with them? I've got a twin stick remote so not sure if I should stick with that style or get a wheel style? And on to batteries- I've got a few 1700maH NiMh's and a rapid DC charger from the late 80's that charges them up in 25 mins off the car battery. Run times about 6-7 minutes. Now surely nearly 30 years later there's been a huge improvement with battery technology!? From what I gather modern run times are still similar and the chargers take about an hour!? Please tell me we've come along way since then!? I've been running the fox a few times over the last couple days and have found some problems and Im not sure where I should start troubleshooting? It seems that when it's close to me it's running fine, but once it gets about 25m out at full speed the motor will suddenly cut back and the car pulls hard right? Does this sound more like a remote signal issue? I'm thinking I'll take the front end off and re adjust everything as their seems to be a bit of play in the steering. What I have noticed though is wobble and slop in the front wheels. The little wheel nuts are as tight as it can go, but there's some space between them and the wheels so they're sloppy. Is that meant to be like that or have plastic washers or spacers worn out and that's why I get the slop?? Any help or push in the right direction appreciated guys! thanks, Nick
  7. Well, now that I have this photo thing down here, I thought it time to get some space cleared up in my garage and spares bin. Please look over what I have to offer either here or on the TC Trades room, I try my hardest to stay on top of things, so if you see it listed, it should still be for sale. Keep in mind I am in the USA and I know that it isn't the best time of year or the best exchange rate right now for us all, but I don't want the Earth for these bits, I want them to get to new homes where they are needed and I need to either trade for bits I am needing or sell them for what I invested into them in the first place. I did buy up a few lots from hobby stores as I passed through(a fact my wife readily reminds me of while she waited in the car) so I did get some good prices, I would like to think I am not in the lofty pricing of eBay these days, but when some re re parts are out there just like the Vintage stuff, well that is competition isn't it. Please note, my parts will be vintage as the only re re parts I have around here is on my HotShot restorations and those parts are not for sale at the moment. The BIGWIG LOT Chris Some RARE Fox hop ups from a long gone company. Never got around to fitting them to my shelfer. Some old PROLINE Champion tires, they have a 2in diameter, but they are on the narrow side, much like they would fit on the front wheels of a HotShot series car. And some Proline "blades" or whatever they called them, I have a total of 3 pair NIP of this wheel
  8. linkedtamiya


    Great vintage collection, make offers
  9. Hi folks I need the rear wheel hubs for a vintage Fox if anyone has any they can sell? Thanks Simon
  10. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?id=39840&cid=120047&t=815201645907 - Sealed NIP Vintage Fox Chassis - Sealed NIB Vtg Front Stabilizer Set - Sealed NIP Vtg Fox Gearbox Sprue - Sealed NIP Vtg Fox Rubber Parts Bag - Sealed NIP Novafox Driver Z Parts $60 + 10 postage (US) or at-cost (non-US)
  11. FS: Thorp Dirt Burners #4583 and #4584 - Fox Pressure Discs RH and LH. Vintage parts. New in package. Absolutely no rust. These are as clean as they get for being 30 years old... I got these as part of a larger collection of Thorp parts. I don't have a Fox, so I don't need them... $15 gets you both. Includes shipping in US. If you are overseas, we'll work out some arrangement for postage... http://jpegbay.com/gallery/005267690-.html#1 Terry
  12. Well, with three little kids these days, too much work and life going on, I am thinking of selling my ENTIRE collection, down to the last screw and axle. Problem is, I have a rough idea of what I've paid for things over the years, but not an idea of what I could realistically sell everything for. Here's what I have: - A completely restored Fox with a lot of spares (including a good set of wheels)and black can motor, box, and all radio gear - A completely restored Blackfoot with new decals (yet to put on), black can motor, fully ball raced - A completely restored Boomerang new decals (yet to be put on), black can motor, fully ball raced,lots of spares, full radio gear - Brand new in the box FAV (opened and looked at, but as it was) - WRC Focus TT-01 with I think every option possible, full radio gear, box - Brand new, in the box and never opened Schnitzer BMW M3 - An all original, unrestored Wild One in very good shape, an easy restoration - A very modified Grasshopper that is nothing but a body and chassis right now. Oil filled dampers, black can motor, Baja Bug-style body, lots of spares There are also batteries, chargers, extra radios, servos, oil, grease, extra, extra parts... Everything is almost all vintage. It is generally a lot of stuff that has never been fully catalogued. :-) Pictures of almost everything I have can be found in my other posts. This is not a "for sale" post, this is a "feeler", an information gathering post if you will. Nothing is for sale yet, but when it is, everything will be offered here first before it goes to Flea Bay. I have collected all of these things over the past 25 years, moved with them through college and marriage and kids. This isn't an easy thing for me to do, but I think the time has come to take stock in this collection's worth.
  13. Hi guys, this is a complete 100% vintage original new/NIP Fox build set. Only things not included are body, decals and tires. I'll give you guys a day or two to PM me with offers before it goes up on ebay. Super rare NIP vtg wheels, NIP vtg R parts, NIP vtg chassis. Don't be shy - I'll probably be giving somebody a pretty solid deal on this stuff!
  14. Hey guys some of you may have seen the NIB Vintage Fox I have listed on eBay. I've decided to update the listing with my rock bottom price of $375 shipped in U.S. or at-cost int'l. Have a look at the pics below. Is in great NIB shape except original owner assembled wheels / tires. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331681180763 (** UPDATED LINK **)
  15. Hey guys - I'm starting to take stock of my pending Tamiya projects and parts and will be selling along some items that were for projects I don't have time for so I can work on a few projects as time permits. First off I have this nice Fox body + decal set straight out of a vintage NIB kit that I meant to use for a build. But I've already done several vintage Fox builds so I'm selling this along for $100 + free US shipping, at-cost global. Just the decals alone are worth almost that, so if you are interested I'd go snag it. It's up on ebay at this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331654724292 Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks! BEEF
  16. I decided to keep the body and radio originally listed with this so I could offer a lower price and reduced shipping cost. Relisted at this link and see updated pics below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-built-Vintage-Tamiya-Fox-w-Installed-Receiver-MSC-58051-5851-RARE-CONDITION-/331679430987
  17. ** I'VE DECIDED TO KEEP THE BODY AND RADIO AND RELISTED THIS FOR LESS $ AND CHEAPER TO SHIP ** Will post as a new thread with the updated pics + link.
  18. Looking to clear some space at home. All kits are new in the box. Shipping extra. PM me if interested. 58450 TT01R Type E (bearings, oil dampers, turnbuckles, metal drivetrain) - $12558399 DF02 Plasma Edge + aluminum prop shaft, turnbuckles, steering rack - $125
  19. Hi TC, Looking for some advice on a independent front shock set up on the Nova I'm building. Its getting modded more each day, Hot trick arms, steering linkage, custom machined alloys and now I'd like to address another weakness. Any ideas T guru's?
  20. Hi TC, So I'm at the end of my original Fox resto. Had more damage than I thought and the harder I looked the more cracks etc I found. Big quesion! What colour do I paint the shell? If it was closer to original I'd go with the standard colour. Given its now a half cast and brushless I think it needs a stand-out colour, any suggestions???? Cheers. Will post photos when she's ready to jet!
  21. Hey guys - with most of us starting to get into our builds of the NovaFox - lets see them! Ive just finished mine - minus the wing at this stage. Looking to put one on that is similar to MadRacers. Gun Metal Grey with some bling rims. Leaving swaybar off - as its useless. Cheers
  22. Hi all, I know the TC team should have some decent suggestions. Has anyone got tried and proven body mods for esc cooling in a Fox. I'm running a brushless set-up and will need to vent the body to allow for cooling. Was going to cut a 30mm hole above the fan in the top body, cover the hole with some fine wire mesh, the kind you'd find on a flour sieve, which was exactly what i planned to use. Then perhaps some 2mm holes on angled towards the rear for heat removal. Any suggestions? Cheers guys and girls.
  23. Hi everyone, So 29 years after my parents purchased a Tamiya Hornet and so very badly wanting a Fox, I finally have one. Its in pretty ordinary shape, could have found a better car I'm sure but it came with the box and most of the original packaging. Now for the rebuild. Its not destined for the shelf, its not going to be rebuilt strictly from original 1985 release parts, probably 58577 bits to be honest. I've purchased a re-re Wild One for my daughter whos shown a love for RC so It will only be a weekend runner. I dont care about breaking stuff, i'l just fix it. So, I've ordered a truck load of new parts, all tree's, parts and screw bag as well as heaps of alloy and upgrade parts such as a Thorpe ball diff. Now for my questions, and bear with me cause its been 30 years since I played with a Tamyia. Lipo, brushless, 2.4ghz radios etc werent around in my time. 1. The upgraded Thorpe diff should handle more power but do I go with a traditional brushed motor or step up to a brushless system? and if so any recommendations on a kv? or If I stick with tradition how may turn motor? What are the better motor esc combos in both options. There's plenty of combos (motor/esc) around the $150 AUD mark but whats worthwhile and what will likely go up in smoke. 2./ A lot of esc's these days are forced cooled, any recommendations of cooling mods given the Fox's closed body design? 3./ To go lipo or not? I guess the power system needs to match the drive system. I'm chasing more torque and power increases and looking for more run-time from whatever system employed. 4./ Is there a decent charger capable of charging multiple battery types? So in closing, I'm looking to build a quick, reliable Fox with decent run-time. Lastly, a quality dependable radio and receiver combo. Thanks in advance guys, I'll post progression photos as parts start to arrive and its rebuilt. Cheer Daniel.
  24. I hope someone can help. I thought I'd upgrade my old fox drive shafts with the new novafox dog bones and drives cups. Now, I've built and rebuilt a few foxes in my time and never had a problem. So this one has me scratching my head. When I put it together, with nice tight screws, the diff ends up being locked. So I loosened the gearbox screws a bit, and it improved slightly, but not much. I've downloaded the novafox manual, and There's nothing different in the set up, so I'm not missing a part. I've put a new gear set in, and it's sill the same. The only thing i think it can be is the old gearbox casing!? Has anyone else come across this issue? Help, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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