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Found 5 results

  1. THE "RULES" AS THEY STAND AT PRESENT: The postal races were started in order to give us something fun to do while the Coronapocalypse keeps us from our usual RC activities, and as such have very few rules as we want them to be as inclusive as possible. However since there have been a few procedural modifications, revisions and clarifications since this all started, and we have welcomed several new entrants since Round 1, I thought it might be helpful to summarise how it all works at present, in order to avoid the need to trawl through the following pages to figure it all out. So, at the suggestion of @El Gecko, I have edited the first post to show how things have developed over the last few rounds. Here goes: 1. Each round starts with a fresh track layout. Check this thread to see the layout for the current round. (You may need to go back a couple of pages to see it.) 2. Measure and mark out the track layout on the surface of your choice, using the markers of your choice. You can set up the track anywhere you like, as long as it is safe and legal of course. 3. Choose the car(s) that you are going to run. You can enter as many different cars as you wish. You can run any combination of chassis, motor and battery you like, as well as any body style, but please run with a body of some description rather than a naked chassis. This is a family-friendly forum after all! 4. Run your car(s) around the track for 5 minutes while counting your laps, and when the 5 minutes have elapsed, finish the lap you are on and count that too. Optionally, you can also measure and submit your fastest lap time. Keep these to yourself - don''t share them on the forum while the round is in progress. At the end of the round, the results will be collated and posted in this thread. 5. Once you have recorded your best lap total for each car that you want to enter for the current round, submit your results by means of the Google Form found at https://forms.gle/1xzhEZAPsWDeez6D8, including the following details for each entry: lap count forum username chassis (and shell if you wish) motor battery track surface running weight (optional) fastest lap (optional) 6. The person with the highest lap count wins the honour of choosing the next round's track layout. This can be one of their own design, or one suggested by another entrant. (Everyone is encouraged to suggest a track layout if they wish, and the winner does not have to design a layout if they don't want to.) When the track layout has been decided, the next round begins and we do it all over again! During the round, you are encouraged to share experiences, advice, photos, etc, but please remember not to give away your lap counts or times before the Grand Reveal at the end of each round. Also, feel free to invite and/or challenge others to join in the fun. The more the merrier!
  2. This is probably an old chestnut but my Brat rerelease rolls over so easy its hilarious. I understand the science etc and has anyone managed a mod or hop up to stop it? I'm using the rigid shell seeing number 1 son pilfered the lexan one. I have never had so much fun at all with a rc car, but I worry the flip will happen on tarmac so perhaps some quality rims for tarmac may be in order. Let me know your thoughts.. John
  3. Hi all I'm looking to start a regular indoor meet in Wakefield West Yorkshire (2 miles from the Junction of M1 and M62). The purpose of this is to provide a fun race venue for all kinds of RC (A kind of bashing racing league - Think of the video game re-volt). I will invest in carpet and can even get hold of timing gear but i want to know if there would be enough interest out there for such a venue? My initial thoughts are this would be a Sunday afternoon session to start with. About four hours with half being about fun and the rest a bit of a mini cup - different classes / different races). Please send me your input guys Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone. After years of rather enviously looking at the big Tamiya boxes in the hobby shop I've decided to take the plunge. What I'd like is a good basic 190mm rally setup to be able to traverse the woods and pathways around where I live. Just trying to figure out what's the best entry point from what I've learnt through reading this forum and others, which is: XV-01 is probably the best chassis/package. It can easily be upgraded with longer shocks for more travel/clearance BUT doing this then limits the choice of bodies to boxy things like the Impreza hatchback, Evo X and Integrale to fit the longer suspension inside. DF-03 is better than a converted touring car chassis like a TT for rallying but seems out of favour compared with XV-01. Not sure how it compares on ground clearance or what options there are to spring it best for where I want to take it M-06 just looks like fun, and the build of the Alpine A110 that I saw using CVA Mini shocks to increase clearance and travel, plus fitting rally block tyres, looks brilliant. Just not sure how deep in the forest she'll get! At the moment I've got three options that I've focused on and would like to see what you guys think. Option 1) Blow the cash and get an XV-01 with longer shocks plus an aftermarket body like a Skoda Fabia S2000. Even with the basic 'retailer's bundle' electronics that's close to £400, which is an interesting prospect... but if you're gonna be a bear, you'd better be a grizzly Option 2) Go for a DF-03 with a Lancer Evo V body, my all-time favourite rally car, and find out what the best options on shocks are Option 3) Build a little Alpine or Beetle with CVA Mini shocks and rally block tyres, accepting that it will probably get stuck more often but, awww, it looks cute Given all that, may I ask you experts whether you think I've understood things correctly and which of my three options you like? Also, given that I'm not competing or anything, can I get away with the sort of servos and electronics that are on offer from most retailers' set menus or is it toy-grade stuff? Many, many thanks in advance for your thoughts. I shall try to be a bit less of an irritating newbie ASAP!
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