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Found 5 results

  1. In hindsight I should have called the „wtcc‘s FF-01 addiction“ thread just „FF-addiction“... Well now I need to start another thread. This time my FF-03 is the protagonist. Some of you may know that I have my FF-03 for three years now. So why this build thread? The reason for it, is the abnormal history of this chassis. It all started 2017 with a standard FF-03 Castrol Honda Civic kit (58467). Initially I wanted to buy the FF-03 pro kit, but that wasn’t available anymore at that time. The purchase of several fitting tuning HopUp parts eased that pain. As I wanted to run this kit, this was its first layout: The car proved its potential on track more than I would have expected: Again, who knows me, knows, that the car then changed drastically in the following months. I wanted to have more steering and another f/r-weight balance. With a lot of steps, the car became this: In between, I had changed so many parts, that the original chassis got reborn, as my friends and I relived the VW Scirocco Cup: Later the car ended in parts and disappeared in his box. Which is a little sad thinking about it. I checked today, many parts are missing or were changed for the development of the KR-MF. For the last days, I thought about a last project for this year. As I missed out on two very good FF-01 offers, the rebuild and tuning of the FF-03 will be the conclusion of this R/C year. I already ordered the parts today and hope to start the build after christmas
  2. Hi, some may remember my account. I haven't been active lately, life obligations got onto me, good ones tho. A friend (John, later in text) and I are back on the speed run thread. After a pause in this hobby, John decided to make his comeback with a Xray T2 007 and a brand-new factory built 3Racing Sakura Advance S, as I understand it is a decent entry level race car. Nothing too fancy, I don't know his final setup yet, but I want to give this challenge a try with my old FF03 that in the last speed run challenge hit 103km/h. I think it was 2020 when we had the last challenge... John drove a AE TC6.1 with a 3s setup and managed to achieve a speed of 113km/h, while my FF03 achieved 103km/h. I don't remeber the rations now, but my setup was a 3s Tamiya TBLE01 / TBLM01 8T sensorless brushless combo. This time it is similar (I unfortunately sold the tble01 combo) with a Carson Dragster 10T motor, it is actually a rebranded TBLM01 10T. I can guarantee this, as the ESC Dragster Carson is identical to a TBLM01. I can not use the TBLE01 esc, it burnt out and haven't found somebody experienced enough to reroute the connection and restore the board. (picture below) https://imgur.com/Xxq94ZH Anyways, the setup China ESC 120A 2-4S (4s will be eventually used, chaos mode ) Carson Dragster 10T 4300kv 2-3S (4s will probably work also but once ) Savox 1252MG (low profile servo, mounted with @wtcc5's technique) GEAR RATION: Spur 64P 72T //// Pinion 64P 60T /// FDR 1.20 diff Spur 52T /// Pinion 20T /// FDR 2.60 FDR: 3.80 (this should on 3s run 103MPH /// 172km/h) There is a Yeah Racing diff set with a 50T diff spur, that would bring the FDR down to 3.70. I already have the tamiya 54471 steel gear diff. My question where I need advice is, what kind of gear diff putty should I use or only oil? if oil? what kind of oil? I obviously will not be racing through corners, I need something that will hold stable under load in straight runs. and please share thoughts and ideas about this setup. 72T 64P vs 35T 48P (for reference) The Chassis Since this will be a 100MPH run, I have put a bit of thermal paste on the heat sink for MAX efficiency The motor The ESC ( ) funny how it can be the same price for 45A 60A 80A and 120A, this is a hit-and-miss Other parts on order This is what racing on a budget looks like if this thing hits anything near 100kmh I will be more than happy. Taking suggestions for body choice!! Tire recommendations are also welcome!
  3. As per the title, looking for hop ups for my FF03, new or used. Primarily the carbon motor brace, aluminium suspension mounts 3 of 1XD and 1 of 1A, universals, etc etc. Basically what have you got for the FF03 hop ups wise thats for sale ?? Many thanks, James.
  4. SimonSez

    WTB M-04

    As it states, i am looking for M-04 stuff. I am mainly looking for chassis pieces but I am interested in anything M-04. Rollers, NIB kts, spare chassis sections, hit me up with what you have. I have been trying to track down parts for some time now, is it just me or is the M-04 stuff incredibly hard to find now. Nothing on eBay save for a couple NIB kits going for several hundred. Are these really worth that kind of money, and am I SOL on trying to find these parts? Thanks in advanced!
  5. For some of you this sight might be familiar already from oOple, but being a Tamiya based project, I really yhink I should post this here as well I present to you, the TRF201 FF: oOple Development/Build Thread Specs/Features List: - TRF201 Gearbox (with Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch). - DB01 Front Uprights+Caster Blocks. - TRF HL Aeration Dampers. - Double Wishbone Front Suspension with Inboard Dampers. - Trailing Arm Rear Suspension (2 Degrees Toe-In, -2 Degrees Camber each side). - Developed for use with a Low Profile Steering Servo and 'Shorty' (=95mm long) LiPo Stick Pack. - Compatible with modern Pin-Type Rear Wheels on the whole car. - BRCA, EFRA and BNK Legal to run in 2WD Dlass. - Approx. 284mm Wheelbase, 250mm Width. Existing/Production parts in the design: - TRF201 Gearbox. - TRF HL (TRF201) Aeration Dampers. - TRF201 Steering Arms+Servo Saver. - DB01+TRF201 Suspension Blocks on the front suspension. - DB01/DF03 Hybrid Universal Shafts (DF03 70mm dogbone, DB01 rear axle). - TRF201 45mm Titanium Turnbuckles (for camber links). - TRF Adjusters on the whole car. - DB01/TRF Rear Wheel Axles (for the rear wheels). - 4x Pin-Type Rear Wheels.
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