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Found 9 results

  1. Fastrax 2222 - black wing mirror set £6.50 2x 54809 - gf01 g601 gear set yellow £10@ 54808 - g6-01 idler gears £8 54991 cc-02 alloy dampers set £65 Including 54992 cc02 alloy damper spring set 2x Tamiya 51207 2wd off road front tyres 60/19 £10@ 53619 CVA oil shocks 4 no springs black £20 2x 53619 CVA black buggy front left over £12 (handy to add to g601 for 6 shocks) 54616 cc-01 plated A parts tree £20 54679 cc-01 plated C parts tree £20 G6-01 yellow d parts chassis from kit £20 54807 g6-01 d parts smoke clear chassis £20 53927 df03 spring set £15 49577 CVA mini shock set white £15@ 9400799 B parts bag £10 6x new gold df03 springs £6 Opened df03 spring set £6 New left over springs £5 Tamiya white CVA 2 white buggy shock set, Parts w,y,x and v £15 8 white cva 2 V parts , some parts missing £8 2 black CVA 2 V parts, some parts missing £2 53056 pin type hex alloy wheel adaptor £6 8x grey , 3x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £8 6x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £5 Tt-02? Centre prop shaft £1 4x black CVA 2 V parts, some missing £3 Cc01 CVA black shock set complete no oil, no screws, no connectors £10 Yellow f friction parts from dt02 super fighter G £5 Front arms and dyed gears from rising fighter kit £2 Spare cc-02 prop shaft parts £1 6x Black long CVA U type CVA shock cases only, assembled but not used £4 4 wheel steering parts bag from g6-01 £5 I'm willing to do deals on multiple purchases and listen to offers, prices should be cheaper than eBay at the time of posting. Paypal gift please Anything over £15 is free UK shipping
  2. I started this build more than a year ago, but hoping to bring it all together in the next few weeks. The original thread is here, but as I near crunch time I thought I will put together proper build thread: The idea for the build stems from my love of the Avante, but it gradually crept in scope to factor in the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Mini 4wd Dash Warriors anime and copycat brand mini 4wds from the 1980s. This image sums up the influences …
  3. This little project has been going on for quite some time now but for some reason I haven't bothered to do a build thread. Well, I sort of did, I did my build threads as Project posts in the showroom. But I don't really like doing it that way, makes my showroom look cluttered If you want to catch up on the back-story, check these showroom entries: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132669 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133307 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133308 And a few photos to get started:
  4. Hello all Just want to share some photos of my g6-01. I dont have detailed photos per steps, but ill add some photos with explanations. Explanations first : 1. This is a budget build, i dont want to buy parts from overseas due to tax and shipment cost, and just use what i have and buy one i need from local market. 2. This is 4wd with 2ws setting, coz i want to add some speed and minimize drags from gears and from when turning left / right, and its simple. ( CMIIW) 2. As you can see in the photos, this is a g6-01 with extended arms, im using DF03 arms instead of wt01, coz i dont have it, and i have some df03/ra junks, so im using it XD. 3. You are going to need some shims/spacers for the arms, coz its not 100% fit, im using m4 0,8 and 0,2mm combinations. 4. the DF03 rear arms have slight toe degree so the wheels toe position will be like this in normal setting I front I \ mid / \ rear / 5. Im using brushless motor 10,5t and 60amp esc, with 18t pinion gear at the moment. 6. The steering radius is fine. You cant do small donuts like with 4ws, though. 7. Arms turnbuckle link is 70+/-mm (eye to eye), servo turnbuckle link is 85+/-mm. 8. Wheels and tires is just standard 1/10 adventure/crawler wheels. I think thats all. Impression : this kit is fun !! Notes: Feel free to ask / comment. Im still new in the rc world, still need to learn alot.
  5. Welcome to my Konghead build. I've had a love of all things Tamiya since my folks bought me and my Brother a Boomerang each in 1988/9. Ever since then I've built a dozen or so kits. Some I still have and others I've (regrettably) sold. Having been into comp crawlers and scale trucks for the last several years I've recently, once again turned my attention to Tamiya. I'm part way through a TT-02 Type S Rally Car (build thread coming), have a DT-03 ready and waiting to start, but first, the Konghead caught my eye. So, here goes. A word of warning though... I like to take a lot of pics during a build! Oh, and since I've found a lot of useful information on here, I thought I'd become a subscriber. I'm not a fan of the chrome wheels (especially for the paint job I'm thinking about), so opted for these yellow ones from JK-RC instead. Added some Schumacher truck foams that I've used in my Lunch Boxes. Thought I'd get the shocks out of the way before starting the kit. I absolutely love building Tamiya shocks. They are definitely some of the best. That's where I'm up to for now. Thanks for taking a look.
  6. Hi, first post here. I was out of RC for several years until I got the itch to come back. But found out that the local racing program all went extinct, and was a bit bummed out. I decided to go back to my roots and play with Tamiya cars that I did as a child. My first project was the Konghead 6x6. I've been through several crawlers in the past, but the 6x6 really got to me. Thought it might be interesting to see how much I can do with this chassis. I first locked the diffs and gave it some 1.9s I had from a Twin Hammers. Wanted a little more travel, so I added longer arms. Added a little more options, and ended up with this video. Still a work in progress. (need to decide whether to use the kit decals) Let me know if you have other suggestions for the project. Thanks!
  7. Mokei Kagaku just posted these, and loads more, on FB These are custom builds for The 9th RC Modelers' Contest, not production kits/prototypes
  8. I think it probably looks better with the standard width suspension, but I decided to build it wide from new. I got a Blackfoot Xtream as my first new car after after a long time away from the hobby when my boy was still to small to drive. Since then we have (besides quite a few other classics from eBay) had a CC-01, GF-01 & CR-01 he has built with me. The Rock Socker is very good at what it does but the low top speed gets annoying after a while. Soon after getting the Xtream I was thinking of adding a gear box to the front, but decided to just get a Clod instead! That is good but the twin motors are a pain when it comes to tuning with front motor direction & ESCs. So I was looking for something with a single motor & gearing for big wheels, that was the main reason for getting the GF-01 but its so unstable with just a torque tuned motor it, it spends more time on its roof than anything else. The Xtreme is by far the most stable of all the cars, so I was keen to replicate that with the G6. My son was very keen to get a 6x6 but really wasn't sure about the Kongheads styling, I think its one you learn to love! (I will look at getting another Blackfoot body or two & trying to make them fit.) Having broken the Xtream & GF-01 both very quickly on their initial runs this G6 is built having learnt from them & has the alloy front plate (I had spare from years ago but assume would still be available on eBay) to tie the front upper suspension mounts together as the longer suspension arms put much more strain on those when crashing, the Xtreams got ripped off, that allows fitting of 95mm shocks too. Then 75mm shocks on the rear, having 4 shocks on the back means it needs only the thinest spacers on the springs so they are softer than the heavily spaced 2 on the back of the Xtream. The GF caused us lots of grief trying to run a normal servo & stock saver, I'm not sure why really as the Xtreme had the same servo saver & has been fine for a good 5 years. But the GF & G6 are both running a high torque servo & saver now. (I was interested to see the CR-01 came with a high torque servo saver). I think maybe the Xtremes servo mounts are more flexible than the GFs so add to the protection of the servo, though not the accuracy of the steering! Then the most recent mod I leaned of thanks to this forum is diff putty to give highly effective limited slip diffs, so all three are packed with 45 grade Ride diff putty. It works as well as locked diffs for driving over obstacles but means it won't flip sideways when turning & hopefully won't keep breaking drive shafts as the Xtreme did with a locked diff. At least I know it has that effect on the Xtream the G6 has only been driven with it in but the only time it rolls over is when it drives vertically up a tree! Its not running the 4 wheel steering but seems fine with just the front. If you try turning at full speed it just under steers, but back off a touch & it digs in fine then turns nice & sharply. (I did add the rear steering to the CR-01 as the fully locked diffs in that made turning difficult) To make the most of the almost locked diffs to climb stuff its got the Wild Dagger front skid bumper, it comes on the wide axle parts tree. As its more than wide enough now I also swapped the long wheel axels 50808 to the normal short wheel axels 50823. The GF01 snapped one of its long wheel axels, in many years of bashing I've never snapped a regular short one! One last nerdy point I can't figure out is why the G6 has part 19804996 for the front wheels & 50808 for the rears (they look identical in terms of dimensions) when the GF has the 50808 front & rear, maybe harder metal, but it was a rear I snapped on the GF anyway!
  9. I've put the gearbox together on my Konghead and with a dry run, with none of the supplied Tamiya grease, it turned over fine. Now all of the gears are greased there is an awful lot of friction. I was careful applying the grease, making sure i didnt apply too much. Anybody else come across this problem? I was wondering about removing all the supplied grease and trying the Tamiya ceramic grease which appears less viscous? Any thoughts on this? Appreciate any help 😀
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