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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, just wondering...I sort of want to upgrade to a brushless system in my TT02, but its gonna be quite the wad of cash to do so. So instead of doing that, i was wondering what the easiest way to get the lowest FDR possible while being safe for the motor. I currently have a 22t 0.6mod pinion and the high speed gear set. Thanks in advance!
  2. Okay guys... I know I can rely on you for some support here. I need some help on which spur gear and pinion to use. So, my lunchbox seems to run so so well, no problems there. However, I also have DF03 and DF03ra, and it's with these two that I need the help... Both are second hand, and I've stripped them down to the last screw for a thorough clean and refurb... Came across a few issues, which I've enjoyed trying to resolve, such as the previous owner adding 2 thrust bearings to one diff joint, which obviously when tightened compacted and crushed the d5 t part, nightmare to try and dig this out! So, the plan is for me and my two sons (8 and 4) to go bashing on grass, tarmac car parks and flat dirt roads... Ill use the LB, 8 year old will be in control of the df03 and the 4 year old the df03ra. So we don't need anything super fast, just fun, and controllable! I only want to use the equipment and components I currently have... Nothing new, and get the best set up. The df03 can be the better of the two, to be fair, my eldest lad is probably nearly as capable as I am! Both cars have standard stock wheels and tyres. This is what I have: 1 x stock silver can, 1 x sport tuned black can. Spur gears 3 x 82T, 2 x 78T, 1 x 75T. Pinion 26, 25, 29, 32. Slipper clutch x 2. Hobbywing 1060 esc, tamiya 105bk esc. Alturn AAS-700std servo, tamiya tsu-03 servo. Running 7.2 3000 NiMH Hope you can help with the best set up using what I currently have, it's all really confused me to be honest. Thanks in advance guys... Hope you all have a good weekend.
  3. Evening This is my first post so go easy on me and I apologise for the questions I am a noob to this hobbie. I am after some advice I was lucky enough to get a top force 're issue kit and was wondering if the tamiya stock bz motor would be suitable for use in it. I need some advice on what pinion gear to use for that 23t motor. Also do I need to upgrade the differential gearing from the aluminium ones to stronger plastic ones?. If anyone can recommend some hop up / upgrade parts that are easy to get hold of I would be greatful. Thanks Tim
  4. I'm going 13.5T blinky racing with the shiny thing and need some advise on what size spurs and pinions would be worth having at my disposal. It's a small black carpet track and you can run with any rubber tyres, they also race 17.5t in the same heats and apparently there is little difference in lap times! I have a metal chassis and different top deck that came with the 419x which is supposedly better for high grip surfaces, is it worth swapping them over? Any general blinky racing hint's or 419 advice would also be much appreciated. Thanks mmmmmm shiny thing
  5. HI guys, I have recently bought a used TA05 Raybrig NSX and it came with a 18T pinion and the stock 70T Spur gear. I believe the 70T spur is Tamiya 0.6 Mod pitch? I ideally would like to change to 64DP or 48DP gears. I currently have the kit 70T 0.6 Mod spur with an included 18T pinion which I can only assume is a 0.6 Mod pinion as I had no stripped gears or horrible sounds last night. 70/18 = 3.88 x 2.25 = 8.75 FDR which was just a tiny bit slower than I wanted on our tight carpet track. I'm running the stock Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor. I am familiar with gearing to get speed/acceleration but need some help choosing a combination of spur and pinion to get the FDR of 8.5 and lower if needed. The reason I ask is because I tried my 48DP 69T Spur with a 19T pinion and I couldn't get them to mesh, I needed a bigger spur or pinion (Or both!) Could anyone point in me tried and tested gearing as far as it will mesh up OK? I have seen the 105T 64DP spur mention a lot, but would 27T through to 30T pinions mesh up OK? This would give me a FDR of 8.7 to 7.8.
  6. I have a TA06 pro I am racing and is very slow in a straight line with the 68t spur/23t pinion. I used a 28t pinion today but was still very slow compared to everyone else I was racing in the 17.5t class. Any ideas in a what spurs/pinions fit the TA06 as it is so new? I am guessing I need a pinion something like 35t plus??
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