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Found 10 results

  1. I'm at a loss. I've been trying trial and error with ordering 64p and 48p spurs that look like they are compatible with the tt02 high speed gear adapter. Can anyone recommend a compatible spur in the US? I've heard 3racing and rw racing make compatible ones, but can't seem to find which model exactly. Trial and error ordering from the uk to texas just sounds too expensive. So please, if anyone has experience with running 64p or 48p gears in a tt02, please help me understand what I need to be doing. Not sure if there just another drive line setup that might work better, or if there's known brand and models that are compatible with the adapter. Thanks in advance. I'm just trying to do speedrunning with a tt02 and I'm kind of at a point that I really need to start gearing up significantly.
  2. Hi all, I've bought some hopups for my Plasma Edge 2 (drive shaft, propeller joints, high speed gear set, motor mount etc). I didn't do much research before buying the high speed gear set as I just thought, what the heck, I'll add it the the order as it's pretty cheap. I've since read some of the discussions on here regarding the high speed gear set and wanted to ask. Whilst I'm replacing the drive shaft, and propeller joints, is it worth installing the high speed gear set just with the stock pinion gear? I'm not that interested in increasing the top speed if it's going to lower the Torque, but I may well buy a brushless motor in the near future as that sounds like a better option. Apologies if it's a bit of a dumb question but I don't really have much experience with gearing. I understand the theory behind it though. Just wondered if it's worth installing it whilst I'm doing the other hop ups? I read that if I do install it and use the stock pinion gear, I would have to change the position of the motor on the mount? Dumb question number 2 - What does changing the mount position of the motor actually do? Thanks
  3. I've picked up a banged up original Ultima with the intention of getting it back on the road but it is missing a few bits. Most seem to be available on the rere. Tyres, radio plate, roll cage are the main things but it is missing some gears and the shafts they sit on. Does anyone know if the gears off the re-release wil fit the old version? They look very different but if they fit the old mounting plate positions it might work? I'm planning on keeping the original diff if possible? Cheers
  4. Hi! First post but looking forward to being part of the community. Hoping for a little help, I have started recommissioning my Falcon. It’s defo never going to be mint, after being thrashed and crashed through the 80s but to get it running would be awesome. Have already got a new battery, and all working perfectly until I ground the counter gear . I know it’s not available as re re, but does anyone know where I could source one of these counter gears? Seems like one of only a couple of parts that is very specific to the Falcon. Many thanks, J
  5. Having completed the DF03 build, I've got a few bits left from the spur gear bag. I know the 78T spur is for the DF03, it's only a spare because I used the slipper clutch and its 82T spur But what about the 85T and the smaller, pinion-shaped gear? They're marked as 'not used' in the manual, but does anything use them? Are they useful to anyone, or just for the bin? I also got a random gear bag in a spares job-lot eBay win from Japan. I'm pretty sure it contains: A) 3x 85T spur gear (from 51248, not used in DF03) B 3x smaller pinion shaped gear (from51248, not used in DF03) C) 3x 78T spur gear (from 51248, as used in DF03) There are also two black coloured parts, which I'm pretty sure are the same as (B) and (C) above, but in black. Does anyone know what they are, and if they are of any use? Cheers, Matt
  6. Took my lunchbox out in the garden tonight for its first run. Although I scuffed the paint job already! Grrr I noticed that when it went from a standing start to full throttle the gears sounded like they were grinding or not engaging correctly. Sounds ok once it’s moving and seems to drive fine, it’s just the initial full throttle burst at the beginning that doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t make this sound if I go full throttle with the wheels off the ground, only when they are on the ground. No issues in reverse. Should I strip down the gear box and see if there is anything odd before I do any major damage? If so what should I be looking for? Just a thought, could this be due to too much grease on the gears? I’m a newbie so any help greatly appreciated. I’ve watched vids on YouTube of people’s lunchbox going from a standing start to full throttle and I don’t hear what I’m hearing. Bit disappointed that I’ve hit issues already as I’ve been looking forward to having some fun with it since I got it for Xmas and it looks like it’s gonna be back in the garage for a service already!
  7. Hello. I have rebuild my tamiya hornet and i have ran it two times so far. I have a hobbywing 1060 esc and its ball raced and has a black sports tuned motor. The issue is that it seems there is a power loss and a weird noise, like a zzzzzzzz on the air it sounds okay and it spins great. On the road, i punch forward and seems the noise is faster than the move, like its slipping. I thought it was the rear wheel adaptors but those were okay. I also took apart the gearbox and all gears, diff and all pins and stuff were okay and present. Now cause i bought it second hand and it was my first time building it, i didnt have the tamiya grease, so i used the Hudy graphite grease. I didnt follow the manual, but instead i put a generous amount of the grease in all gears etc, until they all became black Would this be the issue? and if yes, can i clean and reuse the parts? gears, counter gear, diff etc? can i wash them with water and let them dry? how do i clean them? and should i use again that graphite grease or should i get a tamiya grease? if i cant find one, what other grease can i use? thank you all
  8. Anyone know if there's a metal gear kit available for the Midnight Pumpkin? I'm thinking in terms of durability/longevity. Mine is pretty much stock except for bearings and Sport Tuned motor... and headlights : )
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new around here I'll give a quick intro first and cut to the chase below. I got my DT from a garage sale, non running state. The remote was missing, no batteries, questionable electronics, but I decided to put effort in it to have it running again. I modified it to LiPO/brushless combo and not knowing what to expect really I took it to the street to have a test run. I pulled the trigger not expecting too much, but I was REALLY suprised with the result. That thing can really go! I had to reduce both throttle and acceleration to about a half in order to be manageable and not to destroy the tranny. So after a couple of broken front shock towers, and making a front wheel-covering fender for it, this happened: The Chase a stripped spur gear! Not a biggie, but I'd like to ask you fine gentleman where/what should i get? I think the current one is stock, pinion gear as well (18t i think). They lasted fine i guess, they were left as is when i rebuilt it, and they weren't in a new condition. I understand that DT shares transmission parts with TA01 chassis? I looked at some spur gears, but the pictures seem not the same as the one i have, so i'm unsure it would all fit. I think i also need a new pinion gear, the teeth on this one seem a little crooked. So, any pointers and help are wellcome im a noob with RC cars and it took me sweet time even to figure out what is what and whos who in Tamiya datasheets for discontinued/old models. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey fellas, I'm in dire need of new counter gears for my fox. I think there could be a few models that share the counter gear with the Gox, but are not listed as such because the differential is unique to the Fox. So I'm hoping that between all the members at TC we can compare a few counter gears and find a gear we can use. The counter gears which I've come across which look as if they could work are these: Wild One/FAV Striker Hot Shot/Super Shot/Boomerang I have. Boomerang which I'll be tearing down soon, so I will compare that gear. If some one could compare or at least measure the others that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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