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Found 5 results

  1. Here is my original GH2SG, not 100% certain of the history of this buggy, it came into my possession sometime between 2012 and 2015, the person I got it from was not the original owner. It came with an original Blackfoot (I will do a thread for the Blackfoot in the future) and a mix of Futaba and Acoms equipment. No box, no documentation, just the buggy and some parts. As you can see it was well used in the past, as evidenced by the scratches on the body and missing a-pillars as is common on this buggy. My plans are a little bit restoration, a little bit modification, and to get it running for old times sake. I originally owned a Futaba FX10, a Losi Jr-T (with added LXT hop-up kit), and a Kyosho Viper boat…the only one of those three that seem to have survived in my possession is the Losi (and some small remnants of the others), which along with this GH2SG and the Blackfoot will be running again soon enough. As for this GH2SG, well… the original rear tires are nowhere to be found, it is currently equipped with the original WELL WORN tires from my old FX10, I am awaiting delivery of a set of Tamiya 58517 rear tires from a Supershot/Hotshot as I believe they are the same/similar to what originally came on the SG the front tires are present, but dry rotted and a sidewall has torn on one of them, haven’t been able to find reasonably priced original style rib spike replacements yet, the current tires are good enough for when it is sitting on a shelf, but won’t survive the first outdoor drive, I have some other options to get it rolling for now only the rear yellow shocks remained from original (and they were in a parts box, not installed on the buggy), the front shocks were replaced with orange metallic coloured aluminum bodied shocks before it came into my possession, I have replaced the front and rear shocks with a set of yellow CVAs from a Terra Scorcher/Fire Dragon/Thunder Shot which seem to be the correct length aside from maybe the lower ends. The rears are very close to correct length, maybe only a couple mm too short, the fronts likely need the lower ends replaced…they currently have the short lower ends mounted and are at least 5 or 6 mm too short, I need to source the longer version of the lower ends and try them out. The springs on the back seem to be a little stiffer than what likely came on the SG originally, I might deal with that later. I also don’t think the Tamiya yellow shock oil is light enough to work properly once this thing is actually running, I might have to play with piston choice and/or oil weight to make the suspension work the way it should on the rear it also had what appears to be original super hornet lower shock mounts/brace, I have removed that but kept the pieces in the parts box for now looks to be the original 540 motor with black plastic endbell it is currently equipped with a Tamiya TEU-101BK ESC, which will likely stay in it, setup with Anderson PP15/45 power connectors, good for up to 10 awg and 55 amp, running off an older Onyx 3000 mah 6 cell nimh pack I still have the original MSC, mount, and linkage in the parts box…in fact I have 2 MSC, a brownish tan version and a black version, from pictures I’ve seen I believe the brownish tan was what came with the SG and the black came with the Blackfoot (anybody know for sure?) I have installed the resistor heat shield in the original position just to fill the hole, but the resistor isn’t in it and it obviously has no function beyond looks AM transmitter/receiver replaced with a Turbo Racing 91085G-VT 2.4 GHz radio and 4 channel RX41 receiver (hard to beat the $40 CAD price to get this buggy running again), I have kept the AM equipment but I am unsure of it’s condition as it is missing battery packs and can’t be tested old school Futaba servo is still in it for now Next steps will be tear it down, thorough cleaning, reassemble, and run it, install bearings throughout, small bits and pieces here and there, like correct size/length hardware, body pins, etc. I will likely install a 3d printed rear pivot brace to allow the rear suspension to work a little better Considering the Ampro double wishbone front suspension, if I go this route I will retain all the original parts in case there is ever a desire to return to original I have a plan to swap to modern 2.2 2wd buggy wheels and tires front and rear while also maintaining some of that SG look, this should allow me to run it without destroying the original style tires that seem to be more rare/harder to get these days…more on the 2.2 buggy wheels to follow in a future post in this thread I will run the original 540 silver can for now, but might replace it with a modern Sport Tuned I might switch to deans connectors and 2200 mah 2s lipo in a 3d printed stick pack adapter in the future…if I do this, I will also add a lipo alarm to keep an eye on voltage cutoff level
  2. Check it out! Months ago I was looking for some different paint schemes for my Grasshopper2/Mad Bull shells that I use on my DT03. I just love the Grasshopper2 look. Found some official Tamiya Dress Up decals for the Grasshopper2 Junior. I bought some and sent them to Nathaneal MCI Racing to enlarge. Unfortunately the proportions of the Junior and the 1/10 scale shells are different. So after months or back and forth with MCI and drawing out paper templates on CAD I finally have the decals on my new shell! Mine are full custom colour as I wanted something to work with a yellow shell and my orange wheels. The stock option on this is a red/yellow/silver colour scheme. There are two other decal sheets too and they would all look awesome on a white or black shell, or obviously you can mix it up like I have. These have never been released for the 1/10 model so it is a really nice additional option, especially with the ReRe this year. Just search Grasshopper 2 on the MCI website. I know we aren't supposed to plug too strongly but nathaneal has been awesome and it wouldn't gave happened without his patience and help. What do you think?
  3. Last year I converted a Grasshopper 2 to independent suspension all round using a Thundershot rear gearbox and suspension and some 3D printed parts I designed. I called Project Ultra G. Here's the build thread: As this conversion uses a lot of Rising Fighter parts and the fact that that buggy comes with fairly modern 12mm hex rear wheels, then that kit is the best place to start. The Rising Fighter body is very Hornet like so build an Ultra Hornet! My conversion was predicated on using the neon yellow Super G wheels which I love, but it would run modern tamiya 2wd bearing front/12mm hex rear wheels just as well and open up your tyre choice. Although I have tried low profile Schumacher Cut Staggers on the front and they drop the ground clearance too much. I use Schumacher Minipins which are regular profile and have a really nice level of clearance. Rising Fighter kit fronts and Super G kit tyres work great too for ground clearance. The main things you need are a buggy of the types mentioned and a Thundershot rear gearbox and suspension. Here are the parts you need from my Shapeways store: Front suspension conversion for the Thundershot wishbones - http://shpws.me/QLkw If you don't mind mismatched coloured wishbones (the Thundershot wishbones are blue) then my front suspension conversion using DT02/3 wishbones does just as well The bobbins for mounting the gearbox to the Rising Fighter transmission mounts (you need 2) - http://shpws.me/QLky Direct fit front uprights with better clearance and 5 deg caster fit perfectly with the Thundershot wishbones. You need 1 of each (or just get DT02/3 c hubs and fit with spacers as I did originally)- http://shpws.me/QLkD http://shpws.me/QLkG If you want to go whole hog then the Thundershot/Dragon 3 deg toe in rear uprights are these: http://shpws.me/QLjE http://shpws.me/QLjx Thundershot rear uprights work just as well really. I just like fiddling. I'd highly recommend getting the DT02 turnbuckle set 53828 as you'll get all the bits you need for upper arms and steering arms including rod ends and ball screws. The rear suspension in particular benefits from upper camber link, but you will need to make a chassis end rod end using a spacer and a ball collar. For the rest you need some 5mm thick ABS/styrene plastic to cut to shape to make the solid rear gearbox mount plates. The rest is just M3 threaded rod, lots of rod ends and ball screws and nuts to make the chassis reinforcement and top gearbox connections. Shocks are 64mm front/94mm rear so either the DT03 shock set 54567 or for more tunability 50519 and 50520. I run the stiffer DF03 silver rear springs from 53927 and DT03 kit fronts (very soft). Any of the TRF201 front spring set work nicely too. Would be great to see another one. As I mentioned earlier, I think the Rising Figher is probably a better basis for this project if you're not hopelessly attracted to the Grasshopper 2 Super G like I am!
  4. Hi there. Just joined the site and looking to swap my Grasshopper 2 from MSC to ESC with a low speed/power setting that would allow my 5 year old daughter to use it. While it's not the fastest car in the world it's a bit too quick off the mark for her at the moment. Any recommendations would be welcomed.
  5. Hi folks, I'm working on my Grasshopper 2 to restore and finish it to shelf queen condition. Now I'm working on the driver: http://www.tamiyaclu...id=115818&id=24 As you can see I made the body, the cockpit and the roll bar. Also made some mods to the head and the face and I add a sun visor on the helmet. My problem is: Leave the visor white or make it semi gloss black? My original idea was to make it black. Now I don't know. So I need your advice and suggestion please. Cheers and thanks Max UPDATE: Here some better pictures
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