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Found 45 results

  1. I am planning a new look for my comical Grasshopper and aiming for something like this amazing beast from Blockhead Motors. I’m mainly into this kind of wheel and tire combo. Totally unsure what I should be searching for to find things like this. Stadium truck wheels? Short course? Or is it not that complicated? In short, i’d Like large iadmatre wide wheels with matching slicks. Wondering if anyone could recommend options and advise if I need to worry about offset of anything like that? cheers!
  2. Well after starting this build nearly 3 months ago Grasshopper #2 is finally finished. Waiting for parts to arrive is a killer! After perusing the interweb looking at other Hoppers I got a few ideas, along with seeing what not to do. My design brief to myself was to make it look different to anything else and try and make it look good while using the original stripes, oh and add a few hop-up parts in the process. I think I have almost nailed it, I'm pretty happy with the way it has turned out anyway. It now features a bunch of aftermarket parts (over night from Japan. Sheesh I wish!) which include coil over oil shocks all round, aluminium front suspension arms & bash plate, carbon reinforced uprights, full ball bearing set and aluminium wheel outers which look really nice. Also fitted are some very nice aluminium side nudge bars, gearbox oil filler cap & pinion cover/heatsink all from T4works. It still retains the little 380 motor so shes not fast but is totally controllable. Took it out for it's first run last night at the Manawatu Indoor RC Car Club meeting and she ran good. Had a couple of small teething issues to sort, the battery cover on the bottom fell off and dragged the battery on the floor and the front suspension had a couple of screws come loose. Not sure if that is because I failed to check them before assembly or if it means they are not up to the punishment, time will tell I guess. Picked up a few scuffs already but that's ok, just proof that it's been used and not a shelf queen. A nice addition to the collection which is growing.
  3. Though this maybe of interest to some. Especially if you r looking for a Super Sabre at sensible money. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/tamiya-supersabre-r-c-car-1-10-scale/1328755100 look at his other items. I just bought his LunchBox. I dont personally know him but spent a decent time on phone with him. He posts Parcel Force 24Hr and is happy with goods and services. He also sent me a few pics of his whole collection.
  4. Well I think I can call the Jager Bomb done. Grasshopper number 5 started off with a little idea in the back of my head and after a suggestion from a nephew it got brought into reality. Built mechanically box stock save for the addition of Hornet rear shocks and some more bling from T4works. The body was painted in Tamiya Pure Orange TS-98, which came out a little brighter than expected or planned, and then given two light cotes of Tamiya Pearl clear. This gives a nice sparkle to it although it can't be seen in the photos and is not easily seen in person. The alternate colour Hopper stripes & Jagermeister sticker sets came from MCI Racing once again and I took a punt on going for a slightly darker green which I think works ok. I also scaled back the Jager ones from 1:10th to 1:12th scale to ensure a good fit. The alloy wheel caps were found on ebay and cap the whole look off just nicely.
  5. Finally got around to finishing this one off. You could call it a Grasshornet or Hornethopper if you like, basiclly it's a Hopper with the rear shocks and RS540 motor from a Hornet fitted. The paint is a one off custom job, I laid down a coat of Tamiya pink primer followed up with two good coats of Tamiya pure metallic red then topped off with two coats of Tamiya clear red. The resulting look is somewhere between a candy apple red and an anodised aluminium which in normal light looks a bit ho-hum but when in direct sun light it really pops big time. The roof is done in Tamiya pearl white. It's a pity the photos don't really do it justice. The decals are all from MCI Racing and the Budweiser ones were actually for a Earnhardt Jnr 1:10th NASCAR which I had scaled down to 1:12th scale to ensure they fitted properly and I ticked the box for the mirror finish gold option. The one piece alloy wheels were found on eBay and there are more bright shiny bits from T4works planned to be added in the near future. The inspiration for this project came from the IMSA Budweiser Chevy Monza as i liked the pure simplicity of the livery, however I did want to add a touch of white like the latter Bud liveries. Even though it is fully functional and goes quite well, because of the paint job and the inability to do any touch-ups, this one will spend most of it's time on the shelf with only occasional use. Overall I'm very happy with the way this one has turned out.
  6. The latest Grasshopper to roll off the production line late Thursday night and made it's racing debut last night. Sadly after only about 20 seconds into it's first warm-up run it got cleaned out by a big ole stadium truck and sustained some major damage. So now it's back on the bench for some repairs. The left side spotlight and pedestal mount was broken off flush with the body and the roll cage bar directly behind it is sheared right through and a few large scuff marks on the blue paint to touch up. I have glued everything up but it remains to be seen if it stays together or not as this is very similar damage to my original one and the spotlight just kept falling off every time I used it so I just left it off. Very frustrating when a lot of time, money, effort, heart & soul goes into building it, I guess sometimes stuff just happens but it's making me think really hard about taking the next one along because if that one gets damaged then I'm really going to be *******ed off as there will be no repairs to paint damage on that one! To build this one was not part of my original plan but just sort of happened after cruising through the www.mciracing.ca web site and seeing a few things I liked, and an evil plan was hatched. An alternate colour Grasshopper sticker set was ordered along with the Valvoline & Pepsi sets which were both scaled down from 1:10th to 1:18th to ensure they would fit. The body was painted Tamiya gloss White (TS26) and the roll cage bars are painted in Humbrol Baltic Metallic Blue. A set of ball bearings was added along with the very nice polished 1pc alloy wheels and another set of Ansmann Racing oil shocks. Some parts were borrowed from the previous Hopper build as more cool shiny T4works parts are still on their way from rcMart.com. It should look even better once they are fitted.
  7. Ok so this one was recently asked for the hornet and I’m finding it difficult deciding on which paint schemes to go with on my upcoming grasshopper restorations. Currently I have an all original box art grasshopper in white as well as the green and black special editions done in box art. Im finally getting around to restoring some of my other hopper projects. They are a mix of used original cars and re-releases so I’m not concerned with originality on these. All told there’s enough parts for about 10 cars. Ive decided to go with a dark steel gray with custom decals from MCI and polished aluminum wheels. I’m also kicking around the idea of a blue version. Again with custom decals and possibly blue chrome wheels. That’s two ideas need to come up with about 8 more plans What ideas do you guys have? What have you seen?
  8. Thanks, all for inviting me into the Tamiya Club...... I have been in the process of moving the past few weeks and re-discovered my old Hornet packed away in a box of stuff. It originally had a yellow body (photo 1) and a stock 540. I eventually put all ball bearings in it and a "Black Magic" Associated (I think) motor. After cleaning it up and finding all the missing parts, unfortunately I discovered that the original Airtronics radio bit the dust. So I decided to restore it with a new twist...... I always liked the look of the Grasshopper 2 body-and so I stuck one on the old chassis (photo 2) -it fits perfectly after drilling 1 hole in front of the Grasshopper 2 front post hole. And it goes well with the Hornet nerf bars..... Now she has a Sport Tuned 540 ready to go with a new set of tires (photo 3). The Black Magic motor still runs-so it'll be a decent spare...... I'm just waiting for a new Tamiya ESC and some new rear shocks.......Thanks, everyone, for taking a look......
  9. So I have been getting back into the hobby lately and one of the last cars I built before taking a break was this Grasshopper. I actually only built it because I'd purchase the incorrect aluminium wheel covers (I meant to get ones for an FAV) I couldn't sell the wheel covers so I bought a Grasshopper instead The intention was to have something "tame" that the nephew's could drive when they visit. Stock, with the 380 motor. Only that didn't happen. I put a Hobbywing 16BL30 ESC in it coupled with a 4-pole motor - still 380 in size but rather a lot faster than the stock can. Especially, it turns out, on 3S! Trouble is, I think I've reached the limits of the chassis with the power available. The thing is completely mad. So to fellow Hornet / Grasshopper owners... Should I lock the diff? Will it be easier to handle? If yes, how do I go about locking the diff? The gearbox is making some odd noises. Kinda like a drill? Far louder than any of my other RCs. Is that normal? My little Chinese 2435 BL motor got really hot. Brushed motors always used to get hot; but I've never had a brushless one get this hot before. Again, is that normal? Sorry for all the questions, that's why I started a new thread rather than clog somewhere else up.
  10. 1) 1/10 alu oil shocks, 2) 1/16 alu oil shock, 3) tamiya 5193 racing adjustable oil shocks, 4) alloy rear shocks mounts 5) alloy chassis brace. 6)set of alloy wheel hubs, 7) set of alloy wheel adaptors 8) set of light pods. tamiya oil shocks, 1/10 and 1/16, alloy wheel adaptors and chassis brace were mounted, but i decided to keep it stock so they are basically new., thus they we are not going to come into their original packets, but all in one. Price is 75 euro plus shipping. Shipping is from Cyprus (Europe) reduced to 75 euro shipped to European union countries and uk
  11. Hi folks, I've been talking to my son about doing a Monster Beetle conversion on his re-re Grasshopper for a while now. Just checking if there are any 'gotchas'? Do the larger wheels put too much load on the steering and gearbox? We put a 540 in it which has given it good boost in power and speed. However it doesn't have enough ground clearance on the lawn and often gets hung up in thick grass. I thought the balloon tyres would help lift it and improve the springy suspension slightly too. So far the Grasshopper has been a great first car for my 6 year old - very durable and looks great! I am considering the following two options... Option 1 - Lunchbox Get the Frog Hex adapters Install Lunchbox front axles as they are longer Lunchbox wheels and tyres Option 2 - Monster Beetle Monster Beetle wheels and tyres. I guess I'll still need the longer Lunchbox axles on the front for this option too. As far as I know the rear Monster Beetle wheels have the same adapter as the Grasshopper. Has anyone done one of these conversions and had good/bad results?
  12. I am new to R/C cars and I would like to upgrade the motor on my Grasshopper but I am not sure which to go for. I would like to get a brushless motor but I am not sure where to start. Any suggestions? Also, ignore the lights, I have not drilled holes for them yet!
  13. Hello , i recently purchased this tamiya grasshopper nib kit , i believe it is not a re - release but lots of people on facebook have been telling me otherwise , what is this ? Thanks for your help
  14. Hi everyone, my names Nick, and I'm new back to this hobby after about 20 years. I built an original Fox with my dad back in about 88/89, and just recently got it back from his garage which has re ignited my love for Tamiya RC! I remember as a kid going all across Melbourne with that car to different tracks and meeting others with their Tamiyas, and so many of my friends were building them with their dads. Brings back great memories! Now I've got a few questions, and I apologize in advance if this post is long, covering too basic topics, or going over topics already covered here. I have a 5 year old who's loving RC at the moment. He needs a lot of practice obviously and his driving skills are questionable! However, this Christmas I was going to get him some sort of rechargeable car, and realized for about the same price as Kmart Chinese crap, I can get him a grasshopper kit and we can build it. And I figured any thing he breaks is likely to be able to be repaired? Am I right in assuming parts are readily available? And is this one of the easier RC kits to build?? Now as for remotes, I see the trigger style remote with the wheel seems to be the much more popular style over the twin stock remotes? Any pros or cons with them? I've got a twin stick remote so not sure if I should stick with that style or get a wheel style? And on to batteries- I've got a few 1700maH NiMh's and a rapid DC charger from the late 80's that charges them up in 25 mins off the car battery. Run times about 6-7 minutes. Now surely nearly 30 years later there's been a huge improvement with battery technology!? From what I gather modern run times are still similar and the chargers take about an hour!? Please tell me we've come along way since then!? I've been running the fox a few times over the last couple days and have found some problems and Im not sure where I should start troubleshooting? It seems that when it's close to me it's running fine, but once it gets about 25m out at full speed the motor will suddenly cut back and the car pulls hard right? Does this sound more like a remote signal issue? I'm thinking I'll take the front end off and re adjust everything as their seems to be a bit of play in the steering. What I have noticed though is wobble and slop in the front wheels. The little wheel nuts are as tight as it can go, but there's some space between them and the wheels so they're sloppy. Is that meant to be like that or have plastic washers or spacers worn out and that's why I get the slop?? Any help or push in the right direction appreciated guys! thanks, Nick
  15. Hi there, I recently purchased a Grasshopper as my first rc since I was a boy. Was thinking a bit of nostalgia and then perhaps a more modern one next. Unfortunately my confidence has taken a bit of a knocking. On building my Grasshopper I have installed the servo, receiver esc. Thought I would test it before doing anything else and the wheels will turn but they will not drive. I am not getting anything from the motor. Things I know/can see : wheels turn fine, battery is charged, receiver lights up, esc (Carson) lights up green when I press forward and backward, wires are seated correctly, there is a loose yellow wire from the esc, there is nothing plugged into the BEC port on the receiver(?), I have a brand new 540 Mabuchi motor but it is not turning or making any sound. What next please help!? Many thanks
  16. I received a Grasshopper Candy Green edition from my wife last xmas and after having it out on the table for the last 2 weeks just got around to starting it last night. My first exposure to RC cars was first a Buffalo bobcat or something which my uncle bought in the early 80's, this broke every two seconds and he replaced it with a Grasshopper which him and my Grandfather both bought one each. I remember visiting one day and they were both up the table building them together. One was white and one painted red. A year later I got a Hornet for my birthday which as my first has always held a special place for me and lots of memories. While I owned a Hornet I did fit a grasshopper shell to it which I sprayed red. I have no idea where it ended up, I think it was stolen. Anyway, it was interesting building the GH, I never appreciated all the subtle difference between it and the Hornet, I though it was just rear tyres, rear shocks and motor. Box Art... Box contents... It comes with TEU105 speed controller and I shall be using a Tamiya pistol tx and rx with a tamiya steering servo (both robbed from my old terra crusher). It'll be a stock build for the moment with metal bearings the only deviation.
  17. I have always mounted the sand paddles on my Grasshoppers in this direction but I see people mounting them the other way all the time. Is this the "proper" way?
  18. Have the follow for sale, From what I can I am correct in say the Frog and Brat are vintage while the Grasshopper and Hornet are Re-re's. Vintage: - Frog €65 - MSC/No servos - Brat Rolling Chassis - SOLD Re-Re's - Grasshopper - SOLD - Hornet - €50 - has steering servo Also have a couple Tamiya Hump Battery Packs and a couple of unpainted drivers if any one is interested Paypal Only, Postage at buyers cost. Buyer pays PayPal fees I will let the pictures do all the talking for these. More are availalbe on request. Frog: Brat - SOLD Grasshopper: Hornet
  19. So I bought my 6YO son a GH for Christmas as he wanted a radio controlled car and I didn't want him to have a £50 piece or crap that gets binned the minute it beaks. So I bought him a Hopper. That inner child also spoke to me and a few days later i got a Hornet for my Birthday. I have since bought a Hotshot 2 to restore and a Super Hotshot project to build and now a Frog. Also my 3 other kids wanted one so they each have a Neo Fighter for Christmas already waiting for me to build! So we now have a house full of Tamiya! The Frog is for my daughter and now I just need to convince the wife to get one lol. Anyway heres what happens 3 months later to a GH in the hand of a 6YO Before & After. I'm quite impressed how robust it is. We have been doing 2 metre drops and some huge jumps on a BMX type track and only the rear springs have popped off.
  20. RC Model Kits: 47331 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide (re-release of 58132/49490) 47348 The Grasshopper Candy Green Edition (re-release of 84331) 47349 XV-01 Chassis Kit Long Damper Spec (re-release of 84375 58645 Subaru WRX STI 24h Nürburgring (TT-02 chassis) RC Hop-Up Parts: 42309 TRF 37T Aluminum One-Way Pulley 42310 TRF 37T Aluminum Differential Pulley 54737 Matt Plated Silver Dish Wheels (26mm, +2) (4 Pcs.) 54741 1/14 On Road Racing Truck Wheels (Black) (4 Pcs.) 54742 Cross-Country Tire & Spring Set (GF-01) 54746 TA07 Carbon Damper Stay Set 54748 4WD Buggy Front Dish Wheels (Yellow) (Hex Hub) 54749 Buggy Rear Dish Wheels (Yellow) (Hex Hub) 54750 Hi-Lift Matt Plated A-Parts (Gearbox) 54751 TA07 Center Shaft Bridge 54752 TT-02 Steering Upgrade Parts Set 54753 TT-02 CVA Super Mini Shock Set RC Tractor Trucks Optional & Spare Parts: 56541 Front Wheels (22mm Width / White) 56542 Rear Wheels (22mm Width / White) 56543 Wheels (30mm Width / Hex Hub / White) (2 Pcs.) 56544 Ball Bearing Wheels (30mm Width / White) (2 Pcs.)
  21. As per the title really, looking for a body for my sons re built grasshopper (he is 3.5 years old) so I don't want to spend the £25-£30 for a new Grasshopper one(as thjis will be no doubt flipped and bumped into things etc), but seen that the Madbull bodies are around £10 brand new. Are these similar sizes? As I don't mind making custom mounts, just need to know from anyone if it would in theory fit. Many thanks James
  22. I am looking for a used Grasshopper body. I bought a used re-release GH on here a while back with the intention of stripping it down, cleaning it and rebuilding it for my son. Now he is 3.5 year old and taking a keen interest in my Monster Beetle, I thought it time to get the GH running, but don't want to spend £30 on a new body and decals that'll prob get wrecked. So I am looking for a decent used body (preferably with most decals on it) at a decent price Let me know what you have please. Many thanks James
  23. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331919950933 Vintage Tamiya Bigwig Hotshot Sand Scorcher Clodbuster NIB Wheels 50293 50121 NIP Bigwig Moon Craft Wheels P/N 5293 50293 For Models: Bigwig (58057) NIB Sand Scorcher Front Wheel + Tire Set P/N 5121 50121 For Models: Sand Scorcher (58016), Frog (58041), Hornet (58045), Grasshopper (58043) NIP Hotshot / Supershot Gold Plated Wheels P/N 266 50266 For Models: Hotshot (58047), Supershot (58054) NIP Grasshopper II (Super G) Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Yellow) P/N 49022 For Models: Grasshopper II Super G (49501), Grasshopper II Super G (92018), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NIP Super Hornet Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Orange) P/N 0445495 For Models: Super Hornet (58124), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NOS Original White Clod Buster Wheels P/N 0555026 For Models: Clod Buster (58065), Bullhead (58089) Price dropped to $120. $20 more than the last set of Moon Crafts alone that sold on ebay went for...
  24. Preface Hello all, like many of you, I am a RC enthusiast that returned after a hiatus. I have been perusing through Tamiyaclub for a while now. This place has been very informative and helpful. I have found my favorite threads to be ones either involving builds or ones discussing nostalgia and early experiences from our youth. As reward for your help, I am creating this thread to share my RC experiences throughout my life which ultimately lead to my first ever Tamiya build as an adult! It is a bit of a long read, but I suppose you guys like that sort of thing. Introduction As is common here, I am a product of the 1980’s. The golden era of RC. My first real encounter with RC was when I was 6 years old. My dad drove me (in his sweet 1988 Toyota Celica with very 80’s plastic louvers on the rear glass) to my cousin’s house to play (ie get into as much trouble without being caught). As I walked up to the porch, there sitting on the steps was a menacing black buggy, nothing I had ever seen before. This car looked huge to me. It had the famous slogan “Anytime baby!” on the wing. I stared at it in awe and asked my cousin if we could run it. We took it out into the back alley behind his house. The speed and ferocity of it tearing up the gravel left a lasting impression, I was then a RC addict. Not long after this, my cousin’s friend showed up with a new buggy. It was futuristic and had a racy appearance to it. It had “No guts, no glory” on its wing. We ran these buggies hard all day. I had to have my own. I worked little jobs around our home and neighborhood. As much as I wanted one of these Tamiya’s, all I could muster was $40 with which I bought a Tyco Turbo Hopper. Although it wasn’t as awesome as a Hornet or Frog, I cherished and loved it. I took impeccable care of it. Due to our family home being on the shore of a medium sized lake, I was very interested in RC boats. My dad wasn’t too keen on RC cars, but boats however got his attention. Quests for a car didn’t materialize in anything. However, the first Christmas I asked for a boat, I received a Kyosho Jetstream 800 nitro boat. It was a glorious Christmas for sure. We built it and painted it black/orange scheme, it turned out beautifully and got a ton of attention at the lake. I wish I had a picture of it. But here is one from another member: I ran this boat each summer for 4-5 years. I often raced it against my uncle’s amazing balsa nitro hydroplane. My little Kyosho deep v-hull could only run maybe 25 mph or so, but my uncle’s hydro would easily do 60+ mph. One afternoon, while racing my uncle, my steering servo froze mid turn. I went wide and crossed the hydro’s path. Its sponsons pierced the side of the kyosho, with the tips snapping off and sticking in the side of the kyosho’s hull. The collision caused the hydro’s throttle to stick wide open, it went over the top of my kyosho’s hull and blasted across the lake. The foam my dad put in my boat did its job, with the nose bobbing up and down in the wake. I sat down on the beach and cried my 10 year old eyes out. Meanwhile, my uncle’s hydro screamed across the lake at full speed, it went 20 feet up the shore on the opposite side. Now, he didn’t say anything or admit it, but I suspect my uncle cried his 30+ year old eyes out while walking the beach to the other side of the lake. I would say this was a pretty traumatic experience for me and I hung up my futaba transmitter when I got home, never touching it again. Present Day So now, we fast forward approximately 25 years. I now find myself done with Graduate school; have a wife and 1 year old son, a house with a pond out back, and most importantly a little disposable income. The pond beckoned me, and I knew I had to get back into the game and got a Aquacraft Revolt 30. I would have gone nitro, but didn’t want to upset the neighbors with the noise. I didn’t expect much out of it. But boy I was wrong, the new brushless motors and lipos make a world of difference. With some prop work and hull trimmed out, its running 50ish mph. It would slaughter my old Kyosho v-hull handily. Here is a picture of it and video of it running: While having casual discussions at the LHS getting boat supplies, I discovered there is a nice dirt RC track nearby that races buggies and short course trucks. I then got into racing in the stock spec Traxxas Slash class racing. It is incredible fun. There is a family atmosphere about the racing that I love. I am now 100% (re)addicted the hobby! My family is starting to grow with the next generation coming up with my 1 year old son and my 4 year old niece. I felt like it was my duty to pass down RC to these little ones. I want them to share the experiences I had when I was young, racing RC’s with my family (dad and uncle). Now, my little niece will be turning 5 later this year and I knew this is the time get her a first RC car. For my niece, this car needed to be sturdy, simple, moderate performance, but most importantly it had to look good! While browsing Tower hobbies for parts I discovered that Tamiya were re-releasing all the classics, hornet/grasshopper/frog. I then knew what I had to do. I ended up purchasing a Grasshopper for my niece as I believe it is the best looking of all buggies. At the same time, I saw they had the 40th anniversary edition of the Hornet. This special edition Hornet is even more menacing than that one I saw many years ago sitting on my cousin’s front steps. I had to get one to stash away to give my son when he is old enough help build it. I wrapped it up and hid it in the basement in the hopes that “out of sight out of mind” prevents me from building before he is old enough. I suspect a Frog might get purchased sooner or later as well, to relive the hornet/frog battles of yore. Here are the goods: The Build So after decades of wanting, I finally get to build my first ever Tamiya! For the past several weeks I have been building my niece’s Grasshopper. The chassis taking merely an afternoon, with the remainder in painting the body. I enjoyed the build tremendously. It was so much fun to see all the internals as I never got the chance to see inside my cousin’s Hornet differential. Here it is with chassis completed: Now it’s going into my impromptu “paint booth”: The hardest part of the build was deciding which color to paint it (with the 2nd hardest part being wheel/tire assembly!). I feel that boys naturally gravitate towards RC and need little encouragement to get hooked. With little girls however, I feel they need a nudge, they need to feel the car is their own and not a boy’s toy. So what color did I choose??? It is Tamiya TS-59 Pearl Light Red. From tips I read here on TC, I let it cure 30 days before clearing with TS-13. It turned out beautifully! Has a nice metallic/pearl effect in the sun. It goes well with the decals too. Now, with this being her 5th birthday, I had to cut off the 3 from the decals and make it a #5. She'll always remember her 5th birthday after this. I have no doubts my niece is going to love it. Here are my photo shoot pics I took of it in the back yard all stickered up: Now, if you’ve made it this far into the thread, you’re either bored or a real Tamiya fan, or both! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my RC endeavors thus far as much as I have.
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