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Found 10 results

  1. This project idea has been rolling around in my head for a couple of months. I love Grasshopper 2 bodies, but never been a huge fan of the buggy underneath, hence my grafting a body onto my DT03. I also love Thunder Dragon's too, and after reading a few things around the net a plan began to form to build Ultra G: Super G's big brother. My original plan was to flouro spray some modern 2.2" wheels to get the Super G look, but then this turned up on Facebook. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the fluoro wheels and the fact it came with a new shell and decals made it a bit of a bargain overall. The Thunder Dragon rear gearbox and suspension wasn't with the Super G, I just put it in the photo to show you what I'm thinking. I put the gearbox together from spares and some help from fellow TCers. Thanks chaps. The chassis on the buggy is brand new, and the seller supplied the cracked original. Was about to fix it when I noticed the body clip turrets are also mangled so I think it's in the recycling bin for that fella. I have skipped ahead a bit because I pulled all the very tatty original decals off the original shell at lunchtime and gave it a clean up. If anyone has a beat up but serviceable GH2/Super Hornet/Rising Fighter tub and battery door PM me. If I had those I can make a whole GH2 out of the leftovers! So here's the big idea - Ultra G is Super G's more capable, more developed brother. I'm going to replace the GH2 rear end, motor and gearbox with the Thunder Dragon transmission and suspension. That's the rear suspension sorted. The Thunder rear end still mounts through side plates a la Hot Shot series, so I plan to make some spacers and drill the GH2 gearbox sliders on each side to catch the bottom mounting hole with some long screws, and then make some short rods and some ball ends to mount from the top gearbox mount to the GH2 top shock mount. That might allow some adjustment of the gearbox angle, to tweak anti-squat, which might be fun. That's the idea anyway. We'll see. For the front I've ordered my 4-bar conversion piece from Shapeways and have some DT03 c-hubs on their way courtesy of @ALEXKYRIAK (thanks dude!), and I have some DT03 uprights spare. Question here is whether I get the DT03 front wishbones like I've done on my Rising Fighter, or do I keep it more vintage? Thunder Dragon arms would also fit and are a little shorter which is more in keeping with the idea of the buggy and era to which the chassis belongs. With some shims the C-hubs will fit the other end no problem. What do you think? Wheels will obviously be the Super G wheels, but with some Schumacher CAT Blocks on the rear, and something suitable for the front. Haven't decided yet. Bodyshell-wise, after a series of loud coloured GH2 bodies on my other buggy, I'm going a little more trad this time. It will be white, but I'm going to get a set of the Grasshopper 2 Jnr Dress Up decals I sorted out through MCI. I'm thinking Version 2 decals, but go neon green as that stock green is a little wishy washy for my tastes. Or maybe blue instead of green for a blue/red decal scheme like the original GH2? Again, would be good to here your thoughts. As I wasn't expecting to pick up a Super G I had already sourced some modern black CVA shocks for this. Now I'm torn. The CVA2 is better than the originals - you can mount them on ball ends for a start which you can't on the old yellow shocks - but the look would be great with the original shocks. Not sure. This is going to be a runner so it does need to drive nice. Anyway, the adventure begins.....
  2. Shifted this thread over here as I posted in General Discussions as my first post before I knew about how things worked. Also, work on the car escalated and I wanted to keep a note of ongoing upgrades/changes. Hopefully of interest to DT03 runners/buyer. I have an original Thunder Dragon from 1988 which has had a bit of a restomod, but getting that sorted recently led to the purchase of a cheap Racing Fighter from Germany as I've never had a 2WD buggy before. First buggy full build in about 30 years, although the Thunder Dragon has been torn down and rebuilt several times. Really enjoyed it. I had an old Grasshopper2 shell in my bit box from back in the day, and I'd never painted a shell before. I don't like the modern look of buggies, being a child of the 80's I love the older buggies so I decided to have a go and some light body mods to fit it to my DT03. It was already slightly modified around the front shocks to fit on my Thunder Dragon. Here's a couple of trial fits with the primer on, trying to figure out the mountings and proportion. Couldn't resist getting the wheels on to see what it might look like: Figured out the body mods, enlarging the front hole to use the central front mount on the chassis, and adding holes in the haunches for the large l-shaped body mount towers that came with the kit. I ended up going narrower than I could have got away with on the front cuts. I chopped the DT-03 suspension mount in the centre to get the front of the shell on and off. Not bothered about the nth degree of wheel control and can always get the fancy TRF carbon one if I feel the need in future. After a couple of aborted attempts at orange from Tamiya and Halfords, and neither before strong enough for my liking and went for it with neon orange. Stickers are from MCI Racing, with red replaced with black, and yellow replaced with dark grey. Pretty pleased with how it came out. Another modern look I'm not keen on is the super short front overhang. I like the big 80s bull bars, so inspired by AMPRO Engineering on Youtube I knocked up a bull bar bumper in 3D CAD and got it 3D printed from Shapeways. Only cost a tenner! Sets the stance off nicely, I think. I do love the kit black star dish wheels though. As for the car, I loved building it and it seems solid. I've never had brushless before either, so I went for a 13.5R Speed Passion MMM motor from Modelsport who also did my some leads with tamiya plugs, and a steel 17t pinion and a bearing set to start with. The kit came with the CVA dampers with the fixed solid plates on top of the shafts. Initially I was a bit disappointed. I'm certainly no expert and have no plans to race, but it was very understeery and bottomed out a lot. Due to older equipment I have already, I still use ACOMS 27MHz radio and NiMH batteries to keep costs down which I've since learnt are on the heavy side, but they work fine in my Thunder Dragon! So, after going down the rabbit hole of what mods to do where, trying not to spend a fortune on hop ups and learning as I go, this I think is my basics for getting the DT-03 to somewhere near it's potential and also hopefully help some newbies looking at getting their DT-03 running nice in my opinion: 1) Junk the stock tyres. The deep rib fronts that come with the Racing Fighter in particular are useless on hard surfaces and I generally muck about in the street or at the yard at work. With the fiesty motor I started tearing through the rears too, and have ended up with Schumacher Mini Pin Yellows on the stock rims. Works great, and the yellows last longer than the blue counter-intuitively, because the blue is harder it span up too easily on hard surfaces and wore out. On things like the pump track in the pictures, the mini pins are immense. 2) Connected to 1 - Be honest about where you drive. Having burnt through cool looking buggy tyres I now have a second set of wheels (Schumacher Flexlite read, Tamiya Dish Front both in black) with Schumacher RT1s and medium inserts for tarmac. 3) Suspension - I'm using the DF03 (not a typo, the 4WD car) setting springs, hard rear, softest front. Both are firmer than the kit springs. The DT-03 settings springs were right out because the colours would have looked rubbish if I'd needed the red ones. Yes, I am enough of a tart for that. Plus, couldn't see the point of a softer set of springs if the kit springs were in the middle. I saw the DF03 springs suggested on a thread on here I think. Great call. I got the TRF 54043 piston rods for the rear shock and standard CVA mini shock shafts 50601 for the front and used the kit sprues and some e-clips to convert the dampers to proper pistons. After some experimentation I'm running single hole pistons with the kit Soft Tamiya 400 CST oil 4) I got the anti roll bars, but have ended up not using them. Now I have the suspension firm enough to hold the car up it handles fine without the anti roll bars. IMHO. 5) I used the leftover ball studs from the unused roll bars to replace as many of the step screws in the damper mounts as possible. Much nicer and less rattly I got a bag of ball connectors (50591) to finish the job off, although the fronts need a bit of filing to get them to fit the wishbones. 6) Turnbuckles - Don't be a cheapskate like me and pick up a cheap DT02 set, as the steering arms don't fit! These do seen good for getting the grip up though. 2-3 neg both ends. 7) Driveshafts - I had no issues with the toughness of the plastic driveshafts, but I couldn't believe how much they restrict suspension movement. I didn't want to spend out on Universals as I'm not racing. I ended up taking a leaf out of the Sand Viper book and went to the metal driveshaft and cups. Only cost about a tenner for the parts, and the car stands up at the rear about another 10mm! They look better too, IMHO. Parts are: Shafts - Tamiya 9805551 Outdrives - Tamiya 9804237 Hub end cups - Tamiya 50823 8) Geared diff with the kit seems fine. I stuffed it with grease as advised somewhere on the internet and does fine for me. 9) Kimborough servo saver was a fiver well spent. Much more crisp steering. 10) Not sure if the Hop Up servo mount was £18 well spent, but it looks pretty and does look into the chassis and servo much more firmly. I'm open on this one as it's pretty expensive. Hope you like it, and hope that helps anyone looking at getting a DT-03. Cheers!
  3. Though this maybe of interest to some. Especially if you r looking for a Super Sabre at sensible money. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/tamiya-supersabre-r-c-car-1-10-scale/1328755100 look at his other items. I just bought his LunchBox. I dont personally know him but spent a decent time on phone with him. He posts Parcel Force 24Hr and is happy with goods and services. He also sent me a few pics of his whole collection.
  4. In another in my occasional but continuing series of Buggies That Would Look Awesome With A Grasshopper2 Shell, I give you the TRF Grasshopper2(01)! I had one of those "I wonder" moments this morning and dropped the trimmed down spare Mad Bull shell I had made up as a Grasshopper2 to fit my DT03 onto my DN01 chassis. As it's a spare, a little more trimming later and it's sitting quite nicely! It even picks up the original Mad Bull front mount on the DN01/TRF201 front spigot! It's not currently attached at the rear, but some Velcro on the shock tower would probably do it. It's very gappy so I think a black painted Desert Gator shell underneath as a chassis cover would sort it. The aerial even fit through the DT03 body post hole I drilled!
  5. This is the Mad Bull shell i cut to fit a DT03 chassis. You need to fit the tall L shaped rear body mounts to the DT03 to fit this shell. Neon blue paint, custom contrasting MCI Racing Grasshopper2 decals. Fitted with non-standard Grasshopper style spot light pods. Also drilled to fit a Grasshopper2 although the front of the body doesn't seal to the tub like a true GH2 shell would. Now i have my yellow GH2 shell and my Azarashi Racibg shell i just don't use it anymore. Here it is in use. This is when it was new Looking for £12 posted in the UK
  6. So I did a 4 bar front suspension mod on my Rising Fighter a few weeks ago because I had so much DT03 stuff lying around due to hopping up that buggy. Thread is here if you are interested I needed to get something from Shapeways for work so knocked up a solid lower wishbone mount for the conversion. It arrived today. Needed a bit of fettling but is pretty much there. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Rising Fighter is so much fun to drive now!
  7. hi all just looking for some help Got a grasshopper 2 off ebay. I was looking on youtube and found someone putting some pro-line sling shots sand tires size 2.2" on his rising fighter. He change his wheels to tamiya 51262 that are 2.2" but they are a hex drive. Now the grasshopper 2 doesn't use a hex drive and was wondering what wheels i could use to mount the pro-line sling shots on and would then fit the grasshopper 2? Any help would be great wild
  8. I have a Rising Fighter I bought for my kids. It's had a couple of hop ups with my old CVAs and AMPRO rear shock mounts and transmission stabiliser but I have hunkered after a 4 bar front suspension. What can I say? I like tinkering. As much as the AMPRO kit is cool as this is my kids basher I really didn't want to move away from ABS plastic. That and not wanting to cry each time 22 bucks worth of AMPRO wishbone snapped in a big shunt! I also have a load of DT03 front suspension leftover from my upgrades to my Grasshopper3 DT03, and I saw some cool double wishbone mods on grasshoppers on YouTube which got me thinking...... First thing I needed was to make a plate to mount the DT03 central wishbone mount (DT03 part C2). I used some 3mm aluminium and the Rising Fighter parts as a template for holes. Hand made and a bit rough. Holes in the DT03 part are 20mm lateral and 21mm longitudinal. I drilled 4mm holes to give me some wiggle room then some 12mm m3 machine screws and nuts to secure I bought a pair of DT02/3 wishbone sprues Part No 10004254 on eBay for £6. Mount them reversed to clear everything. I used screw pins to mount them but 48.5mm shafts would also work. You need to open out the holes in the central mounting with a 3.1mm drill. They don't have a pivoting shaft on the DT03 so are a tight fit otherwise. I used the DT03 c-hubs (part B1) and uprights as I upgraded my DT03 to GPM metal c-hubs and blitzer uprights for truck wheels so I had them spare. The Rising Fighter uprights would also work but you need the c-hubs. I mounted the 64mm eye to eye CVA shocks in the outer position. For the top arms I used part 5 from the DT03 wishbone sprue Into the end of this I threaded a ball screw from the CVA shock kit I then lined up the part with the top of the chassis, backed up against the stiffening rib on the front suspension mount I used the hole in the part as a template for a 2.5mm drill to put a hole in the tub. I used m3 x 15 self tappers as they were spare but 12mm would work. I then drilled a second hole through part and tub and installed a second self tapper. The top arms and steering arms were all made using the DT02 turnbuckle set. I mistakenly bought this for my DT03 but the steering turnbuckles didn't fit. They are perfect here. All the longer steering arms and top arms can just as easily be made using M3 threaded bar and the tamiya ball ends and ball connectors. And finished. Really good geometry. No bump steer here Bit of fun with some spares really. If you add up the cost of parts all together I am not sure I makes sense but it works REALLY well. Maybe one for you GH2 ReRe buyers? Hope you like. Cheers!
  9. Packed the Grasshopper3 in my bag on a trip to the local park today in the hope of getting a quick blast on the small bit of astro they have there. Had long since assumed the grass would be too long/wet/full of dog crap to be any good for running the buggy. How wrong I was! Grass was short and bumpy and mercifully dog crap free, and I had a blast on my first proper run on grass. However, some recent enthusiastic driving/crashes plus learning to drive on grass = grip roll central = cracked body. Oops: I don't have any old/spare bodyshells with off cuts or anything. Anyone got any good suggestions what to use to fix this? I'm thinking just glue a small sheet of plastic to the underside of the split and re-drill the mounting hole, but I don't know where to source appropriate material. Thanks.
  10. A couple of years ago i bought someone's Grasshopper 2 that was in great condition but the body shell had been stripped back ready for primer, and there was evidence of a repair. I wasn't looking for one but thought i'd have a go at restoring it as it was one of the cars me and my friend drove as kids and to be honest it was a good price. Body Shell after a coat of primer: Repair After a few coats of White and some clear it was time for decals and a bit of Black paint: The finished car: Its completely stock and has the original MSC and balloon bag. I've connected a battery and spun the motor, gearbox runs nicely. Haven't ran the car though. Really enjoyed giving it a new coat, although I had to use re-pro decals which was a bit of a downer but they look ok to the casual observer. Apart from driving one as a 10 year old, I don't know an awful lot about about the Grasshopper 2, and will look to sell it on to someone who wants one for the collection but it was a fun project anyway. Cheers
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