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Found 4 results

  1. Took my lunchbox out in the garden tonight for its first run. Although I scuffed the paint job already! Grrr I noticed that when it went from a standing start to full throttle the gears sounded like they were grinding or not engaging correctly. Sounds ok once it’s moving and seems to drive fine, it’s just the initial full throttle burst at the beginning that doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t make this sound if I go full throttle with the wheels off the ground, only when they are on the ground. No issues in reverse. Should I strip down the gear box and see if there is anything odd before I do any major damage? If so what should I be looking for? Just a thought, could this be due to too much grease on the gears? I’m a newbie so any help greatly appreciated. I’ve watched vids on YouTube of people’s lunchbox going from a standing start to full throttle and I don’t hear what I’m hearing. Bit disappointed that I’ve hit issues already as I’ve been looking forward to having some fun with it since I got it for Xmas and it looks like it’s gonna be back in the garage for a service already!
  2. Hi folks. I recently picked up a couple of WT01s. With the first, within 20 minutes of running I started getting a grinding from the gearing on acceleration, especially from a stand still. I've pulled the gearbox apart and had a really close look at everything, I couldn't see any obvious sign of any grinding gears, but I replaced the diff gears and the final drive axles. It was a lot better for about 5 minutes then it was back to grinding and loss of drive again. The other kit is waiting for paint so I swapped over the gear and motor block, sod me if I haven't just seen exactly the same. Perfect for the first few minutes, then grind and loss of power. I haven't taken this gearbox apart yet, but it's exactly the same sound, so I doubt - without advice - I'll see anything untoward. I'd heard these gearboxes are nearly indestructible which is why I bought them as first use bashers, but at the moment they're both in the garage. Has anyone found this? Or know where I should start to look? Thanks.
  3. So my new Hornet is together and read for a run. However, the transmission foes not sound right. Something has to be rubbing. After inspecting it looks like to me that the "small bevel gears" are sliding up and down the their shafts and hitting the inside of the "differential spur gear". Everything test well but when you slap the motor on the transmission is definitely making a sound it shouldn't it does not have that characteristic Tamiya Hornet sound . I ordered all from eBay, is it possible I have the wrong gears? They look the same as my other hornet. Not it sure what's going on. Anyone experience to much play with the spur diff and bevel gears? Ek
  4. I've probably just done something real stupid, but I hooked up the MFU to my part-built MAN TGX at lunchtime and the gearbox was making a bad grinding sound when running, and I can feel a vibration thru the chassis. It shifts smoothly and the roadwheels turn with the motor, the grinding increases in pitch as I go up thru the gears so it's almost certainly something on the output side - I've probably just put a gear in the wrong way round or maybe used the wrong screw assembling the case so the teeth are touching something they shouldn't, but thought I'd throw this up in advance just in case anyone has experienced this before. I wasn't going to run the truck until I'd finished the shell but I was in the process of getting the wiring nice and tidy when I thought I'd best give it a test-run. I'm really glad I did, although there's still a lot of disassembly to do to get the transmission out
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