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Found 6 results

  1. My family have been having a clear out and came across this, giving its age thought it would be worth investigating what I now have. So have a couple of questions, 1. What do I have? 2. What to do with it, get it running or keep as is? I have more pictures if there helpful tia
  2. Hello, I am looking for some kind soul that could scan or take a picture of the manual of the Suzuki SX4 (58408) I am only in need of the pages related to body detaiing, paint and sticker placement. No need for chassis instructions. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you very much!!
  3. I finished a build of a rere Hotshot recently and ran into a couple of problems. I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts that might help. I picked my Hotshot up off the shelf the other day and one of the screws that holds the chassis to the rear gearbox just completely fell out. The bolt must have fallen off when I took it for my first test drive. Unfortunately there's no extras in the kit and I didn't have luck finding it in the yard. I'm so afraid of over-tightening things now that I'm guessing that is why this happened. Is this a common problem with the Hotshot? It seems like such an important piece that is constantly moving with the rear suspension bouncing up and down that I'm not totally surprised it came undone. This is step #18 dealing with BA4 and BD2 which is right below the rear shock. I had the small washer in place too. Also, I was unable to use the washer when mounting the front bumper to the chassis on step #31. If I remove the washer and only use the spacer I am able to tighten it without a problem, and it seems to stay, but I do not have any thread-lock as the instructions state. I thought I might have stripped some bumper stay when I first put this in so I have ordered a new bumper stay. $$ Finally my last nit-picky thing is that I am using the ESC that came with the kit and the wiring for the battery pack is going straight from where it's mounted as indicated in the instructions to side of the car, but I find the clip for the battery pack keeps getting caught under the edge of the shell pushing the body up blocking "Crash" Cramer's view to the left and right, LOL. I feel like even if I had more slack here the body shell would still ride up. Am I missing something or is the body really only held down with that one clip in the middle? I feel like after running the car I can always push it down around the sides to seat it more firmly. It seems to work itself up in the front too. I don't think I've cut anything incorrectly. Looks exactly right according to the manual. Anyway, thanks for reading
  4. I have two real nice all aluminum shocks that were on a ta02 I got and would like to get a full set/repair the one I have.they are 60 mm big bores with no marking or logos. they look like tt02 hop ups to me but i am not sure.
  5. So, I just finished up the chassis for a tt-02 and I can NOT get it to keep tires on it or take off from a start and not flip into the air. I have a Racing Performer M4 3.5T 10020KV Modified Brushless Motor in it with a HOBBYWING QUICRUN 10BL120 SENSORED 120A ESC (2-3S) and Zeee 2S Lipo 5200mAh. I'm using the Tamiya rear lock block and the tamiya oil-filled diff, Yeah Racing CV shafts, tamiya aluminum driver shaft and cups with Fast Eddy bearings. I've gone through 2 sets of tires and rims because of it. any thoughts?
  6. This is just a quick post, but if it should be in a different area, just say Ok so I'm thinking of getting a Midnight Pumpkin and putting a nice paint job on it. But, I'm only used to painting Polycarbonate/Lexan bodies, so how do I paint an ABS body? I've heard it's alomost like the 'oppostie' of polycarbonate bodies. So far as I know, you paint the main colour (base coat) on first, then paint details over the top of that. Or, do you need to paint each section induvidualy and mask areas? Please help! Also, does anyone have any tips for masking? Such as what tape to use etc... Thanks! Mackiatoe
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