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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys I'm new to rc and let alone this server as well, I remembered seeing a youtube video on one of these trucks like 10 years ago and said what the badword and bought one on ebay, it was prebuilt but with no electronics, I had an rc shop install the servos and esc and now I have a running truck, I wanted to ask if there were any advice or things I needed to know. Is there any maintenance that needs to be done such as lubricating gears in transmission or axles? And how do you take the wheels off? I want to upgrade this truck by buying some bigger tires and rims much like a mountaineer or bruiser. I was also going to ask if installing lights is a hard thing to do for a novice. Where do most of you buy accessories for these truck? I know this is a lot to ask but I'm glad to be getting into the hobby. Thanks.
  2. I'm really confused on the mounting of these onto a Hilux High Lift: "RC4WD TERAFLEX REVOLVER Z-BOX FOR TRAIL FINDER, F-350, HILUX, TUNDRA" Has anyone here used them before and know the proper way?
  3. HG model, the same company that made the Bruiser knockoff now has knocked off the High-Lift. It has the 3-speed and locking diffs. Here is a link if you are interested in looking at this atrocity https://www.banggood.com/HG-P417-1-or-10-2_4G-4WD-RC-Car-EP-Pickup-Vehicles-Rock-Crawler-Truck-without-Battery-Charger-Model-p-1660259.html?p=6S2910081756201209IA&custlinkid=856948&ID=530026&cur_warehouse=CN
  4. Hey TC Members! How are we all doing today, during these unprecedented times? So, I've wanted the Tamiya High lift since its release but couldn't afford it at the time. But finally bit the gun and bought myself the High lift and awaiting its delivery! I have been doing quite a fair amount of research on the chassis, to try and build the "ultimate" high lift spec (on a budget - if possible). I know its not a very capable trail truck, especially with its standard transmission placement (getting caught because of low ground clearance, etc) but this is where the upgrades come in to improve this truck! Also, I will be ditching the stupid 4-wheel steering setup on the chassis, not needed at all as its not a monster truck and looks ridiculous. (don't know why Tamiya thought it would be a good idea) What would your top upgrades be, that you would suggest? (I am aware of the JunFac 4-Link suspension link upgrade for the High Lift, but I would prefer to stick with leaf springs due to more scale look and personally I'm not a fan of the 4-link suspension on the high lift - just doesn't suit it in my opinion) Whilst I am still waiting for the delivery man/woman, I have been busy making a pre build upgrade list for the chassis (listed below) BODY Shell: Undecided between F350 / Tundra or Something else that fits the standard wheelbase ELECTRONICS ESC: Quicrun 1080 Motor: Tamiya TR Torque Tuned 33T (For scale speed and although motor was intended for 1/14 Trucks, the motor was built for specifically Tamiya 3-Speed Transmission) Servo (Steering): Hi-Toque Waterproof Metal Geared (Not sure which yet?) Servo (Gearing): N/A - Will be locking the Transmission to all time 4x4 Low Pinion: Steel (Standard Metrics) WHEELS Rims: Standard Tires: Undecided (Looking for something a little larger that fits on standard rims?) Foams: Stiffer foam for the rear UPGRADES GMADE TS01 90mm Alloy Scale Shocks (Shocks do not require oil but will test) - Mounted upside-down Shock Oil: Front - 200 to 300CST (Piston 4-hole) Shock Oil: Rear - 300 to 400CST (Piston 3-hole) Leaf Springs: Either removal of 2 leaf springs or upgraded to RC4WD red super soft AMPRO High Lift Front Motor Kit AMPRO High Lift Transmission Lift AMPRO High Lift Central Battery Kit AMPRO High Lift Battery Retainer AMPRO High Lift Spring Perch Gmade/JunFac 1 Piece Heavy Duty Steering Knuckle Arms Gmade/JunFac 1 Piece Heavy Duty Straight Axle Adaptor Gmade/JunFac Hard Carbon Steel Universal Shafts Gmade/JunFac Front Servo Steering kit (My concern would this interfere with the AMPRO Front Motor kit??)
  5. Hi, I guess I am not so rational but here it is : .
  6. Just started on this last night : The works 3 speed gearbox in progress Engine cover on Output gears Cover for the output gears Spur with slipper clutch Assembled 3 speed 3 speed shifter Bumper needs a semi gloss black coat in selected places
  7. hi there, I have a F350 highlift looking to increase ride height as the 2.2 crawler wheels snag on bodywork ever so slightly when steering is hard lock left or right. I don't want to cut body would prefer to increase ride height. is there an off the shelf solution? cheers
  8. Apologies for this extremely anal question. Does anyone know which TS paint colours are used for painting the truck in the colour scheme shown on the side of the box? I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere in the manual. Thanks
  9. Well my F350 Highlift will be here in about a week or so I figured I'd get an early start on a build thread.. This is my first 3 speed/highlift so hopefully it arrives ok and the build goes smooth.. I started this now to give ample time to discuss upgrades and well anything that should be checked and or take certain precautions before beginning the build Upgrades planned: (updated 12/2/12) crawler motor of some kind Rubber sealed bearings Venom 7.2v NiMH 4,600mAh 6 cell Traxxas 2.5 waterproof ESC Traxxas Emaxx waterproof receiver box TopCad 8 hole alloy 1.9 wheels Integy BFG Mud Terrain tires Integy oil shocks for CR-01 with 10wt rear/ 20wt front oil TopCad bull bar w/ TopCad scale working winch Clod roll bar with working lights aluminum shift servo mounts (going to mount steering to it also so figured better make it strong) got this for the shift servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 got this for the steering servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 This radio set up http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 let me know what you think or if you have any advice for a first time 3 speed builder?
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