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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a DT02 chassis - preferably NIB so I can build it up. Either a Sand Viper, Holiday Buggy, Sand Rover etc. Thank you, Mike
  2. Found these pics online today - not associated with sale or original owner, just preserving the pics I assume it's a Stripper, as I've not seen similar shape by anyone else
  3. HI All I purchased a Holiday buggy from my local model shop which was part completed...well sprayed olive green already and I have just finished it off. It has a non-stock more powerful 540 motor, full race bearings and upgraded front suspension. Whilst the olive green paint is great looking and I have used some of the supplied decals and my own, the guy who had it before me did not do the greatest spraying job. He didn't use a primer (I know some don't like this as it gives a 'mottled' effect - personally I like it) and after a run in the street (and a bash or two) the paint is flaking off. Can anyone help me with ideas for painting/weathering as I have never even attempted this before. It would be nice to patch it up and at the same time make it look great...all help gratefully recieved. Please see pic
  4. Frankenstein is a doctor fascinated by life, who decides to create a living creature from a human remains ... That's what happened in my mind while I was checking the remains of Tamiya parts ! Remember, I found on the web a batch of 3 models and some additional parts for less than 100€ ... I builted the GH II EVO II, then the Sand Rover beach buggy ... But what about the rest? Target is to do something with the smallest budget as possible. Let's go! The starting point: To narrow the width, I simply reduced the length of DT-02 arms; by cutting them near first hole. Special "home made" screws with M3/M4 thread to fit front shocks. Upper rear arms Special shaft (3Racing+adjustable shaft) On wheels: Much more power! Ready to take off! Thanks for reading guys. See you later!
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking at getting a buggy to build once I have completed the CC01 that is currently on its way to me. I need help with making the right choice. So I am asking for advice from all the awesome guys on these forums. I'm looking at the three chassis below, 1. Grasshopper 2. Holiday buggy or any of the other DT02 Chassis 3. Racing Fighter or any of the other DT03 Chassis Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you guys have other options for buggies, I would like to know that too. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey guys, Im a new member, new to the RC Car scene, I have always been interested in RC models, and I always liked the Tamiya Dark Impact and HPI Savage 4x4. The missus's dad bought himself a Holiday Buggy for Christmas, (he's a old RC racer and used to compete) and so the missus bought me a Tamiya DT02 Holiday Buggy for Christmas as something different and up my street ( Im a Mechanical Engineer by trade and have numerous Land Rovers Motorbikes etc haha) So, I spent Christmas day building the buggy, dead pleased with it - very quickly came to realized I needed the proper Tamiya Screwdrivers lol. Only I didn't have any of the radio gear so have had to wait for that to arrive ha. Ran the car a few times with the Father in laws to discover the out of the Box 380 motor was a bit slow compared to his GT tuned one haha. So, so far The car has got a Flysky 2.4Ghz system, a Overlander 3300Mah Nimh battery and a HK servo. I have also purchased some oil dampers, and have since discovered the springs are a bit stiff ha. Have purchased a 3racing ball bearing set and also some drive-shafts, now herein lies the problem. These are the drive-shafts and cups Ive ordered, the drive-shafts fit the standard cups fine, however the cups that I have ordered are too small, I have ordered the same cups that were quoted on TheRCRacer article. Sorry for the large first post, but thought you guys might like to know the story ha. heres some photos; Regards Matt
  7. I only have a few DT02 chassis covers left ....... they are made to fit the 2010 Holiday Buggy, 2011 Sand Rover, Street Rover and Nissan Titan. Now the weather has gone all rubbish you can safely run your DT02 in all winter muck Usual price of £6 each plus P&P at cost.
  8. They come with the following cars: Holiday Buggy Red Edition Super Fighter GR Violet Racer WANTED! In new condition. Many thanks. Max
  9. I would like to buy some spare wheels from the Holiday Buggy red edition. They are the well known Star Dish wheels in black. I don't find any place where to buy them as a spare part. Do you know some place where I can find them please? Max
  10. Hi all, Just finished installing the hop ups to make my previously stock HB2010 eligible for next weekend's DT02 challenge event. We took the newly tuned HB out for a spin yesterday and was impressed by the massive increase in speed that the new motor and full bearings have given the buggy. We've also been down to the TORCH track last Sunday afternoon for a blast round the track there - great fun and should be even better now we've got the 540 motor in there. However, the poor HB body shell is already starting to look a little battle scarred...I lost one of the headlights yesterday as a result of a head-on smash (fortunately the red plastic seems to react postively to super glue and the shattered plastic is now back in place, for how long remains to be seen!). I've also got cracks around the roof area. This leads me think that the HB shell isn't going to withstand the rigours of weekly racing...plus having been down to TORCH last week we were definately the odd ones out, and of course the body shell, driver figure, etc are all adding weight. So, the aim is to get both my son and I in a position where we both have a car to race - at the moment the Holiday Buggy is our only RC car - we're both total newbies to this hobby. I'm planning to buy a Sand Viper kit to build for myself to race and gradually hop-up over time, plus experiment with camber angles and so on. Initially I was thinking I'll have to buy two sand vipers, however I then realised that HB and Sand Viper are based on the same chassis. A quick google search showed I can buy a Sand Viper body shell and wing online for about £10 which got me thinking - how easy is it to swap out the HB shell for the sand viper shell? I've got a few bits left on the M and D trees that look like mounting points for body shells - are these the ones that I'd use for the Sand Viper shell and wing? What else would I need to change? I'm planning to go back down to TORCH the first Sunday in October and talk to them about entry requirements for their races - I'm assuming I'll also need to change the wheels and tyres for Sand Viper wheels and whatever tyres are permitted in races? If anyone has done this, or can advise feasibility it'd be much appreciated.
  11. hi all, thought i would post up a mod i discovered to convert the holiday buggy to very high quality cvd drive shafts for peanuts, what you will need, ansmann mad rat cvd shafts, get them from ebay for around £6 per pair , 5x8x3mm bronze bushing or any spacer that will make up 3mm wide, 3racing TT01 /DT02 steel diff outputs , the bush or spacers go inboard of the hub bearings, the work part! the ansmann shafts have a thicker cross pin at the diff end of the shaft so you will need to file/dremel around 0.3 mm from each side of the 3racing slots to allow the shaft to fit , takes about 1 minute with a dremel but will take a bit longer with a file , keep the grinding as symetrical as possible to keep the shaft rotation concentric. all fitted to the hub , and diff output ground out , all fitted and super smooth with far greater suspension travel , these ansmann shafts are some of the best i have used , the ones on my Xpro buggies are all still in great shape after hundreds of runs with very fast motor systems and endless driving abuse in filthy muddy condition's and lots of big hard jumps , for £6 a pair they cant be beat , same goes for the 3racing diff outputs , over 6 years of punishment and still perfect , total cost of the mod £10. happy Scotsman ,
  12. Hi to all, First, let me introduce myself: As most of the members in this club RC cars were one of my biggest hobbies in my childhood, and after finding my old RC toy last year and giving it some runs I decided that I needed to get into the hobby again and some months ago I bought a Team Associated SC10b. I really liked the scale looks and it is really fun to drive, but as it was a RTR car I always had the feeling that something was missing, and it was the pleasure to build the car myself. I then directly pointed to Tamiya because of their scale look and "easy to build" kits. I felt completely in love with the Rough Rider, but its high price and not so good specs (compared to modern kits), made me rethink it and I decided that the re-released Holiday Buggy would do the job better for a lower price, but when I started looking for parts, I saw that the Sand Viper kit already comes with full ball bearings, ball differential and other extras, so my idea is to buy a Sand Viper kit and then add the Holiday Buggy body. As this will be my first kit, there is a lot of basic information that I need to know: As far as I know, Tamiya kits come with and esc and a motor, but I have to add a servo and a radio. As I plan to run my car at the beach I would like to buy a waterproof servo, but I need to know which ones fit the DT-02 chasis and if an additional servo saver not included in the kit is needed. So, could somebody recomend me a servo? I also noticed that many people in these forums recomend a low voltage alarm to use the provided esc with lipos as that esc thas not have a low voltage cut-off. Could you tell me where to fet one of these? Then, I will need to know which parts are needed to mount the Holiday Buggy body on the chasis: In some fotos, I see that some body mounts are put on the shock towers, but I don't know the part numbers. And last, I know that the Rough Rider has a plastic cover to protect the motor from water, do you knwo if this would also work wit a dirt tuned or sport tuned motor in the DT-02? When I receive answer to my questions, I will order the kit and the parts, and I will edit this post to document it with the building/conversion process. Thanks in advance for your answers.
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