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Found 5 results

  1. Being the loving, wonderful, supportive women she is my wife wanted to buy me a RC related gift for Christmas. She knows next to nothing about RC, but, as an intelligent academic and Cambridge educated qualitative researcher she used all her knowledge, training and skills, put in the hard hours internet searching, phoned numerous model shops and… brought me two cars on exactly the same TT02 chassis. Mrs Nick realised this on Christmas Eve but wrapped them anyway safe in the knowledge that Wonderland had said she could return one in January if it wasn’t what I had wanted. I would guess they were surprised someone was ordering the same chassis twice and upon her recounting the ordering conversation to me it sounds like they were delicately trying to suggest she may be making a mistake. Anyhoo, on Christmas morning I unwrapped two new cars. A Porsche 911 RSR, on the TT02 touring chassis, and a Ford GT mk11, on the TT02 touring chassis. Both very cool looking bodies, Mrs Nick always chooses well in the aesthetics department… just look at me… but both exactly the same. So then what to do? Initial thoughts were to return one for something else but that didn’t seem quite right. Mrs Nick really liked the look of both cars and it seemed ungrateful. I considered keeping one chassis and selling one using the spare body on an upcoming touring project I had planned (TA08 or TC01 wasn’t sure then, I’m still not). Or maybe something else… Everyone agrees that the TT02 is a good value, fun capable little chassis but needs a few modifications to unlock the true potential. As Tamiya’s most successful and numerous car there are lots and lots of Hop Ups available from numerous manufacturers, at numerous price points. I was going to modify both cars to different standards and see which one was best. Like all the best ideas this one has been ripped off wholesale from excitable American car Youtubers Doughnut Media. Their Hi-Lo series (which is pretty good fun) will form the basis for this build. So on to the rules: Each car will be built stock and run in to start with. One car, the Porsche, will receive genuine Tamiya Hop-Ups the other, the Ford, will receive cheaper equivalent aftermarket options. Each Hop-Up will be intended to solve a recognised problem with the TT02 Each Hop Up will be introduced separately. Price and manufacturer noted and installed exactly to the instructions provided. Each Hop Up will be judged by the wholly scientific standard of me deciding which is best after giving them a bit of a run around a carpark. At the end of the process, I’m thinking four or five modifications, there will be a bit of a carpark time trial and a winner crowned. The victorious car will secure its place in the Nick-W fleet and will have bestowed upon it a lovely new motor and high-speed gear set. The losing car will be cast upon the tender mercies of Ebay. If you’ve managed to get this far welcome to my first build thread and my first attempt at using image hosting (edit: or not). I think this one is going to be a bit of a long ride as I get around to installing new bit and pieces every couple of weeks or so. So please join me for a thread of poor decisions, poor grammar, poor spelling and poor driving as we try to answer the perennial RC question: Are Tamiya Hop-Ups worth the cost?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for damper suggestions for my DT-03 Racing Fighter build. The Racing Fighter kit I have came with the CVA dampers and I also have the Tamiya Spring Set Hop-Up option #53832. However, I'd like to upgrade the plastic CVAs with alloy dampers instead. I tend to prefer using genuine Tamiya hop-up options (or TRF if budget allows) however I haven't found any direct replacements for the CVAs that came with this kit. As such, I've been looking at either going with a set of GPM dampers or a set from Yeah Racing. But before I pull the trigger on either of those, I wanted to ask here if anyone here has any suggestions for dampers. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers!
  3. Does anybody by any chance have Tamiya 42258 for sale? Many thanks, Justin
  4. Hi there, [Edit: the album linked below has been made public, sorry about that] I'm parting out a built but never used TRF 501X kit and almost everything is for sale. I've not priced all the bits up yet but the prices will be at or below 80% of the lowest ebay price for people here at TC (+shipping at cost). AVAILABLE [501X/DB01] Hop-Up front one-way+Hop-Up adapter [501X] TRF Carbon parts - chassis, top braces, shock towers [501X] TRF Aluminium parts - all bulkheads, motor mount, all suspension mounts, battery posts, [501X] TRF Shell - body, wing and undertray - untrimmed and not painted SOLD [501X] Full Hop-Up steering set [501X/DB01] TRF Suspension - TRF Buggy Dampers [#54028] [501X/DB01] TRF Drivetrain - Slipper clutch, ball diff, steel outdrives, F+R CV shafts, 2 x 369 mm belts If you want something then just post your initial interest in this thread (I'll certainly reply) and if it goes beyond that we can migrate to PM/email. I also have some spare plastics like arms and hubs as well as a full turnbuckle set so if you need some odds and ends post in this thread and I can have a look for you. If you can see this album (link) there are some pics there for good measure. Cheers, Dave
  5. ...this kit is now sold! Breg Martin
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