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Found 57 results

  1. I'm starting this build with a number of upgrade parts. I want to retain the character of this classic kit, while adding custom mods which represent my own preferences.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first RC car. It was one that I used to drool over as a lad in the toy section of my mum's catalogue but we could never afford one. That was the venerable Hornet. I had a random recommendation for a video of it on my YouTube homepage and it bought it all back to me. So I bought one and put it together in a couple of days over a weekend. I absolutely loved the build and it was incredibly satisfying getting to the end of it and having a working model to bash around the garden. I enjoyed it so much that I had ordered ordered the other classic that I have always wanted, the Lunchbox, before I had even finished the Hornet. This one got built in the just a day and boy does it not disappoint in the fun stakes - what an absolute hooligan of a car! I enjoyed those two so much that I fancied doing something a bit more sophisticated and more modern, so I got myself one last model to build and that was the TT-02BR. That one took me around two and a half days to build and another day to paint and I now have something to fettle with and upgrade as time goes on. Thank you to the people who have answered my newbie questions in the latest build. I have so much to learn and it is all a bit baffling at times. I'm sure that I will be speaking this foreign language fluently in no time. Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement for this new hobby and I guess I need to add a picture of my new babies, so here they are in the garden this evening. The Hornet and Lunchbox are both stock and the TT-02BR has the Tamiya aluminium motor mount and a Super Stock BZ motor in it. I'm waiting on the Tamiya aluminium motor heat sink to arrive too. Running on 7.2 NiMH because I'm too scared of LiPo batteries right now 🤣
  3. I was recently thinking of getting a cheap buggy that doesnt need much upgrades and thats has it own style and is fun.I came up with the grasshopper and the hornet.But i noticed the grasshopper is cheaper is there any reason why?
  4. Hi all, Been happily buzzing around with bone stock stuff but having attended a few full-sized Autocross events and loved them, I can't help but notice the similarity between these cars and the Grasshopper/Hopper2 and Hornet. Most Autocross cars run replica Fuchs alloy wheels, however... so I'm wondering whether a set of Tamiya Fuchs could be used on on a Grasshopper without major surgery? I guess rally block tyres would be the best option to retain some kind of capability! Here's what I mean by the looks... All and any guidance gratefully received!
  5. Hi! I've seen several mentions of an old aluminium shock tower conversion, the CRP 1556 Could anyone offer me dimensions for this rare, unavailable part, please? Or even a scale drawing, or photos of it next to a rule (blank) credit type card, please? I'm hoping I can fashion one from sheet aluminium. Cheers!!
  6. Hello, I’m very new to RC and have encountered a problem while putting together the rerelease Hornet! I don’t understand how to attach the little plastic part with the ball to the end of the piston shafts. The rear dampers are supposed to have a part with a ball that is then gripped by the damper mounts and I just can’t figure it out. I watched a video of someone building them and he seemed to simply screw them together. Mine don’t appear to have threads at all.. I will include pictures to illustrate what I am talking about. I hope someone can help me figure this out! Thanks in advance for any tips or insight I may receive from you guys out there!
  7. Hi - I've offered to repair and do some basic upgrades on a friend's stock hornet. Is there much worth doing beyond @shenlonco fishing line and suspension additions? Would a torque-tuned motor and metal bearing set for the job - as with the lunch box? Also any suggestions for better rear wheels (UK based).
  8. Since this seems to come up every once in a while, I thought I would write this all down in one spot for the sake of posterity. SRB (Special Racing Buggy) wheels can be placed into (3) groups: 1. Rough Rider/Buggy Champ. 2. Super Champ/Fighting Buggy/Sand Scorcher. 3. Ford Ranger XLT/Brat. The RR/BC wheels are 1.7”, 5 spoke, and silver. The Fast Attack Vehicle uses the same but molded in brown. All of these sets use the square block style road/sand tires. The SC/FB/SS wheels are 1.5”, 5 spoke, and white. These are also used on the Grasshopper, Hornet, and Frog. All of these sets use the same ribbed sand tire on the front. On the rear, the SS and GH use sand paddles, and the SC/FB, Frog, and Hornet use the spiked off road tires. The XLT/Brat wheels are 1.7”, 8 spoke (thanks @mtbkym01), and white. The front wheel on these sets are the same width as the rear so all four wheels use the same square block tire as the rear of the RR/BC. There are some variations to these such as the Jun Watanabe Hornet (black wheels) and the Brat blue edition (black wheels). If anyone else would like to info or corrections, please do so! Also, this might be a good place to list 3rd party manufacturers that made wheels or tires for these cars or in this size range.
  9. The retro Comical Buggy series by Tamiya has been pretty divisive in the community with some people loving them or some people absolutely disgusted. After owning my Comical Hornet, I can say I fall into the camp of being a fan of the Comical Hornet and its sister cars. Just like the original Hornet was a great first RC kit for kids of the 80's and 90's, I think the Comical Hornet makes a great first car for a lot of kids (and kids at heart) of the late 90's and modern times! I love the original Hornet and this Comical version looks great (especially for a fan of 1/1 compact cars and RC cars like the Lunch Box) and the WR-02CB chassis really improves the suspension geometry over the original "hopper" chassis. Speaking of the WR-02CB, being what I call the "Tamiya corporate chassis", sharing parts with many modern Tamiya cars such as WT-01, GF-01, G6-01, MF01X, some M chassis cars, etc, parts are so easy to find and it's almost like playing with LEGOs. I had some parts laying around and I wanted make my Comical buggy look more like a.. well... buggy! It is still a work in progress but I think the most important part is done! Wider and lower, it handles so much better and I think it should have come like this out of the box! Below is a video from my YouTube channel detailing this initial step! I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts about this project and the Comical buggy series in general! [media]
  10. Hi, ....any tips/help/pushes welcome....thanks in advance. I've hit a wall. I bought a Hornet kit and an additional battery pack which i was told gave me everything i would require. I think I am however missing a receiver ? The pack i received included the battery pack, charger, servo, cable and rechargeables for the remote controller which was also included. Included with the remote controller was a wee box with a wire and a female connecter. I presume the receiver or the part i need marries up the female with the male. I have attached a pic (not shown is the battery pack/charger) but what do i additionally need and what model/make would you recommend. thanks again.....
  11. Finally got around to finishing this one off. You could call it a Grasshornet or Hornethopper if you like, basiclly it's a Hopper with the rear shocks and RS540 motor from a Hornet fitted. The paint is a one off custom job, I laid down a coat of Tamiya pink primer followed up with two good coats of Tamiya pure metallic red then topped off with two coats of Tamiya clear red. The resulting look is somewhere between a candy apple red and an anodised aluminium which in normal light looks a bit ho-hum but when in direct sun light it really pops big time. The roof is done in Tamiya pearl white. It's a pity the photos don't really do it justice. The decals are all from MCI Racing and the Budweiser ones were actually for a Earnhardt Jnr 1:10th NASCAR which I had scaled down to 1:12th scale to ensure they fitted properly and I ticked the box for the mirror finish gold option. The one piece alloy wheels were found on eBay and there are more bright shiny bits from T4works planned to be added in the near future. The inspiration for this project came from the IMSA Budweiser Chevy Monza as i liked the pure simplicity of the livery, however I did want to add a touch of white like the latter Bud liveries. Even though it is fully functional and goes quite well, because of the paint job and the inability to do any touch-ups, this one will spend most of it's time on the shelf with only occasional use. Overall I'm very happy with the way this one has turned out.
  12. This is where my interest in RC cars began. It's a Tamiya Hornet copy but at the time of recieving this on Chrismas day (Mid 1980's aged 8 ish) I had never heard of Tamiya.... to be continued
  13. So a good mate visited me on Christmas Eve, and brought with him a big bag full of goodies. My wife and I helped him with some things early this year, so he decided to thank us by digging into his extensive collection and parting with an NIB Jun Watanabe Hornet. Usually I don't have any problem deciding between shelf and run, but I'm really not sure on the Hornet. Part of me wants to keep it as a light runner for when I get my little girl a Hornet or Grasshopper (it'll be a few years yet!), so we can drive together, but another part of me thinks it needs to be kept as a shelfer, just because it's so different, and so hard to replace if it gets scratched or broken. Another part of me thinks that a "rare" car like that really should stay in the box, although I don't really keep NIB cars for the sake of it (I just stockpile them for future builds ) So, who bought a Jun Watanabe Hornet, and what did you do with it?
  14. looking only new in box original releases. Cash in Hand. feel free to pm with photos and your asking prices. Thanks 58045 Tamiya hornet tamiya celica castrol 58129 tamiya celica repsol 58119 tamiya celica 58096 tamiya celica 58064
  15. Deciding on either the kit or XB version. If I get the XB version, I'm still going to take it apart and install ball bearings prior to running.
  16. Hello! I am looking for a Jun Watanabe Hornet. Can be New or used. If anyone has one or can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Inspired by @HondaHan's recent post here, I am looking at ways to lower my Comical Grasshopper. I'm after some advice about how to do this best. I won't be widening teh stance, as I have that covered with me wheels. I just need to go low. Pics show my current setup, which is base don the Yeah Racing WR02 hop-up arms and Shock Gear dampers (55mm version). The need to be lower comes partly from the huge silly tyres I'm using :-) Big wheels, slammed low is what I'm after! I figure If I drive on tarmac and with stiff shocks this should be OK. On the front, I think I have the optimum choice of holes to lower the ride height, but correct me if I'm wrong. On the rear, I have an issue. If I use what I think are the optimum holes (inner most at top, outermost at bottom) the shocks rub against the suspension mount at the top. This seems to be due to the fact that the yeah racing rear shock mount is about 5mm thick, and thus changes the angle of the real shock so that that slope backwards by about 5 degrees, instead of being pretty much vertical (when viewed from the side). As a result, the top of the shock is just too close to the shock tower when using teh inner most hole. This feels like a design flaw, unless I'm missing something? Is it possible to get a longer screw-in ball joint at the BOTTOM of the shock to move the back end 5mm further back to match? What other options are there? Second issue relates to the length of shock. I got the 55 mm version as they pretty much match the stock shocks, but I'm thinking perhaps the 55mm 'touring car' versions would be better? It is good practivce to lower a car by limiting the length of the shock? That feel like a hack to me, but perhaps it's normal? Could I go even shorter that 50mm shocks? Thirdly is just 'what am I missing? If people want a super low stance, what are the other options, and what other considerations showed I be thinking of? Thanks as ever. I'm always so impressed by the generosity of this community.
  18. Hello all I am looking to buy the original Tamiya Hornet 5845, only NEW IN BOX. If anyone is interested to sell, kindly contact me personally. Thanks George
  19. The question is: what models share the same chassis at the Lunchbox and Midnight Pumpkin? I think the Montero(?) does, but is there anything else? Also the chrome Midnight Pumpkin, what's the best way to protect the finish? Has anyone ever spray lacquered it? The reason I ask, I am slowly pulling out my rc stuff that I have collected over the last 10 years or so and trying to organise it. Today's job was to sort my Lunchbox and Hornet parts, which I'd kinda lumped together as they share some of the same parts. So this is what I have: There is one complete Grasshopper A damage Grasshopper body which I will attempt to repair, and plus I have the parts for a rolling chassis. There are 2 complete Hornets (1 original and one Re Re) and enough parts to make 1 more complete car and 1 to just make a complete chassis which I might revert one back to a Sand Scorcher body onto the hornet chassis. The chassis has been modified anyway. 2 complete lunchbox chassis, one will be for a chrome Midnight Pumpkin body I got for Christmas, I think around 2012. And over the years I collected bits and pieces to make a chassis to go with it, and pretty much ended with this 1 lunchbox chassis which I think I can make from the leftover hornet parts. So that means I have two lunchbox rolling chassis that will need bodies for. I'm hoping for something different, so send me you suggestions! Now for the pics, these are all the parts I got together. Midnight Pumpkin body, I want to build and drive but I don't want to scratch it Any suggestion on maybe protecting it with a spray lacquer or other ideas? And since I'll have plenty of time, I might as well have a go at fixing this. Once I weld what is there back together, its only one rear corner that is missing.
  20. Bought a few vintage NIB kits. These are the original 5847 hotshot and 5845 hornet kits. Hotshot is NIB. Opened, but everything is there. The hornet is partially built with all the parts. I’m thinking the damage is done to the value of NIB and I should just finish it. They built the gear box and then stopped. Opened up almost all the blister boxes. Based on resale value, should I.... 1. Finish it? 2. Leave it partial built.
  21. Hi guys - it's been a while since I posted a build thread, and this isn't much of one, but I added a showroom entry showing some of the little oddities about the early/Mk1 Hornet kits. As most of you know even the vintage kits were produced over a number of years, with revisions to parts and instructions along the way. One of the most famous is that of the Mk1 Hotshot with the 3-hole (weak) bumper. Well the differences with the Mk1 Hornet are subtler but they are definitely noticeable when it comes time to do the MSC bits. Have a look! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134409&id=39840
  22. So I've been running my old Futaba 70mhz transmitter and receiver with a new Tble-02 ESC. I've been getting tons of interference with the transmitter and receiver so the car will speed off at times. Either there is inference between the ESC and transmitter or there is just too much noise out there in the neighborhood with all the other frequencies bouncing around out there Probably time to upgrade to. 2.4GhZ transmitter and receiver. So for my education would you all give some suggestions for a good set up for a new 2.4ghz radio? I'm sorta partial to Futaba but only because that's what I've always had. I'm open to new manufactures. I plan on build another Hornet and probably a Sand Scorcher or Super Champ so they will be getting new 2.4ghz radios for sure. So whatever suggestions you all have that would be helpful thanks! One other concern, I have several original Futaba servos that are in perfect working condition that I could reuse in my new builds. The issues however is that they are so old they have the original 3 pin male connector at the end. I see that all new receivers, ESCs, and servos now have the 3 pin connection reversed. The receiver is now the male and all that connect to it have the female end. Would someone suggest an adapter? Or just purchase new servos? I did find an adapter that allowed me to us the new Tble-02 ESC with the old Futaba receiver but I don't think that connector will fit into a new receiver? Or will it? Pictures attached.
  23. This was the motor I put in my old Hornet years ago. I remember it running pretty well-but now I cannot remember what company made this motor or how it stacks up against a Sport Tuned 540, for example. I think it might have been made by Associated, but I can't be sure. Can anyone I.D. this motor? Thanks for any info.
  24. Thanks, all for inviting me into the Tamiya Club...... I have been in the process of moving the past few weeks and re-discovered my old Hornet packed away in a box of stuff. It originally had a yellow body (photo 1) and a stock 540. I eventually put all ball bearings in it and a "Black Magic" Associated (I think) motor. After cleaning it up and finding all the missing parts, unfortunately I discovered that the original Airtronics radio bit the dust. So I decided to restore it with a new twist...... I always liked the look of the Grasshopper 2 body-and so I stuck one on the old chassis (photo 2) -it fits perfectly after drilling 1 hole in front of the Grasshopper 2 front post hole. And it goes well with the Hornet nerf bars..... Now she has a Sport Tuned 540 ready to go with a new set of tires (photo 3). The Black Magic motor still runs-so it'll be a decent spare...... I'm just waiting for a new Tamiya ESC and some new rear shocks.......Thanks, everyone, for taking a look......
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