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Found 43 results

  1. By Mokei Kagaku on Facebook! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0eMXiDwwrBt2ApEoF87NtmvYcgXjEf19zxv677dw3MR8FtBcs4YKdYfDgnPxKST8vl&id=100057730537170 Model no. 58737
  2. Firstly - it's possible I've already started a thread about this sometime in the past, since I already have some photos online from 2020, but I've searched and can't find it, so, well, here goes again! I'll start this thread with a little bit of backstory. Back in the early 90s, a friend of the family called up and said he had a Beatties bag full of old Tamiya parts, and that I could have a complete Tamiya Grasshopper if I was able to make a runner out of the Hotshot that was supposedly in there somewhere. I didn't really know much about Tamiya's back-catalogue in those days (literally all I knew about Tamiya RC cars came from the inside of the box for the Mini-4WD series, that showed what other Mini-4WDs were available, and I knew some of them had 1:10 RC counterparts). Well, there was indeed most of a Hotshot in the Beatties bag, although it had been well and truly used and abused, the shocks were bowed like bananas, the drive triangles were cracked and split, and it was clear from the off that it wasn't going to go back together without a lot of work. Most interesting, though, was the chassis: it was made from natural GRP, with two plates that made the sides, and one for the floor, so the top was open. I had no idea what it was at the time, but it was probably a TMS Racing or Jim Davis chassis, or a home-made copy (I think the plans were posted in a magazine, so people could make their own). I was able to make a working Grasshopper, which I kept, but after some time the sorry Hotshot went back to its original owner in pieces, and that, I thought, would be the last I ever saw of a Tamiya Hotshot. I surprised myself by getting back into Tamiya in the mid-00s, and was surprised by Tamiya when they re-released the Hotshot in 2007. Somehow I managed to save enough money to buy one, which I built and painted in my own colours. These shots are from October 2007, when I get it its very first gentle run, before deciding it was better off on the shelf than on the grass.
  3. Hey All, new member here at TC, but not new to the world of RC. Built my first hobby grade RC car in 1983 at the ripe old age of 10...a Tamiya Frog. Loved that thing, even upgraded it with all the CRP goodies I could get my grubby little hands on, then a few years later bought and built an original Supershot, and loved that even more. Had so much fun with it bashing around and jumping off of everything. Later went on to build an RC helicopter, a speedboat, and a Kyosho Motorcycle as well before falling out of the hobby in the early 90's after I started to drive and became a car/automotive fanatic instead (not enough $$ to do both!). Fast forward 30 years (though I did dabble back in the RC world in 2003 or so for a couple of years to build an RC Drift car) plus 2 cross-country moves, and an International move to Manila and back, and we've landed back in my hometown where I decided to jump back into the hobby to introduce it to my son, who is now 10...the same age when I started in RC. He also likes to tinker with things, much like I did when I was a kid, so it seemed like a perfect hobby for him. Found my old drift car and gave it to him to play and tinker with, and will likely buy him a kit to build soon. In the meantime, while sorting through old stuff at my parent's house, I was elated to come across these: My original Frog and Supershot that I built in the 80's. Seeing them brought back a flood of nostalgia remembering how much fun I had with them both back in the day. Immediately, I knew I wanted to restore them, but also wanted to make the Supershot a runner. So that's how this project originally started...as a modest desire to get my Supershot running again. Unfortunately, both are missing quite a few parts, especially the Supershot. I think just before I had lost interest in these 2, I had taken apart the Supershot with some outlandish project in mind, but never put it back together. Many of the parts I removed, like the rollcage, bumper, skid plates, etc. seem to have disappeared into oblivion. I searched high and low at my parents' house for them but they were nowhere to be found. I did, however, find the original assembly instructions for both the Frog and the Supershot, as well as an original Supershot decal sheet that I never opened. Those should come in handy. So I set out to try to find the parts I was missing for the Supershot...for what started out as a modest idea to do a resto-mod build on my old Supershot. Was originally thinking mostly restoration with some upgrades, but it has quickly spiraled out of control. But more on that later. Stay tuned...
  4. Hey guys, sorry it took so long but all of my parts finally came in for the Hotshot build! Shipping things to Canada takes forever sometimes. I'm going to start on the build before the New Year but I'll be in Alabama for work for a few weeks after that so updates will be a bit delayed! So I've got an original YOU-G bumper and aluminum wing, Pro Line rims that I painted white with Prime and Shadow 4WD slicks, MIP ball bearing differentials, a Futaba high torque metal gear servo, a special edition Copperhead 10 ESC, a HobbyStar 540 V3 10.5T SPEC motor, a Futaba 3PRKA transmitter and receiver combo, a Fast Eddy ball bearing kit and finally a Hotshot Dart body by TBG. Let me know if you have any suggestions for other hop ups! Thanks guys and wish me luck
  5. This is my first post here. I have been viewing these forums for a while, enjoying all the posts, especially those that focus on building older Tamiya models. I am new to the RC world. During the 80s I was never able to own or build any cars. Just stared at the Grasshopper and the Frog in the local hobby shop. Got to try a Wild Willy once, that my uncle had made. Very sad childhood. Now a dad, bought a Grasshopper, then a Hornet, for my boy. He built them on his own like a champ. Made me jealous. Bought myself a Boomerang. Very fun. Built it, added lots of...er...hopups? However, I always thought the Hotshot looked really sweet. Couldn't justify buying one with the misses for sometime. Finally, thanks... to er...the Chinese Pandemic...had more time on my hands and was able to get my hands on this: I plan to merge the above, with this: I am a little ways into this build/rebuild, so I will have to do some catching up. I'll document things here for fun. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I at least know that the wifey is not. Perhaps someone here is. In any case, Greetings!
  6. Hey guys, working on my re-re Hotshot build and the wheel adapters I bought for my Pro-Line wheels are Tamiya 53569 which are 6mm thick and only leave me a few threads for the wheel nuts. Anyone know some thinner wheel adapters that will work for the Hotshot? I'm thinking maybe 3 to 4mm thick work, thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum and somewhat new to the world of Tamiya. I restored some Tamiya cars with my dad that he had kept from the 80's when I was younger but now I've gotten into the hobby myself! I picked up a re release Frog and a re release Hotshot, the Frog is almost done and now I'm just waiting for my parts to come in for the Hotshot. Just curious if there is any interest in a build thread and some running videos when it's done? Also looking for some good hop up suggestions for the build! I'll post some pictures of what I've ordered so far, don't be afraid to tell me if I've wasted my money as I want to be sure everything I've gotten will work. So far I've ordered a cheap Futaba transmitter/ receiver and a Futaba high torque metal gear servo to keep it kind of authentic. A HobbyStar 10.5t 540 brushless motor, a Castle Copperhead 10 ESC, the MIP Super Ball Differentials, the Fast Eddy's Hotshot ball bearing kit and to top it off a reproduction of the Dart body and wing. I am also be running the Venom 7.4V 4000mAh 20C 2S DRIVE batteries which fit quite nicely after a few spacers. Will I need a different sized pinion or anything? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi all, I am trying to track down the identity and any other useful information regarding the hop-up in this image (It is the gold sway bar support and sway bars/stopper etc.) I thought I had tracked it down once, but I can't recall or find the info I had. Does anyone recognize it? Thanks in advance if anyone does!
  9. I finished a build of a rere Hotshot recently and ran into a couple of problems. I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts that might help. I picked my Hotshot up off the shelf the other day and one of the screws that holds the chassis to the rear gearbox just completely fell out. The bolt must have fallen off when I took it for my first test drive. Unfortunately there's no extras in the kit and I didn't have luck finding it in the yard. I'm so afraid of over-tightening things now that I'm guessing that is why this happened. Is this a common problem with the Hotshot? It seems like such an important piece that is constantly moving with the rear suspension bouncing up and down that I'm not totally surprised it came undone. This is step #18 dealing with BA4 and BD2 which is right below the rear shock. I had the small washer in place too. Also, I was unable to use the washer when mounting the front bumper to the chassis on step #31. If I remove the washer and only use the spacer I am able to tighten it without a problem, and it seems to stay, but I do not have any thread-lock as the instructions state. I thought I might have stripped some bumper stay when I first put this in so I have ordered a new bumper stay. $$ Finally my last nit-picky thing is that I am using the ESC that came with the kit and the wiring for the battery pack is going straight from where it's mounted as indicated in the instructions to side of the car, but I find the clip for the battery pack keeps getting caught under the edge of the shell pushing the body up blocking "Crash" Cramer's view to the left and right, LOL. I feel like even if I had more slack here the body shell would still ride up. Am I missing something or is the body really only held down with that one clip in the middle? I feel like after running the car I can always push it down around the sides to seat it more firmly. It seems to work itself up in the front too. I don't think I've cut anything incorrectly. Looks exactly right according to the manual. Anyway, thanks for reading
  10. An exciting new-to-me project has appeared with the: This was the result of my wonderful fiancée finding one for me for our anniversary! It helped that I got her an expensive gift as well! Excitement is high. (A Loosely-Researched) Overview The Tamiya Hotshot was Tamiya’s serious entry into four-wheel-drive off-road buggy racing. It was notable for its use of shaft-driven four-wheel drive at a time when most competitors were using chains, pulleys, or belts to connect the front and rear wheels. A unique suspension system, using monoshocks at both the front and rear of the chassis, was also novel. Like a number of its competitors at that time, the Hotshot bore a resemblance to the full-size off-road racing buggies of the period, even if it was more of a passing one compared to its predecessors in the Sand Scorcher and Rough Rider. Resplendent in an aggressive red colour scheme, accented by bright red plastics for components like the monoshocks and suspension uprights, the Hotshot eventually found success. For a short window of time, it was the car to beat, until the competition elevated its entries even further. This would spur the development of the Avante – another story in itself… The Hotshot became something of a classic, with interest further renewed in 2007 when Tamiya brought it back as part of its nascent re-release program. Minor design changes were implemented, such as the redesign of the monoshock internals and the use of a dog-bone propeller shaft, but in many other ways it was true to the original kit. It was in this form that the Hotshot was introduced to new audiences and reacquainted with its original fans. The consensus would appear to be that the Hotshot, despite lacking the cornucopia of high-end materials like an Avante or inherently-complex mechanisms like a Bruiser or a 3-speed truck kit, remains a desirable kit to build. For all its reported flaws, such as the lack of space or accessibility in the monocoque chassis or its bump-steer issues, the Hotshot has a character all its own. Even the unique suspension system is prone to issues, yet it remains part of its fundamental appeal. This would be all up for discovery in this build thread… Grastens and the Hotshot To me, the Hotshot was unique, but not really the kind of kit I aspired to build. I was drawn more to the aforementioned cornucopia of high-end materials in the Avante and the inherently-complex mechanisms of the Bruiser. For a time, my interests also appeared to be rooted in two-wheel-drive buggies, on-road racers, and rally cars. Flipping through the manuals available online for the re-release kit still did not pique my interest. That changed after the Avante had been built and sold, and the Bruiser project stalled (to this day, I still have to finish it – bodywork is my nemesis). I found I missed the Avante dearly, and having it sold off to a collector who did not appreciate it in the same way I did hurt a little. It left a four-wheel-drive buggy-sized hole in my collection – and my heart, in a shape that could not be filled by the Comical Avante (despite sharing the same basic parameters!). The Hotshot had never left my consciousness. Even when I was out of the hobby, I was still ordering Hotshot decal sheets specifically for the “Hotshot” script I was so fond of putting on the back of each of my ice hockey helmets: I also liked the “Are You Hot?” stickers for their obvious cheekiness! They helped connect my past and present in a unique way, as maybe the only Tamiya enthusiast to tend goal for the area’s ice hockey teams. The picture shows the first helmet that I adorned with these decals; the red shell made obvious the connection to the Tamiya buggy. Even when I switched to different-coloured helmets and masks, Hotshot decals remained a fixture on the back of each one. It inspired a new, aggressive personality in the net, modelled after what I thought a Hotshot would be, and even produced some writing projects on the side. In a way, I suppose I began to embody the Hotshot itself: my own approach to sport was offbeat and distinctly “old-school,” much in the way that Tamiya’s buggy was on its re-release. For a while, too, I was the goalie to beat – again, until the competition stepped up their game even further… This must have been how the Hotshot eventually found its way back into my heart, and it was near the top of my wishlist for Tamiya kits. At the time, they were even affordable, with both standard re-release kits and the Metallic Special available for about $250 CAD. Sharing space on that list with the Avante 2011 and the Buggy Champ, it was far easier to justify, too! I left the hobby for a long time in the middle of 2020, having been actively employed since the start of the pandemic (meaning little down time), and with bigger life plans (I was saving for a house with my fiancée). Bigger life obstacles hit, too, with my diagnosis of depression, and the long road of treatment to get it to a manageable state. All of this left me little time, means, or motivation to do anything with a radio-controlled vehicle. Fortuitously, I ended up buying an electronic tablet for my fiancée as part of our anniversary proceedings. With such an expensive purchase for her, she seemed eager to splash out for me, too. What would make me excited? A list of RC cars came to mind… And so, on the day, she handed me a big box wrapped in gold paper. I was able to guess what it was based on the size, but that was not about to diminish my mood. Sure enough: More valuable than the gift itself was the joy I experienced. Hobby things and toys seem to elicit the same reaction in my adulthood as from childhood, so I was quite happy! More importantly, after my hobbies had proven detrimental to my future planning (and therefore discontinued), this was at least some form of approval to continue pursuing the things I loved. It came at a good time, too: I received notice that I would be effectively laid off from work, pending medical clearance to return. I had relapsed in my depression to the point that I was felt to be a liability. The nearest appointment I could book with a professional was three weeks away – and suddenly, my schedule emptied itself… I found myself with the RC kit of my dreams, and now I found myself with nothing but time on my hands. It is easy to guess what happens next! First Impressions and Build Overview Ultimately, this is a Tamiya forum, and so the personal story ends there. It gives some context to the build – as if I needed much more meaning in a kit this extensive: The box is divided into three sections: the central one contains the body, wing, tires, wheels, and miscellaneous items; the left one (viewed from opening the box) has most/all of the plastic sprues, and the right one has many of the metal bits and some specialized plastic sprues (suspension arms and uprights, for example), sitting in its own special box. The contents of said box-within-a-box: A stylish partition separates the left and central sections. I enjoy these: Almost as much as I enjoy the unique non-box-art images on the box-within-a-box: It even has a basic creed for running RC cars – possibly useful for me after a long time away: Some items of curiosity for me were the already “assembled” steel antenna mast: As well as the decal on the otherwise-humble silver can motor: My positive reaction to the motor decal reaffirms that I am a sucker for marketing! A small sample of the equipment and other parts I will be using: The driver set and torque wrench proved to be overkill, so they were omitted early on. This is unlike the tub of white lithium grease pictured here, which I normally use for my bicycles. Also making a special appearance in this project: The driver parts tree was actually from my dearly-departed Astute, which ultimately never got a driver figure before being sold on. I wanted to experiment to see if a larger driver torso would fit in the Hotshot; in the more-likely event that it did not, I at least wanted to use the helmet. Its styling felt more appropriate for a radical off-road racer like the Hotshot; as a reminder, this figure is typically used in the Bigwig and the Fox/Novafox. The ball bearings were spares left over from when I ordered a full set for a re-release Terra Scorcher, only to realize that the kit always had its own. They were all usable sizes, though, so I was not displeased with this development. The Hotshot does use plastic and metal bearings in places, so these spares will see use in this build. The biggest acquisition/cop-out for this build was a pre-painted bodyshell: Bodywork takes space I do not have, and my own painting skills with bodyshells leave a lot to be desired. This set was expertly-prepared by an online Japanese seller, and will ultimately cut down on the painting required to finish this kit. Many of my stalled projects get hung up at the painting stage; this body kit will hopefully make the remaining painting required (the driver figure) manageable enough to see this particular build through. It also allows me to concentrate more fully on the chassis build, which at this early stage promises to be quite engaging! With everything reviewed, it looks like time to begin the build!
  11. Howdy Folks, This is the true “barnyard” find. No funny business. So, back in Christmas of 1986, my uncle from Hong Kong mailed me a gift. It was a Tamiya Super Shot “Kit No. 5854**29800” in a box covered in Japanese... and superb artwork. He also sent along with it a KO Propo Expert EX-II Super Steering System, a Tamiya 7.2 Battery and a Tamiya charger. I was too young and stupid to know what I had. I opened it, put the tires on the super cool gold wheels (which still look absolutely brand new...), and attempted to assemble the first steps. I failed utterly in confusion... put all the pieces back into the box, and there they have sat for over thirty years, moving from house to house, closet shelf to closet shelf. And now... it is finally time to find this Super Shot a deserving home, with an enthusiast who can love and appreciate this wonderful toy. The Bad... So, first of all, bear in mind ALL of the parts are 100% unused, in both the Super Shot kit, and with the KO Propo. The box is slightly beat up over the years, with some tape that held it closed on the sides only (but thankfully secured the contents). All of the parts should be there, as I put them on a table, then put them back a day or so later, some of them in ziploc bags (several parts came secured in a plastic bubble blister cover). 90+% of the parts are still in the plastic blisters and little Tamiya/KO Propo bags... I really did not get very far at all. (YES, I have been asked— the “Technipower” motor is there, as well as the original battery, bearings, everything... unused and new from 1986.) The instructions are missing— I can only guess that I had a notion I could study the instructions and figure it out to try building it later (as I did that with the “Expert” Legos sometimes, studied the build first...), and then they likely got lost somewhere in time. The decals also seem to be missing; they are most probably in the instructions. However, I vaguely remember being advised by my cousin to paint the wing from the bottom so it could remain shiny (i.e., it is clear plastic), and I apparently applied decals to the wing in preparation for this. Lastly, several of the KO Propo parts seem to be in the Tamiya box (i.e., there are empty slots in the KO Propo styrofoam, and parts and connectors labeled “KO Propo” inside ziploc bags in the Tamiya box). There are some parts in the KO Propo box that are possibly for the Tamiya... little parts in bags, that a more experienced RC person could properly identify. (As of this writing, the kit is “as-is.” However, there is still some 50/50 chance that I may come across the instructions and decals in another one of dozens of boxes somewhere. If so, I do pledge to provide those to the new owner at my expense.) I do have photographs of this all. I am happy to share them, of course, and happy to answer any questions. I noticed this club is based in the the UK... I am in the United States, in Arizona. I have consulted with a few RC Hobby clubs and stores with regard to what I have, during my few days research of this vintage kit... especially considering the bottom threshold of “being ripped off” or taken advantage of. I understand that collectors want vintage toys to be as perfect and new as possible. As such, I do not expect the premium price of a “mint” pristine boxed example, especially considering the missing instructions and decals. However, I do think it is not unreasonable to expect a fair market value for this item, given the increasing scarcity of such toys. I have a very nice kit here, functionally complete and with much more upside than flaws, particularly for an enthusiast who would like to build the kit, or perhaps complete a collection or have “spares.” And I would greatly prefer that this kit go to a hobbyist who truly appreciates what this is, as opposed to someone who will just flip it for a fast buck because they have better connections in the RC community than a person like me with limited knowledge. So, if you can afford to make a reasonable offer, to enjoy this cool piece of Tamiya history... I’d love to talk to you. Let’s make a deal where this Super Shot finds a happy home. I am trying this route prior to ebay, because I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm and “showroom” collections of the club’s members... so I reckoned someone here would really appreciate this cool Tamiya kit. My name is Mort. I can be reached at “mortcompany” at google’s Gee mail. I am very happy to talk via telephone if you provide a name and number (and maybe a good time to ring). I would be returning the call from a 520 then nine-seven-nine number. I can do pay..pal or Zell..e, and guesstimate about $25 bucks shipping US. I don’t know about international cost, but I am willing to accommodate a serious buyer (and help deal with customs forms). Also, I am happy to provide my bona fides like identification, to ensure an honest and enjoyable transaction for us both. Thank you for looking! As for photos here... “Upload failed.” 🤷🏽‍♂️ “You are only allowed to upload 4.x MB” ...but I didn’t try more than a single 2MB pic. Happy to email them!
  12. I need some origional rear driveshafts for my tamiya hotshot. I also need to get my hands on some front suspension mounts. I have the supershot conversions at the moment. I want the rc chanel complete front aluminium set up.
  13. After building my first RC car, the rere Hotshot and doing all kinds of stupid mistakes during the build, it was finally ready for some outdoor driving. I've read a lot of complaints about this particular suspension setup and the plastic parts seemed a bit flimsy during build. I even ordered a rebuild kit for dual front dampers for later. On my third battery, the front shock came apart. I have not tried to put it back together yet (its drying on the bathroom floor right now) But I'm thinking I should at least replace the front shock to something more durable. After searching a bit here, the consensus seems to be that the front shock is 78mm. However when I measure center hole to center hole on the plastic parts I get 65mm. Hence it seems I need something like the last picture. Is this correct?
  14. Hoping to find the Wing bracket (part B2) for the Hotshot. And if anyone has the original front drive shafts. Thx!
  15. Bought a few vintage NIB kits. These are the original 5847 hotshot and 5845 hornet kits. Hotshot is NIB. Opened, but everything is there. The hornet is partially built with all the parts. I’m thinking the damage is done to the value of NIB and I should just finish it. They built the gear box and then stopped. Opened up almost all the blister boxes. Based on resale value, should I.... 1. Finish it? 2. Leave it partial built.
  16. Hello, i am new to more expensive rcs, and i made my first a flea market hotshot. Not sure if its a mk1 or mk2, but it came with pamphlets printed in 1985 for the nicad battery. I tried to fix the msc, but it still wont work, as soon as i plug in the battery, it just runs backwards even with the controller off. There is a considerable lip on one of the contact plates. Gear boxes and suspension seem good. I am looking to simply replace the old one with a modern esc. Also, i have a new motor that came with, is there any way to make sure that its a compatible power? I will post pictures this afternoon. Thank you all.
  17. I'm going to give my Hotshot the Super hotshot rear suspention and Boomerang front suspention, but I don't want to buy the Tamiya shocks because they don't have as much adjustability, they aren't the right color and I they might be more expensive then buying universal shocks. I need to know all that I need to know (dimensions, stroke, ect) to find some red shocks that will work good on the Hotshot I'm making. Providing links to specific products is good will me.
  18. I found these at the local hobby store in a box of misc. parts. They are clearly original from "back in the day". Any Japanese speakers want to translate? Any information or previous experience with these parts would be appreciated. They look to be stainless and fit the vintage Tamiya Hot Shot series gear box dog bone cups, not the ReRe smaller cups. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them? -Ben
  19. Hi there. First post on this forum. Just wanted to show what I have been doing with my recently acquired HotShotII that was in a fairly broken state. The usual cracks around the screw holes and a couple of unexpected ones. I have been working some time now to recreate several Tamiya parts as a 3D design. While I almost never do an exact replica, the parts are drop-in functional replacements. On this car you can for instance see some printed wishbones, and the lower one at the front is an integrated print instead a composition of the original HotShot wishbone with that HotShot2 extension. For anyone who is interested I will be posting my designs on Thingiverse. I only do this after I validated them for fit and function ( not for longevity, that will have to wait ). https://www.thingiverse.com/Qbee/designs
  20. Hi all, Have a sort out and have got a bundle of old wheels and tires to get rid of. None of the fitted tires are glued to the wheels. A Job lot consisting of: 1 Set vintage Vanquish wheels with oval blocks on the back and pin spikes on the front. The tires are seriously badly cracked, don't think they would survive removal, but I have run them on a super sabre without a problem, so someone might get some life from them before they disintegrate. There still plenty of tread left on the tires. Please note that the rear wheels are identical, so when fitted, the teardrop pattern in the wheel faces the opposite direction to the front. 2 complete sets of vintage hotshot wheels. One set plated and one not. The gold plating has flaked in the usual manner from the plated wheels as they have been used. 4 used rear oval block tires and 2 used fronts. Tires are in good condition apart from having hardened with age. Front tires have around 40-50% tread. 1 complete set of DT-02 wheels and tires. Wheels are good condition, I bought them used and never used them myself, so passing them on. Back tires are worn, but front are in very good condition. No splits or cracks as far as I can see. 1 pair of Kyosho ? 2.2" rims fitted with Schumacher mini spikes. I'll need £5 for postage within the UK (2nd class signed for), so make me an offer. UK buyers only please, and if you are not comfortable with paying via paypal gift then please tack on a bit more to the offer to cover the paypal fees. Edit 02-03-2019 - Removed thundershot wheels now passed on.
  21. Hi, I'm new to the forums and also new to RC cars. Back in the 80's the Hotshot was my dream car, but I never got it, until now with the rere. I realize I should have spent more time on research before getting the kit, as my build is now on hold while I'm waiting 6 weeks for replacements for the plastic "bearings" and the pin screws for the wishbones/a-arms. I am now trying to be way ahead by ordering dual suspension rebuild/upgrade parts and a brushless setup now. Suspension upgrade Starting with the front I figured out I need the Super hotshot parts for the stay, BB27/BB28∕BB17∕BB18. However the screws/washers/spacer do not seem to be included. In order to attach dampers I seem to need BA3 screw/BB6 washer/BC11 tube/BC10 spacer/BA7 nut for upper on each side, and BC1 screw/BB6 washer/BC11 tube/BA7 nut (and BB1/BB6 to attach the stay) for lower on each side. In order to get these parts it seems like I have to buy the whole suspension bag for the Super Hotshot, which seems a bit excessive as I plan on not using those dampers. Is there another way? Brushless motor Coming from Racing drones I have a solid aversion towards brushed motors, however I do realize Tamiyas legacy and that these cars originally came with these. But they did replace the mechanical speed controller with an Electronic one and could might as well replace the motor. I've been studying some kits and found a cheap option from Aliexpress: HIINST Waterproof B3650 4300KV Brushless Motor w/ 60A ESC Combo Set for 1/10 RC Car L824 for US$ 28. The description states this is a 4 pole 12 slot does that translate to a 12T motor? And does this whole thing physically fit and is a good match for a rere Hotshot on 2S/3S Lipo setup? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi I've recently acquired an almost new vintage Hotshot which is in incredible condition. There are some few minor issues I need to address, one of them being that the resistor wires were soldered on to the resistor pins but two have come away and need reattaching. What I need to know is, can you still get hold of the original Tamiya heat shrink tube and, if not, what would be a good equivalent? Also, theres some ancient Futaba radio gear fitted that I'd like to swap out for some Acoms, can you tell me if I ditch the kit supplied BEC switch if my acoms receiver has BEC built in, would I just use the acoms supplied standard switch? Any help much appreciated, thanks
  23. DT Challenge 2018 7th October New venue this year …………. Swindon RC Car Club hosting Same Rules as previous years with the DT01 class now open to all DT01 cars (last year was just the Madbull) 20 places now available for the Hotshot gearbox cars …………. check out the rules and more info on the DT02/03 Facebook page
  24. Hello all, I double bought some unneeded items and am selling them at cheaper than ebay prices. TA Silver B parts $25 TA Blue Alloy Gear Cover by Yeah Racing $20 DB01 Blue Alloy Rear Knuckle Arms $5 Hotshot Front wheels $5 Shipping is $7 priority for the TA silver parts and $2 apiece for the others in US. Anyone international interested, pm me and I can get a shipping quote. I will sell the bundle for $40
  25. Hi Can anyone recommend a 3S lipo of decent capacity that fits the battery compartment on a rere Hotshot? Thanks in advance Peter
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