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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, A Marui Hunter. My first buggy was a Marui Hunter. There was two stars on the box, it came from Japan, but it was from another brand than Tamiya. It has a weird front suspension, the rear chassis structure looked like a copycat of the Tamiya's holiday buggy, but it has something different. It was nice in my eyes. After months, I finally found a Marui Hunter chassis fior a rebuild. When I saw it, I did not took the time to look precisely the pictures and ask for how much delivery before confirming I'm taking it. The add was removed shortly after, and I did not even asked for more picture before taking my decision (I would not have it otherwise, I guess - because one looking at it would have been probably ready to pay more). It's finally arrived, and I got the time to inspect the chassis. It is is in nice condition (no broken parts from what is present). The differential is in within nice condition as well. And wheels/tires are perfect taking into consideration of their age (not even flat - it seems it was kept in right condition). That being said, there is missing parts: - Motor and motor support - Iddle gear and iddle gear axle, and fixation - gear enclosings - radio box and pilot figure - roll bar and body mount - servo saver - MSC (or ESC) I believe the body shell is ok and I should have a way to clean it and repaint it, while there is reproductions for the stickers (even though, I may try to keep the orginal ones - not sure yet on how to do that). I already found out there is some of the parts I can find repro on shapeways. I would prefer orginal ones if possible, but that would be a plan B in case I can't find them. If you have a Marui Hunter/Galaxy motor mount, it would be great if you can provide pictures with measurements so I can rebuild one... As well I would need the measurements for the gear cover (the one next to the motor) as there is no repro available on shapeways for it. Anycase, I willl update in this thread about the progress on this project. See you!
  2. In my process of modeling iconic 80's buggies, I ended up modeling several parts for repairs of my cars. my iMaterialise webshop page: https://i.materialise.com/en/shop/designer/optimahouse Marui Hunter custom designed gearbox cover this is a special part I designed to replace the original gearcover when the rocking arms pivot towers are broken (my 3 Hunters were broken at that place). Marui Samurai Pilot / driver figure (Shogun/Ninja pilot is nearly available too) Marui Hunter / Galaxy rear bumper I'll add more parts soon. I also have a Shapeways shop, but the parts are more expensive.
  3. Does anybody remember playing Ace trumps/ Top trumps / Quartet trumps games in his childhood? I loved them and had created my own card set with drawings I made of the dream cars; kyosho optimas, tamiya hotshot, ayk viper, etc. Now that I modeled most of them, I decided to recreate a new set with my own pack of illustrations I made for my Artbook. If you want to play with your friends again, just order the card game and have fun! https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/optimahouse 32 cards, full color, poker size Contains: Kyosho Optima & Optima Mids series AYK Sidewinder, Buffalo, Bobcat, Viper, Radiant Mugen Bulldog Hirobo Zerda Yokomo YZ834B Dogfighter Marui Hunter, Galaxy and Samurai All the iconography is original © 2021 Optima House All rights reserved Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any remarks for improvement!
  4. Recently I went back to my parents' house to have a look through all my old RC gear from the late 80s and early 90s, as I'd got into a conversation with a friend who I did not know was an RC racer and wanted to know what I still had and what sort of condition it was in. It was all pretty much as i remembered it except for one rather bedraggled but complete chassis which I did not remember at all and could not even recognise. After some research it turned out to be a Marui Hunter and it appears to have been a drunk eBay purchase from some years ago, as I don't remember having bought it and had no clue it was there. It seems to be in reasonably good condition and lacks usable electronics, although it must have been kept in a garage or shed before I bought it as it needed a clean, some TLC and a modern radio, ESC and motor loadout. I have started buying the electronic components (ESC and servo so far) and have sourced a repro shell and wing for it, as well as a scrap Marui Galaxy chassis for spares, as I gather the Hunter and Galaxy share a basic chassis and some parts. The rebuild looks pretty simple and painting the shell will be no problem as that used to be my favorite part of a build, but i do have some queries about the type as I have never owned a Hunter before and had never remembered even setting eyes on one, although it clearly didn't get into the attic on its own. Thank you in advance if anyone has the knowledge and expertise to answer any of these. 1.) The Galaxy and Hunter share a chassis and the scrap Galaxy chassis I bought still has all the independent suspension parts in place. The Hunter chassis has its monoshock at the rear and it seems to work, but is it worth the effort of transferring the oil shocks from the Galaxy to the Hunter, or would the results not be good enough to be worth the hassle? 2.) The Hunter instruction manual I saw online indicated that the kit originally came with three pinions: 18T, 19T and 20T. The chassis I have only has one, which is attached to an ancient-looking 540 motor, although I haven't removed it yet to find out which one is fitted. Does anyone know what pitch these gears are, or have a way of working it out? 3.) The monoshock at the back of the Hunter rather unsettles me, partly because it looks like a very peculiar layout and partly because it seems to cause an alarming amount of positive camber on the rear wheels when it is sitting still. Does this just mean the shock needs recommissioning or is this the car's natural stance and it will settle down when it is moving? Also, would fitting the rear shocks and mounts from the Galaxy cure this tendency, as it looks horribly wrong to me, having come from lovely flat-stanced, double-wishboned Kyoshos. 4.) Way back in the day I briefly owned a Marui Toyota Land Cruiser before a friend crashed it and broke the chassis beyond repair. I cannibalised the car for usable parts, including the rear wheels and adaptors (which are the same as those originally fitted to the Hunter). These fitted perfectly well on to my Tamiya Grasshopper I, so given that the Marui wheels and adaptors fitted on the Grasshopper, does this mean that adaptors intended for the Grasshopper will fit on the Hunter, allowing me to have a wider choice of wheels and tyres? Thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated. I am rebuilding the Hunter as my daughter is getting to an age where she is becoming really interested in machines and I would love for us to be able to use it together. That said, I recently looked in our garage and found two other long-forgotten eBay purchases: a pretty decent-looking Tamiya Grasshopper II and a very sorry-looking Super Sabre chassis in need of a lot of care and attention. So it looks like I have a lot of work and hunting down spares on eBay in my future.
  5. Hey guys - my Marui Hunter project is now up for auction on ebay. See pics below and full details in the listing. Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331728364757 There is a crack near left front suspension arm. Clean crack - can be glued or plastic welded.
  6. Hey guys - I think there are some of you who mainly stick to the forums and don't visit the main page very often, so I'll put this here as well. I've decided one of the projects I don't have time to complete is my Marui Hunter project. I have pretty much everything that's needed to make a nice example, including a genuine NOS body, wing and decals... an essentially complete roller / chassis, a manual + exploded parts diagram and a bunch of new parts you can see in the pics below. Let me know if you are interested and feel free to PM me with any sale or trade offers. If nothing comes together within a few days I'll put it up for ebay auction. Have a look! ps- I also have a vintage 1/32 Mini 4WD Marui Hunter kit I'd be willing to throw in as a bonus for the right offer - I love having matching big and little models! Here are some more pics as requested by one interested party. Note: there is a crack in the roller chassis around the left front suspension arms (see pic)! See crack in chassis below - looks like it can be plastic welded or glued, break is mostly clean. If anyone is interested in this, last call! Going up on ebay in 3... 2... 1.... (tonight probably)
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