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Found 9 results

  1. Decided to get an Orlandoo kit so that I can drive it around the desk/room. My first micro scale rig, and now it has me contemplating getting some other micros. Build Details: Orlandoo Hunter OH35A01 Jeep Wrangler kit! 1206 SMD LEDs in Red and Yellow off of eBay Xtra Speed Aluminum Clock Mass Beadlock Wheel This is the progress so far. Brand new kit! Begin Build! forgot to take picture of putting gearbox together. Test fitting and test wiring. Eventually had to relocate the esc and receiver Test fitting body Had some time to paint the body... These came in the other day. 1206 SMD LEDs in Red and Yellow off of eBay These fit so much better, and I don't need to worry about breaking the solder connection. Yeah, it's a mess... Yellow lights in front... Double Reds in back... Cleaned up wiring, but it's still a mess... At least it works. Lights off: Lights on! Now just got to wait for the new wheels and look for accessories. Test Run...
  2. Another new member here. I'm not the first person to build a Tamiya Jeep and make it look like one from Jurassic Park, but I'd like to think I'll take mine further than most people. I have been a Jurassic Park fan since it came out, but I could never justify getting a real Jeep (at least not yet). I saw someone in town with their own real replica and had to do something about it. I've been looking for an out of production Jeep Wrangler to convert on eBay. Then I finally found one with plenty of hop-ups already included. Here is what I'm starting with off of eBay. I plan on re-creating Jeep #12 with as much of the screen accurate parts that I can. This includes the rims, soft top, doors, lightbar, wench and rear amber lights as well as the basic stuff like the paint scheme. I'm going to 3D print most of the parts and attempt to put LEDs in all the lights. Wiring fun: I've started deconstructing the body and testing out the lighting.
  3. Between 1977 & 83 those of us of a certain age were glued to the tv on a Satuday evening watching Baker and Poncherello tracking down the baddies and doing good deeds, whilst speeding around on Kawasaki 900/1000 bikes (Changed from 900 to 1000 for season 3 onwards) Sgt. Joseph Getraer their boss sometimes rode a bike but often used some other form of "black & white". Im not sure if he ever drove a Jeep but if he did it would been a CJ rather than a YJ and would have looked a bit like this My Plan is to alter a wrangler shell using shapeways parts to produce my own version. The colourway will be slightly different from this. Mine is going to be all black with white doors and non bling wheels!!! It will be driven by a laid back Sgt in a cowboy hat. I have ordered some flashing lights from China which are on their way. Not sure if they are right so may have to search further. Any way I have the major components so I can start: Rather than use the Tamiya glass which I beleive is tinted I'm using Loops glazing set along with their dash and wipers. First thing is to cut up a brand new Wrangler body to replace the bonnet and the grill Watch this space!!!!
  4. ON HOLD PENDING FUNDS Hi guys, long time no post on TC. Time to offload some of the collection. Sales terms: Prices are net to me. Paypal as friend, or bank wire only. No checks. Available in the lemanic are, F2F always welcome, the beer is on me Shipping from switzerland extra, at cost. Always happy to provide more pics on request, but only if interested in purchasing, no tyre kickers please. Pease PM me if interested. Thank you! Paul Brand spanking NIB Tamiya Wrangler #84071. $300. Discountinued and hard-to-find.As new as it gets, box has been opened to check contents but that's as far as it went. Has the LED Module.
  5. Well it's been a while since I've spent any meaningful time in this forum. I got back into this hobby because of my Tamiya and Kyosho nostalgia with all the re-released kits. This in turn opened my eyes to the world of crawling and the other brands that mostly fill out that spectrum of the hobby. I started off with the G-Made Sawback 4LS kit as my first foray into the scale/crawler world. I've got plenty more lined up behind this truck to build in this genre too. I've got a thread on another forum that I forgot to update here... This is pretty much my first scaler/crawler type R/C. Pretty average normal build and nothing crazy like some of you more talented folks out there. Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMBL94b2Y9BSpTH1aFcEuuaO Kit and Parts G-made Sawback 4LS Kit Hobbywing 1060 Brushed ESC Power HD 20KG waterproof servo GoolRC 27T Brushed motor G-Made Aluminum CHub G-Made Zero Ackerman Knuckle G-Made Zero Ackerman Steering Links G-Made Rock Sliders G-Made Brass weights G-Made Long CVA Kit for Sawback 4LS and Komodo G-made 20031 Shock Spring 19X58mm Soft Green GMA0020031 1/10 Tow Shackle for Off-Road Trail Rock CrawlingJunFac 80012 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper for G-made Sawback Boom Racing Aluminum Servo Plate I always forget to take pictures while I'm building. Chassis pretty much built A look at the Zero Ackerman Setup A look at the electronics & motor have not started to clean up wiring yet. Started paint on the body Masked with masking tape only to find out later that the light kit included light masks!!! Grrrrr :x Test fit. Started applying decals. Started wiring up lights As it sits right now. My first flex shot. Am I doing this right? More to come. Sliders and brass weights are arriving today. I have some ideas of what figures I want to use for the driver. Trying to decide if I should cut out a footwell so the figure will fit. Also plan on getting scale accessories for the vehicle as well.
  6. So... that Axial SCX10 II kit box that has been sitting around finally got relieved from furniture duty as a makeshift stand. I can't say this is going to be an exciting build as I'm pretty much building it box stock for now... The more interesting stuff will probably come later... much later... Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMC6UVdhCpdhGC0eFoBIBEqe Build Details: Axial SCX10 II Kit Xtra Speed AR44 Alloy Axle Housing Boom Racing 25T Alloy Servo Horn Pro-Line 1.9" BF Goodrich Krawlers eBay "D-Hole" aluminum wheels Axial Dingo Front Bumper AX80039A Boom Racing Rear lockouts for AR44 Boom Racing C-Hubs & Knuckles for AR44 Pro-Line PL-C Interior GRC Inner Fenders for Axial SCX10 II - Amazon | eBay | Asiatees Electronics: Hobbywing WP-1080 Brushed Crawler Esc GoolRC 35T Brushed motor JX CLS5830HV 30kg Servo FlySky FS-R6B 6ch Receiver FlySky GT3C Transmitter Tools: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease Turnigy Metric Torque Wrench Hex Driver Set Tamiya Side Cutter Protek RC Shock Pliers (available on eBay) DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue Paint Duratrax Black Paint Noleen SF3 Grease (on eBay) Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Tamiya PS-5 Black Plastidip Tamiya TS-4 German Gray
  7. I usually stay away from mud and water like it's a plague...despite all the new waterproof electronics out there, I'm a firm believer that water in any form and electonics just don't mix. Having said that, I live where we have snow for a few months, and a very muddy spring season. So finally I broke down and built a dedicated snow and mud truck so I could play year round. My other CR01's are built for crawler/trail duty, and I had this one on the shelf that I was keeping mostly stock. Of course, nothing ever really stays stock around here for long. With its taller stance, big tires, and electronics up high, and a giant box of spare parts I figured this was a perfect candidate for my mud truck. This truck came to me with the luster silver chassis.. I wouldn't have bought it myself, but it's a really nice looking piece. I decided to mod the chassis a bit to give a bit more clearance under the trans mount, but I wanted to keep this chassis semi stock looking. First thing I did was (carefully) shave the underside of the chassis rails. I trimmed off the upper mounts of the side plates. Could have cut them off completely, but for strength, I left them on. Rebolted the side plates to the chassis 1 hole higher giving me about 10mm more clearance. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference. To make this mod, quite a bit of the stock battery tray had to go. It looks kind of butch, but works just fine. The battery will be supported by the top of the trans. View from the side with the additional clearance. I had a set of portals on this truck originally, but didn't want to ruin them in the mud since they are so hard to find. I put a set of 3Racing lockouts on the rear axles. Speaking of, both diffs are locked for now with the "3rd Gear" mod. I may unlock them later if I add more power. Only other real mod to the truck is replacing the cantilevers with some homebrew standoffs and a set of Vaterra shocks. Overview of the chassis..My others are modded with custom chassis and various transmissions. This one really retains the stock look overall. Wired up with a WP 1060 ESC and stuffed the receiver into a TT02 box. Servo is a basic Traxxas waterproof model I had laying around. Running the stock motor and gearing for now. The upper mounts on the chassis standoffs I shaved down earlier worked perfect for zip ties and cleaning up the wiring. A few finished pics. Modified Imex tires on Gmade wheels should move some snow. A Proline body (In Tamiya Copper of course) with the fenders removed gives it the aggressive mud truck look I wanted. And a few action pics...I'm not much of a photographer, apologize for the blurry shots!
  8. Haven't seen many of these for sale in the UK, got this one from RC Bitz Will start building once all the food and the invading hordes have gone
  9. Hi guys. Ive been wanting to do a scaler project for a while after seeing some amazing builds and vids on youtube of them going over the trails and going over various obstacles such as water, mud, logs, rocks and everything else they throw at these trucks. The model Ive been looking into using for this build was the axial ax10 or scx10. The price has been putting me off though. I then came across lots of builds and info on the maverick scout. Everyone that has had them seem to love them and as it is basically a copy of an axial ax10 and built by Hpi I thought for £119 rtr delivered I can't go wrong. Here's the scout when it arrived. Everything laid out and ready for fun. My long term plan is to buy the scx10 chassis and transfer all the running gear over to it. Firstly though I need to change that scout body! So I ordered a pro-line jeep rubicon body shell. Someone mentioned the scouts wheelbase as 330mm and I tried to confirm this but went for the jeep rubicon shell anyway as it's listed as 330mm. Unfortunately when the scout arrived it had a wheelbase of about 315mm (I'll update when I measure it). So I cheated the arches on the jeep shell and over trimmed the front of the back of the arch and the back of the the front arch. The wheels now fits nicely in the centre of the arches. Here you can see the body mounts pushed out by the white washers we all replace with bearings. They were just to short for the jeep shell. I knew those washers would come in handy sometime! Now I'm happy with how the shell sits on the maverick I masked it all up and decided to do the main body gun metal grey and the roof, front and rear bumper and arches black. Here it is and my favourite part of doing the body work, the removal of be protective film! And finally the last bit of the body work for the moment which is stickering it up. I'm used to tamiya cutting out my decals. The pro-line ones need you to be handy with the scissors. I think it looks soo much better than the scout body. So that's how it sits at the moment. I have to admit when I used the scout I loved the articulation on it. Nothing seemed to be able to get in its way. I suppose it's a crawler after all. I like it so much in fact I want to hold off on the scx10 chassis for a while and have it as a jeep rubicon 'high lift'. So it will have more articulation than a scaler but less than a crawler. I'm going to do this by fitting some rubber tubing on the shock shafts to reduce the shock travel and prevent the wheels hitting the shell. I've heard there are lots of free and cheap mods which can be done to the maverick to increase its performance and abilities so as I do them I'll put them in this build thread so others can see how to do them. There are also many compatible axial parts so I'll look into which of these work with the scout. Body wise I'd love some scale items on there such as a snorkel, wing mirrors, spare petrol tank, roof rack etc to make it more realistic. I'd like to do an interior too with driver. I wonder if pro-line do interiors too?? Seats, dashboard, steering wheel would look so much better than a bunch of wires. Thanks for looking and I'll update it again soon.
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