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Found 12 results

  1. No, this isn't a thread about a particularly strong vindaloo..... I've decided spend a bit less time on this hobby, and so am downsizing the amount of stuff I have. I'm starting off with spare parts, but later on I'm going to have some vehicles for sale as well (Maybe a Konghead, a Chrome Edition Midnight Pumpkin and a Jagdpanther). However, i can only photograph and advertise a certain amount in one go, so here we go: Quick list of Contents as the thread is getting long and is pic heavy 1.Boomerang D parts 2. yellow Kyosho rims 3. Boomerang blue bits 4. vanquish wheels (original - used) 7. re-re sand rover left over body parts 8. TT-01 gears. Some used and only lightly used, some new (Originally bought for an 8x8 project) 9. DF-02 axles (used) 10. King tiger turret rotation unit 11. TT-01 / DF-02 one way unit used spares (Outdrives, bearings, and ring gear) 12. Hotshot II underguard Partially complete Boomerang D parts. Vintage kyosho wheels, but no idea what they're off. Bigger than hotshot series wheels so maybe 2.2" ? Boomerang / Bigwig blue spares (Some new, some used, will split if required.) Super Sabre unique spares (New) (Now sold) Avante 2011 Hop up wheels (Vanquish clones, but nice and white) (Now sold) vanquish wheels, pretty certain they are genuine vintage due to the slight discoloration, 2 matched pairs of front wheels, and 1 pair of rear wheels with some really old, hard oval blocks. The rear wheels appear to be both lefts (or rights), not a matched pair. Will split up if required. And lastly, (Till I get into the next box of parts), a home made by me (Still machined aluminium though) adapter plate for fitting a Hotshot gearbox to a hornet / grasshopper chassis. Alloy blocks fit in where the hornet gearbox mounts fit, and the fibreglass plate screws to the mount for the hotshot battery plate. The gearbox still requires attachment to the top of the chassis but it can be fairly easily. I've not put prices on any of it, let me know what they're worth to you, payment via paypal please. Once I get payment I will post items via Royal Mail signed for, as a minimum.
  2. For sale, 4 lightly used TLT-1 shock absorbers. These came off my Lunch Box 4x4x4 scratch build, so have spent most of their life on a shelf model. The springs were not fitted, I was using them only as dampers for leaf springs, so the springs are still fresh. The shocks are also I believe a Hop up for the Juggernaut / juggernaut 2 monster trucks shocks remainder of sprues with spring tensioners, etc sleeves for shock tops These are rare to find now, but they are also used. The are very light scratches in places on the dampers, but unless you are fussy about them being absolutely mint, they are in very good condition. UK buyers only please, PM me with what they are worth to you, if someone buys them, I will send them 2nd class signed for via royal mail.
  3. A while ago, I decided I wanted to alter the suspension setup on my Jugg2 runner. The leaf spring setup was not flexible enough and didn't have enough travel. I also wanted to eliminate the 4 wheel steering at the same time. So I started off by removing the stock suspension, and adding a txt-1 front axle guard and 4 link mounts. I had to modify the link mounts slightly so that I could get the 4 link geometry right. Fortunately I already had replaced the stock suspension links with aluminium ones, so it was easy to shorten them to the length required. I also had to remove the front chassis cross brace and replace them with aluminium bars, to allow room for the monster servo when the suspension was at full compression. I also made a rear steering lockout that bolted directly to the axle: I took it out and tried it, and having the 4 link with coil overs on the front and leaf spring rear end gave a good middle ground suspension movement. The leaf springs prevented the worst of the torque effects, and the softer, more pliable suspension at the front gave better movement over obstacles. However after a while I decided to go for coil overs all round. As I couldn't find reasonable priced TXT spares on the internet (£28 just to get the 2 grey suspension mounts / axle guard mounts) I made my own from aluminium: I painted them and fitted them to the axle. I designed them to make it easy it lock the rear steering. I can still adjust toe in / out by using different length spacers between the track rod ends and the suspension mounts. I tried this new system out this afternoon, it has a lot more travel now than before and works really well over rough ground, but is now more susceptible to torque effects, so I might add and extra set of shocks to the rear to stiffen it back up again, I guess it will depend on how I plan to run it. If anyone is interested in doing their own (machining or 3D printing), here's the dimensional diagram.
  4. Hi Guys, The reason I'm writeing is to ask for some help contacting Tamiya head office. I wonder if anyone could help me because I just can't find a direct e-mail to them. I've been building and collecting Tamiya RC since ages and as I work as a graphic designer some weeks ago I came to the idea that it would be nice to draw some vintage style posters in my freetime. The first poster, with Vintage 4x4x4 monster theme is finished, you can check it in the attachment. These are not photo-manipulated posters, they are drawn from line-to-line with vectorised inking technic so there are more then 50 working hours in each one. I am planning to do some limited run prints and I want to ask for their permission as these posters would represent Tamiya models. Of course no Tamiya logo and it is stated that these are not official Tamiya licensed products just fan arts. My aim is to make a few hundred copies becouse thats the smallest amount that the printing house can handle in a nice A2 size matt finish. I do not want to get rich from these posters, I would be glad just to cover the printing costs from the copies. Some other themes that I'm planning to do are: 3 Speed cars, Wheelie Machines, Vintage SRB's and some others... I wrote some e-mail a week ago to Tamiya partners but no answer so far. If anybody could help me contact Tamiya I would be very thankful as I wont start printing anything without permission. Thank you for your time, Best regars, Daniel
  5. I would like one of the trucks in the description. Not after a shelf queen or anything like that. Would be a runner.
  6. Hey Guys! one of my friends made me a quick vid on the Juggernaut, let me know what you think! for my blogs on my builds follow me on Instagram @RCBah Thanks For Looking!
  7. Hello, Im Looking for Tamiya Juggernaut parts, especially the E tree and thanks!
  8. Hello guys, Just finished from my Juggernaut 2 and wanted to post it, if you wanna see the build or my other builds they are all posted on Instagram @RCBah I also made a cover and will be making for my other cars for storage Thanks for looking!
  9. Hi everybody Up for sale is a used Tamiya Juggernaut 1/10 Ford F-350 from 1999. This beauty was the wet dream of 12-year old me but got forgotten over the years, dwelling in the basement of my parent’s house. It has seen its share but is still in a good shape for something that was run by a kid. I still got the original box, all parts that were leftovers after the assembly (including black paint spray), assembly instructions and the receipt. The Kit number is 221541. It comes with two high power servos for the steering and a radio control 2 channel 27 MHz (as a giveaway). Shape (as seen on the pictures): It needs some love that I can’t give anymore due to my other hobbies. Mirrors gone (right) or broken (left) Additional roof light misses two lids Paint spalled on some edges There is a little dent on the front bumper Those minor cosmetic flaws can be easily set aside so that this beauty can shine once more! Tires are perfect – the truck was jacked up the whole time! See apendix for some pictures, ignore the text in there If you are interested, contact me via PM with an offer or to ask questions. Please note, that the shipping starts in Germany (costs for shipping e.g. U.S.A. ~ 80 € as far as I checked). Cheers Burni Jugg.pdf
  10. Interested in Tamiya hop ups 53383 and 53369 for the Juggernaut. Looking for 2 or 3 sets each NIB but will consider ones in like new condition. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, NJ
  11. I just picked up the one in the middle - my first Clodbuster, and I have to say that while the Jugg still wins all the sexy, and the TXT wins the crawling, the Clod is a delightfully straightforward "I'm here to crush cars and be awesome" design. No fiddling with torque roll or super-hard leaf spring suspension.
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