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Found 4 results

  1. Well it's been a while since I've spent any meaningful time in this forum. I got back into this hobby because of my Tamiya and Kyosho nostalgia with all the re-released kits. This in turn opened my eyes to the world of crawling and the other brands that mostly fill out that spectrum of the hobby. I started off with the G-Made Sawback 4LS kit as my first foray into the scale/crawler world. I've got plenty more lined up behind this truck to build in this genre too. I've got a thread on another forum that I forgot to update here... This is pretty much my first scaler/crawler type R/C. Pretty average normal build and nothing crazy like some of you more talented folks out there. Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMBL94b2Y9BSpTH1aFcEuuaO Kit and Parts G-made Sawback 4LS Kit Hobbywing 1060 Brushed ESC Power HD 20KG waterproof servo GoolRC 27T Brushed motor G-Made Aluminum CHub G-Made Zero Ackerman Knuckle G-Made Zero Ackerman Steering Links G-Made Rock Sliders G-Made Brass weights G-Made Long CVA Kit for Sawback 4LS and Komodo G-made 20031 Shock Spring 19X58mm Soft Green GMA0020031 1/10 Tow Shackle for Off-Road Trail Rock CrawlingJunFac 80012 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper for G-made Sawback Boom Racing Aluminum Servo Plate I always forget to take pictures while I'm building. Chassis pretty much built A look at the Zero Ackerman Setup A look at the electronics & motor have not started to clean up wiring yet. Started paint on the body Masked with masking tape only to find out later that the light kit included light masks!!! Grrrrr :x Test fit. Started applying decals. Started wiring up lights As it sits right now. My first flex shot. Am I doing this right? More to come. Sliders and brass weights are arriving today. I have some ideas of what figures I want to use for the driver. Trying to decide if I should cut out a footwell so the figure will fit. Also plan on getting scale accessories for the vehicle as well.
  2. Ok so after some consideration I thought that I would ease my way into scale RC by purchasing a Tamiya Tundra. I was eyeing off a Brusier and Mountain Rider but for the first one thought that I would make something I could use and abuse and also make a blend of functional and scale all at once. The Tundra fit the bill for me as it has no 80s heritage like the Bruiser (which I simply would not be able to bash) and also after seeing much inspiration for mods the trigger was pulled. I decided to purchase: Tamiya Tundra Junfac high lift kit Junfac steering mod Tamiya bearing kit Tekin FXR ESC Tekin 35t hand wound motor Tamiya GT Tuned motor (will use in another build but for now will be in here) Turnigy TGY 9x Mode 1 3Racing winch Traxxas E-Max waterproof servo (80oz) Turningy 620DMG High Torque waterproof servo (10.6kgs) Fenders Snorkle Still deciding on: Shocks (colour, look and size.. tough call) LED light kit... not sure easiest / cheapest way to go here. As long as I have full control from the 9ch I don't mind Wheels and Rims - again, so many decisions to be made here. I am after 2.2 for this build, just need to make the call on body colour. Body style and colour - I am very particular. Hopefully I don't give up and paint it black... may happen! So I commenced tonight after receiving the box today. As everyone says, this kit is magnificent. I've built a lot of cars very big ones and small ones and this is a joy. Hard to really understand until you do one as each time I read a build thread with the owner saying the same thing I never 'got it' until I was putting the gearbox together and bolting it to the fram. magnificent - highly recommend 10/10 After grinning ear to ear it was time to get going... Glass of red and off we went! Decided to stop for the night at the diffs. Looking forward to the next part tomorrow.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm working on modifying my Grasshopper (re-release) which I bought recently. I built it up stock except for ball bearings throughout (luckily the Hotshot and Grasshopper have the same size bearings!) and drove it around a bit and decided I wanted to amp it up a bit. Mainly I wanted to upgrade to a 540 motor, but the more looking around I did, the more potential upgrades I saw. So the first thing I've done (so far... I'm waiting on more packages to come!) is attach a CRP FX-10 front suspension kit. I found a nice deal on Ebay from someone in Texas, so it arrived first. After more browsing, I saw that there are colored kits, specifically black ones, and wished I'd gotten black. But the white looks nice and my CRP kit came with dampers. Here are some photos. I had to cut out a lot, as advertised by anyone on TC who talked about the kit. I had a very helpful email correspondence with TA-Mark and I'd like to thank him for that. I don't have a Dremel tool, so all of this work was done with a linoleum carving knife and a lighter. Hot, sharp metal cuts plastic very cleanly and easily! A litlte bit of the body needs to be removed in order for fit around the new suspension arms. There's more to do; like attaching a turnbuckle for additional support in lieu of the suspension arms that came with the kit. They don't seem to be compatible with the grasshopper. All of this will be done in the next wave of modifications (with the next package's arrival in the mailbox). I'll post more after the fact!
  4. Hi all. Feel free to direct this thread to another place if it's in the wrong location Anyways, I am planning to buy the JunFac Tamiya Frog Aluminium Front Shock Towers set (found here: http://www.fusionhob...rs-p/j20221.htm). However, I have found it hard to find the name/make of any shocks that will fit them. I believe the length recommened for them is 60/62mm, but I not sure about what size the connectors on each of the shocks have to be to match the size of hole on the shock towers. I have found these Absima shocks, which are 62mm, and come with optional ends: http://www.modelspor...products/369640 . Does anyone know if they will fit? If not, then could an owner of this suspension kit direct me to the shocks they've used? Preferably, the price needs to be around £20 or less for 2, although if they do cost more then I'd still like to see Thanks in advance, Mack
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