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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! First of all I must confess I am a Kyosho person, so apologies in first place :) When I was 17 I bought a Kyosho Shadow 4WD which I discovered resting at my parent's place and after some cleaning and new electronics is still working pretty good, it's not a high end car, but still pretty capable for having fun. Now fully immersed on my midlife crisis, I am considering getting one of the 2WD legendary series car. I can't afford all of them ( meaning my wife would kill me ) so I need some advice on which might be the best for me. I like the Tomahawk the most, I find it a gorgeous car and love the platform better than the scorpion one, I've seen also that in Japan there's a bunch of people using it for classic racing. My next choice would be the beetle, I just love the way it looks, and finally I am considering the Turbo Scorpion. Nowadays it's almost impossible getting the first two, so I am considering getting the Turbo Scorpion, which is also a beautiful car, easier to drive, better shocks, and with more evolving options and parts as far as I know. Questions: Might both the Tomahawk or Beetle bodies be easily fitted into the Turbo Scorpion chassis? I really like the TS body but if I can get a Tomahawk or Beetle body and swap it sometimes, it could be fun. What do you think? Can't find any specific info on that, but I've seen this kind of things in Japanese pictures, even using on other platforms like Tamiya DT03. What about wheels? I know the TS uses regular 2,2" rims with hex fitting, but could I try the TH or Beetle ones on it? And final question, Do you guys think the Shadow 4WD might be worth selling? Thanks!
  2. Newbies sharing, just tryout. here to share some of the mod i did for kyosho re-release series, thinking of some body may interested in the mod and improvement i did. - Front knuckle of Tomahawk replace with RB5 parts. thinking of mounting modern wheel. - For Beatle, replace front and rear shock with optima re release 12mm bore shock. and the handling just feel much more better. -Optima 2016: adding cooling fan at rear motor protecting cage.
  3. I took pictures while I built this buggy. I decided to make a little video with it. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. Last vintage original kit I am selling this year... You probably won't find a cheaper original Kyosho Tomahawk, I think. This is the US distributed kit (branded Cox on the box, but Kyosho on every packet and box inside). Parts are identical to Kyosho branded ones, and this one has the benefit of an English manual (not Japanese). Includes the correct block pattern rear tyres (not the Turbo Scorpion spike rears like many other NIB original Tomahawks out there). AU$800 + postage. (Open to trade offers on an Optima, Bigwig or Turbo Scorpion NIB). Full pics and details on my site. Thanks for looking. Don't miss out! http://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/for-sale-kyosho-cox-tomahawk/
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