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Found 6 results

  1. This is going to be a slow-burn thread over winter as I put my J45C together. Every Saturday I'm on toddler duty, and we like to go out for a walk in the morning (weather allowing) or make some cakes or cookies or do some creative stuff, and in the afternoon we have a cuddle and a film. And once the film is over she almost always want to move on to some mind-numbing Netflix series, so that's when I leave her to it and break open a kit box. To be honest I've been meaning to start this little project for weeks but we've been having so much fun we haven't wanted to stop, so it took an unexpected afternoon off work with a temperature and fatigue (covid results came back negative ) for me to get started on this one. As a special treat, we have My Littly Pony playing in the background, which is way more tongue-in-cheek than I expected is secretly becoming one of my favourite series to binge (it's not quite as good as Duggee). Anyhoo, on to the project. My long-term plan for this one is for it to be mostly stock, or at least, fitted with off-the-shelf hop-ups. I've got too many custom rigs and, although they're fun, there's always something else to go wrong. These are supposed to be great out of the box, so there's no need to spend hours in the workshop custom-hacking new parts. However it will be fitted with my own LED setup (using an Arduino, when I get around to finishing the code) and also have front and rear winches using sail servos. So, here's how it all started: MST kits are nicely laid out, with the parts bags divided into steps. The instructions aren't quite as easy to follow as Tamiya (one step can include several different parts and I sometimes find I miss one, or neglect to install a bearing) but assembly is straightfoward and the parts are well made. My helper had collapsed with excitement at this point and wasn't much help
  2. "The SCX-10 is a great truck," An enthusiast once said to me, "But it's a bit dull. I mean, you just point it at something, and it goes over it. With a CC01 you have to pick your lines, you have to think about your route, and that makes it so much more involving on the types of trails you're going to encounter on your everyday walks." I wasn't planning any new projects given the amount of work I've got on, young family and all the other things that go with it, but it feels like years since I last had a functional CC01 and this one came up cheap on ebay from a local seller. I popped over to meet him on a lunchbreak and picked up this beauty. IMG_20171108_125926 by Mad Ax, on Flickr IMG_20171108_125916 by Mad Ax, on Flickr Bone stock apart from a useless set of aluminium shocks that don't fit right - I'll have to find a set of standard shocks among my parts bins or buy something more suitable. Also looks like the rear links have gone floppy - they might have been trimmed for better clearance? Either way they can't take the weight of the rear springs and they've bent. The body has been painted in a rather hideous green which has rubbed through in places, but overall it's had little use and is a good solid basis for a very quick project. I've tried very hard to love the green paint, but I just can't like it; I considered re-painting on the outside for a rough matt-finish look but I figure it'll look really bad if the paint rubs through (which it eventually will, as this will be a runner). So today I ordered some Carson paint remover and some new Tamiya paint, and I stripped all the lights and trim parts off the body ready for cleaning. Got a bit of adhesive foam to clear up but hopefully the paint remover will help there. Also got a bearing set on the way, and will be raiding the parts bin for some alternative wheels and tyres. Got a few spare scale parts been lying around unused for a while so they'll be going on, and I'm sure there's a 3 Racing steering kit in my stash somewhere, along with a high-torque servo and a 55T motor. Maybe even some bushes to shim up the rockety rear axle, and there's always enough spare allthread and tubing to make up some nicer lower links and relocate the rear shock mounts. You can't beat a CC01 for some light trail action, and I've been without one for way too long. This'll make a nice easy-going project to improve bit-by-bit, starting by sorting that flimsy back end. Future plans include cutting the brick and maybe even a front-mounted steering servo and extended front shocks. This thread will stay open for updates here and there as the project progresses and I get back to some light trail action: the sort of thing I'll encounter on my everyday walks.
  3. May be of interest to some on here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Collection-Of-RC-Cars-Manta-Ray-Stadium-Blitzer-Land-Cruiser/192494090930?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131017132637%26meid%3D0ad5a5a81f014e06a7a1dd77e31fdf87%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D8%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D202276584894%26itm%3D192494090930&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042
  4. I have decided to move onto something else R/C wise, so I am selling my 2015 Tamiya Monster Beetle. Its been ran approx 8-10 times at most, but has def been alot of fun. Was built as per the manual, but the diff has been locked (so there is no clicking etc), full bearings were used on the whole chassis in place of the useless plastic bushings, also has carbon fibre battery stays fitted, custom wheelie bar, also included is a used LRP Quantum ESC, Reedy 12x2 KR motor and a standard Steering servo. Also comes with all the small spare parts that were left from the built, spare body mounts etc. Original build manual and original box too, complete with insert. Also comes with a full set of spare diff parts (brand new) and a spare spur gear (brand new). Also included is the Tamiya Land Cruiser FJ40 bodyset I painted and fitted last week to make it more scale like. The black wings/fenders and silver runners on the body were painted using Tamiya X paints on the outside of the body, but in no way detracts from the look. The wheels have been painted gloss black with a silver lip. The tyres are not glued and surprisingly stay on with no issues even with the 12x2 motor powering it. Now the slightly bad points. All of which are on the bodies. 1 - The Monster Beetle body hasn't been painted, the decals were applied and it was laquered, its looks ok for a runner. But the finish has turned very orange peely over time. 2 - The Monster Beetle body has a tiny crack above the side windows (as pictured) and one of the side windows has a crack in it (again pictured) and both mirrors are missing and the wipers are now CA glued in place (as pictured) 3 - The Land Cruiser FJ40 Body has some blemishes on it as I stupidly ran out of metallic red before backing it with silver (as pictured) All in all it would make a great runner, or a good shelf car to add a mint body too as the chassis is in almost mint condition. Due to weight and size I would prefer to post within the UK. Price is £120 posted, or I can split and do just the MB for £100. It will all be very well packed up inside another large box so as not to damage the kit box or anything else. Any questions, or any other pictures needed please feel free to ask. Many thanks James
  5. Please help if anyone has experienced this with their Toyota Land Cruiser CR-10. I just completed it and during the first test run noticed an unusual hop much like what a car feels like when it's been sitting in one place for a long period of time and its tires become flat on the side against the surface. I have tried everything to isolate the issue. I have removed both propeller shafts individually and both at the same time. With one shaft removed, the hop remains, but with both removed, the hop is gone as I push it along the floor. I am now convinced that the shafts are binding just enough to cause this hop. I wonder if its because the angle of the shafts are so steep. I have tried lowering the axle shafts, but the hop still remains. I have tried everything and feel frustrated and defeated. Please help if anyone with this vehicle has experienced the same hop and figured out how to correct/address it.
  6. Hi guys, I have just bought a TAMIYA R/C LAND CRUISER 40 PICK UP GF-01 for Xmas and i'm getting a few things sorted before starting the build. I have ordered some metal bearings and a steel pinion. What i cannot seem to find is, a metal set of gears cogs / differentials. Do you know if anyone makes a set or if not, are the black plastic ones that come with the set, the reinforced kind? I'm also looking at the Yeah Racing suspension kits. has anyone tried these or got any thoughts on quality of Yeah racing aluminium spares? Thanks Matt
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