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Found 3 results

  1. Well I got nostalgic about RCing so I decided to get my first Tamiya kit. I chose the landfreeder matte black edition because it looked cool to me and the body already came painted. Build was a lot of fun and it's stock except for a bearing kit and a power hd lw-20mg servo. So today I took it out for its first run! I was really surprised how fast it ran and how long. After 2 hours the 5Ah NiMH was still going strong. Here's a before and after: The only thing I wish it had was a back bumper to protect the body.
  2. Quick background on how I came around to this model. I wanted a rig that I could take with me on my walks back through the "woods" and around a field. I wanted something that only went at about a walking pace and could handle some moderate off-roading. I originally was looking at crawlers and almost got an Ascender. I just could never get over what the final price $$ might end up being. The SCX-10ii didn't really do anything for me as it seemed like eeeeevvvvverybody has one. I started looking into the CC01 because of it's "budget" price. Upon reading through @Effigy3 Bronco build, I decided I was getting one. The Landfreeder body was the one I was drawn to the most. So I started ordering stuff... As you can see from the picture, bearings, 80T motor, HW1080, Aluminum motor mount, and some mud tires. Took me a bit to get started as I first wanted to get a new work bench put up to build on. That will do. Time to start building! This won't be a super detailed thread. Most of it will be built stock as far as suspension and steering for now. Motor and front diff. Did not lock the diff, but did use a liberal amount of AW grease. Rest of the front gears, and in the chassis. My how quickly the workbench gets cluttered... Stopped there and resumed a couple of days later.
  3. My first CC-01 and what a treat it was to build. Here's pics of start to finish. After this initial post, I intend to follow up with pics/video of it in use when time allows, as well as questions on future mods and changes. Photobucket has pretty much destroyed all of the good CC01 threads, so maybe we can make a new one that covers everything. We'll discuss the goods, the bads, what to mod, and what not to mod. Feel free to post pics of your CC01 mods or just show off your CC01 in general. Pics of my build: I added a 65T RC 4WD Crawler motor. Following the advice of several YT videos, I took out the slack in the rear diff using bushings and a washer. Also, both front and rear diff are locked. I locked the front diff using the method where you add an extra spider gear. I used AW Grease to seal up the rear diff and front gear covers. The only change I have made to the suspension so far is that I added the Stroke Extension Kit. Body is all trimmed up. I may remove the front bumper in the future. I can see how it could get hung up on obstacles, and I also can now see why everyone cuts the front brick. Showing a bit of articulation. I didn't take any pics of the electronics, but I am using the Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Waterproof ESC. I have a spare receiver box from a TT02B that I sealed up my receiver in. I'll be smearing a light coat of clear silicone around the seams of the receiver box just to make sure water doesn't get in. The body is painted. While painting it, I also painted a new body for my M06 chassis. Stickers are complete. Some pics from the back yard. My next question pertains to springs/shocks. Would longer dampers give me more height, or would I be better off going with the Tamiya barrel springs for better choice of spring rate?
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