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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I recently build a Subaru Brat with my 10 yr old sun. When I was young I had lots of Tamiya catalogs and really remember the brat from that time. I bought a used Monster Beetle back then when I was around 10 or so, and later bought a used Porsche 959. But being used that meant they were already assembled. I think I most have been 14 or 15 or so when I bought my first new tamiya. It was a Hotshot and remember the whole build as being awesome. I still have an old beat up Super Blackfoot from that era but that thing is really falling apart... So when I saw the rerelease Brat I ordered one to build with my son, but unfortunately he seems to like driving them a lot more then building them... I even tried to make it more interesting by having him pick the colors and throwing in a lot of lights. I didn't really make pictures during the build, and since it was finished it has been used quite a bit, but I end up cutting the lights out of the lexan body and the hard plastic body. After a lot of trimming I fixed them in place with a lot of "Shoegoo" glue. For the headlights I used some aftermarket Lights to glue behind the lexan. The Shoegoo is great as it stays flexibel and does not crack. These light kits are really funny whit brake lights and even working blinkers. We made a short movie with the brat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwpCc8l0KLU&t=55s Not perfect by any means, but wanted to share it anyway.
  2. Hello, I am a long time modeller, although not very skilled. I have constructed a few Tamiya 1\16th tanks, but fancied something else, so got the Tamiya Grand Hauler with MFC. Of course I wanted to have the MFC working and still have the cab intact with the driver. I found it easier than you might think as it all fitted into the sleeper section at the back. I simply put the MFC up on its edge and made a small slim extension for it to rest on, although not really required if you used a few strips of velcro on the back of the speaker. Make holes in the cross sections of the frame to run cables neatly otherwise you get massive unsightly mass from back to front. I also wanted more of the lights to work instead of leaving them blank as your only meant to use certain lights dependant on if you use MFC 1 or 3, i think. I simply wired up extra leds to the working ones. I also added extra head lights. Anyway, its all pretty simple, apart from the spraying which I i found difficult to do in a non dust free environment, however a little wet and dry fine sand paper on some rough areas and a respray and it came out ok. I used TS-13 laquer on top. No probs. Watch for runs. Enjoy the pics - hope they help someone, Cheers Russ
  3. Here is a DB01 with a custom light kit i installed, just liked to shoot it out there for ideas. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  4. Hi All I want to put some lights in my Taiya F350 but I can not afford the light\sound set for it so I am planning of getting my own LEDs from maplin or ordering some of fleabay. Does anyone know what LED size I need to get so they fit nicely into the existing light points? Also what wheel\trye upgrades can you recommend to make this truck look a bit more bad boy offroader
  5. I am really enjoying building my Sand Rover 2011. Sure the very simple DT02 chassis took me about an hour to build but I mean building and painting the body shell plus the driver etc. Its great to have a car that requires more than a simple couple of cans for the body shell. I have seen some excellent examples of the SR 2011's driver. It took me ages to decide on the body shell paint job but I would like to ask about putting lights in the front. Any body done it yet ? Is it better to buy a complete in-built light set with the lences and front clear bits ?? How have people done it please ?? tips and pointers if you would please. pictures of your cars links to good lighting kits all this is not my fortay as I am a racer, sure my Lunchbox lighting was easy but you need more for the SR 2011.
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