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Found 4 results

  1. This isn't really a build thread but more of a "I have to disassemble the whole car so it might as well be a build" thread. When I initially restored this buggy, I replaced the belts with original Losi parts. As history has shown, these belts literally dissolve as they age. I have a new set of belts from Tough Racing to install. Also, the original owner used a toothy set of pliers to tighten the shock cartridge to the shock bodies which massively distorted them so they leak. I did not realize that Losi still makes the cartridges so I bought a set to replace the old ones. This thread will show the disassembly, installation of new parts and then reassembly because the car will literally look the same after I make these updates. I don't remember if I told the story about this one but about 10 years ago I was buying old Novak ESCs. Mostly Cyclones and Atoms. I liked the Atoms because they are tiny and fit anywhere. I was searching ebay and found a Novak Cyclone still attached to this Losi XX4. The auction made no mention of the car being included and I didn't really care because it was a deal. I won the auction for $60. About a week later, I got a box with the car and the ESC. The car looked like it had been run and put away wet. The rear shock tower was broken, it was missing some parts including the body, and most of the metal parts had a thin layer of surface rust. I was able to source all the missing parts add some new ones and reassemble the car.
  2. I hadn't really planned on getting an LMT. I don't usually buy big-ticket trucks, and I've built more than enough monster trucks over the last two years - more than I can realistically drive, given the size of my garden and the complete lack of monster truck fans in my part of the world. However, some rave reviews from others here on TC (you know who you are ) and an unexpected good deal from Horizon Hobby, convinced me to place a last-minute order with AMain for the roller truck. If you followed the Losi LMT discount thread to its bitter end then you'll know all about the fun and games getting it here, but for now, here's a quick recap: I ordered from AMain on 18th Mar, for $399, minus $150 discount, plus $66.99 shipping. That's a grand total of $316.98 for a top-level monster truck chassis. At the exchange rate of the time, that worked out £252.33 - that's not far off what I paid for my SMT-10 Builder's Kit back in March 2020, and that comes with a 2.2 wheel that nobody in the world knows what to do with and it doesn't come with any tyres or foams. The day after placing the order I got an out-of-stock notification, which was updated with a Shipped notification a week later. It then got stuck in the US postal service for over a month, and after a few conversations with various parties I thought it was probably lost for good, and was about to ask AMain for a refund. AMain were really helpful, but confident it would get through eventually, so I sat back and waited patiently, and one fateful morning the shipping status changed - it was moving at last! It then took a few more days to reach Customs in London, and was despatched to the local delivery office in Bristol the following day. At the same time, a customs demand letter was sent to me, possibly via stagecoach, or maybe some old Greek guy in fashion-statement sandals, because that letter didn't get to me until nearly a week later, landing just in time for the early spring Bank Holiday weekend. So although I paid the customs charge on a Saturday, the earliest I could book delivery was the following Wednesday. I was supposed to be at the office that day, but I figured my LMT was more important, so I cancelled and stayed home. All day. Until late-PM, when the delivery status on the tracker changed to say it was back at the depot, having never got as far as my doorstep. There it would remain for almost a full week, until one fateful Monday when (after tracking it all the live-long day on the live tracker app) it finally arrived on my doorstep. Normally the arrival of a new kit in the post is a bit anti-climactic - unless it's a nice Tamiya re-release with the blister pack internals and everything, there's nothing much to show but an unpainted body and some plastic bags. So there's one advantage to buying a roller or RTR - you actually have something to behold when it arrives. And what a thing to behold! Bananas not to scale.
  3. A few months ago I bought a Losi Baja Rey from an older fellow that was downsizing his collection of cars, new and built. After buying a handful of his kits, he liked me and that I am an older guy myself(48) and didn't have to worry about it being bashed, asked me if I wanted to buy a Baja Rey he has. Told me it is super rare, mint 400 version that came with a coin. Told me it is one of only 250 made. I smiled a bit(not believing) it and passed on it. I went home and did a little research and found that they made a white version of the Baja Rey from losi that was only sold by a certain hobby shop. Interested I called him back up to ask for price. He told me 500 USA dollars when the original prices were around 570 to 650 or so. Told me it's in the original shipping crate from losi, in original box sealed never broken the seal to open box. I took it home and sat it on the shelf.....until today when my curiosity and disbelief got me. I had to know if this really is a super rare rc car, do I own one? Never happens to me...I never get a cool thing like that. So with careful hands freshly washed, I carefully broke the seal and pulled the truck out...... I had to break the zip ties holding the truck to the box, but I had to so I could look under the truck where the build number is. I flipped it over and yepp.... I still can't believe it .. I have truck 197 of 250 ever made with the white camo body. I'm super stoked and feel like a happy 12 year old. I did break the seal and lifted the truck from the crate, but who cares ...it may now of dropped value a few dollars, but I did remove the battery, because it comes with battery installed and I will never run this truck(shelf queen 100%) and don't want a lipo battery leaking all over the truck from sitting around. Plus I'll use that battery in one of my other cars. I just can't see wasting a good lipo just because it's part of a rare car set. A lipo is a lipo, so it will be used. Here are some pictures, finally I have a cool, rare rc car....really exciting to me. Thanks for reading this long post.! Scroll down to see all pictures.
  4. Here's a couple of pictures of one of last years projects. Losi 1/24 scale crawler running gear in a 1/20 scale jeep grand cherokee plastic model.
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