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Found 56 results

  1. Picked up a vintage lunchbox on eBay a few weeks ago. Fixed it up but steering is all over the place. Knowing what a difference Kimborough servo savers made on my other cars I want to get a replacement. Before I do though does anyone have any advice on whether to get something high torque or bigger than the tamiya item? Or should I just get a Kimborough 114 and have done with it? Cheers!
  2. The Lunchbox and Midnight Pumpkin are both much loved Tamiya RCs, sharing the same chassis they are pretty iconic cars with a ton of nice mods available for them. There is a lot of great information about these mods all over the web but nowhere (that I've come across) is there one neat and tidy resource for people to refer to. Well after chatting with TC Forum user 'skip665' we've decided to develop one great thread on TamiyaClub that has all of this information in it. I intend to keep all the information at the top of the thread, updating it as people post info along the way. The aim is to list, detail and generally point people in the right direction of all the great 'easy to do' mods on these cars. I'm going to try and steer clear of advanced stuff (put your CNC machines away guys) as I want these to be accessible to the average hobbyist. First of all, let me thank the following companies who have agreed for me to use their images and link to their products (i'll keep adding to the list as I hear back from more companies). I'll also refrain from posting images of products where I don't have direct permission from the owners of said images. In these cases I'll substitute with 'real life' images of TC members cars who have given me permission to use their images. Miniature Manufacturing - Producer of Alloy Upgrades (make sure you email them when placing an order as they're having issues with their site at present) Team CRP - The only place to buy the legendary FX10 Front arm Kits RCbearings.co.uk - Supplier of pretty much any RC Bearing you could want JunFac.com - More Alloy goodness! Index 1. Body 2. Chassis/Drivetrain 3. Front Suspension 4. Rear Suspension 5. Motor 6. Steering 1. Body Lunchbox Alloy Body Mounts Available here: Lunchbox Alloy Body Mounts Pumpkin Alloy Body Mounts Available here: Pumpkin Alloy Body Mounts 2. Chassis/Drivetrain Full bearing kit Available here: Full Bearing Kit Alloy Rear Wheel Hub Mounts (Pair) Available here: Alloy Rear Wheel Hub Mounts (Pair) 2.2" Foam Tyre Inserts Available here: Foam Tyre Inserts 3. Front Suspension Alloy front suspension mounts (for standard shocks) Available Here: Alloy front suspension mounts (for standard shocks) Oil Filled Shock Absorbers Most popular ones are Ansmann 75mm or 85mm (or a combination of the two) but most oil shocks will be fine 'AWAITING IMAGE' Available here: Oil Filled Shock Absorbers CRP FX-10 Front Suspension Arms Available here: CRP FX-10 Front Suspension Arms Also recommended is the Hardware Kit Available here: Hardware Kit 4. Rear Suspension Alloy Rear Suspension Mounts (for standard shocks) Available here: Alloy Rear Suspension Mounts (for standard shocks) 3rd or 5th Shock mod (Depending on what you prefer to call it) Best thing I can do here is link to these YouTube videos http://youtu.be/m2qK6gGu2Kc http://youtu.be/OOpkNXROwyw Junfac Adjustable Alloy Rear Shock Mounts Available here: Junfac Adjustable Alloy Rear Shock Mounts 5. Motor Lunchbox Alloy Motor Heatsink Available here: Lunchbox Alloy Motor Heatsink Midnight Pumpkin Alloy Motor Heatsink Available here: Midnight Pumpkin Alloy Motor Heatsink 6. Steering Junfac Alloy Steering Knuckles Available here: Junfac Alloy Steering Knuckles Centred Steering Servo 'AWAITING IMAGE' 'AWAITING INSTRUCTIONS'
  3. So I got into RC as an adult earlier in the year partly because of the lockdown and partly because other acquaintances were buying RC cars. I had a Super Sabre QD as a nipper but always wanted a proper kit, sadly Tamiya have so far not rere'ed it. I built a Terra Scorcher that did get released just as I started spending wallet-unhealthy amounts of time looking at kits. The problem with buggies though is that they need a fairly smooth surface to run on. At the end of the day, a 2cm diameter piece of gravel to your RC car would be like driving into a breeze block in your car. So yeah, I needed a monster truck. I remember someone had a Mud Blaster at the club we went to for a few months with our QD's in Deal, Kent when I must have been about ten? Again, like the SS they're not readily available, but I'd also heard bad things about the Monster Beetles gearbox being incredibly fragile. As I wasn't racing and it was just for a bit of fun I started looking at Lunchboxes. During lockdown my Mrs and I had been watching the TV series Stranger Things, so when I saw a sticker kit replicating the vans from the show I got my credit card out and bought a Lunchie from Fusion Hobbies and almost the same again in hop up bits. And I thought motorbike racing was expensive...* So yeah, it's a Lunchbox, but with some additions to the build. Firstly was bearings, secondly a Sport Tuned motor. The next addition was a four part kit from an ebay seller called chr15-w and it's essentially four bits of threaded rod on eyelet adjusters and the required nuts/bolts/pivots. It braces the top of the front shocks, each rear shock top pivot to the axel dropout and a fixed fifth shock. I'm really impressed with the simplicity but structural integrity it gives everything, especially for the price. I also bought some Absima shocks to replace the pogo sticks the kit comes with. I'm very impressed with them, all four seem to have a similar level of rebound damping in them and were leak free through the post. From the same vendor as the other braces I bough one for the wheelie bar to stop it from damaging the gearbox case.
  4. I thought I'd share my experience of building my first kit.... Only 30 years late. I've posted elsewhere about finally getting the lunch box after wanting it for years. I was worried about the build, but it turned out to be brilliant fun. I thought I'd post here for anyone like me, thinking about attempting their first kit. I didn't get it right every time, and I learnt a lot along the way. My main advice is to build it slowly, read the manual a few times before you start, and enjoy the process. First the unboxing - I love that cover art:
  5. An interesting chassis announced recently by Tamiya: the Lunch Box Mini on the SW-01 chassis. The link is Tamiyablog's; the chassis was also mentioned earlier on this site by TC's Mokei Kagaku, and on his Facebook page. From Tamiyablog: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Suggested retail price in Japan: approx. ¥ 10600 Expected release date in Japan: July 2019 ★ Condensed various mechanisms in a compact new design chassis that fits in both hands of adults ★ Uses an upper arm that works in conjunction with the steering wheel. Reduce the roll of the body at the time of cornering, reduce the fall. ★ The chassis is a gear drive 4WD that transmits the power of the motor located in the center to the front and rear wheels with a gear. ★ The body reproduces the popular Lunch Box in polycarbonate. Adoption of magnet type one-touch body mount makes it easy to attach and remove the body. ★ It can run with four AA batteries. ★ Upgrade to the 4WS (four-wheel steering) specification is possible simply by installing the “Upper Connect Bar (provisional name)” scheduled to be released as an optional part. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As part of the "Star Unit" line, it is likely going to be quite a basic chassis, yet the technical details and the involvement of some sort of Lunch Box might make it intriguing...
  6. Just messing around here - I thought people might like to see the little.buddy I'm making for the full-sized lunch box. This is for my 4 year old. I got a new ray pullback monster can for a couple of quid on eBay - and am going to try to paint it up.
  7. Hello all, can anyone recommend the best place to find aluminium upgrades for a lunchbox. Its more for show than performance. Thanks DavidG
  8. I've only just noticed the little wire spring shocks have already broken after a few outings. It's the ones that stop the gearbox bouncing too much. I see this is a common thing - but was wondering what people found was the best alternative. I don't want to spend a huge amount. I also see that some people say it's fine to run without them. I'm happy to do a bit of DIY - but if there is an easy fix you can buy in the UK - that would be great.
  9. Just joined the club! It's no exaggeration to say I've wanted a Tamiya RC for over 30 years. My brother had a second hand Hornet when I was 7 - and I loved everything about it. I remember seeing the Vanessa's Lunch Box in the magazines and being desperate to get it - not understanding what 'kit' meant. The box art has always stuck in my head - the lettering, crazy image and all the decals. I finally bought the re-release recently - and was actually quite nervous about putting the thing together. I've not attempted something like this before - especially something that cost north of £100. I can honestly say the whole experience of building it, painting and driving the bonkers thing around has been an absolute treat. I love the fact that the steering is almost useless at speed, and it bounces like crazy on the shocks and keeps pulling wheelies. For me that adds to the feel of it being an 80s monster truck - and makes it more fun to try and wrestle into doing what you want. I spend the whole time driving it, grinning and hoping the battery doesn't run out too soon! It's fair to say that I've been hooked into the world of Tamiya RC cars...... just need the Monster Beetle to come back in stock. I went for the standard paintjob - and tried to get it as close to the box art as possible - you can see some pics below - and of the build. I actually went for the TS-34 Camel Yellow for the shell, which I think has a nicer vintage look than the bright yellow they suggest. Probably because that's how it looks on the old adverts. I did the window frames freehand, so they aren't perfect, and used some cheaper acrylics for some of the tiny detailing. A decent marker pen actually worked better for the very fine black lines around the lights. It's already thoroughly scuffed and scratched since these photos were taken, but I've accepted that is part of owning one of these. Tempted to buy another shell to keep smart. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has recently got one of these - or finally decided to buy their first proper RC.
  10. OK so I realize this would be easier to explain if I had some pics to post, but I'm at work and don't at the moment. But I think some of you might get what I mean, have experience with this particular issue, etc. My Lunchbox is too yellow, or too light yellow, for my taste. I sprayed it with the called-for TS-16 but the hue of it just isn't the rich orange-tinged color that looks right to me. Why?? Is there some undercoat that needs to go down first to get the right color temperature? I'm thinking of peeling the decals, repriming and spraying it... but not if it means the same result. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, LOL?
  11. I would like to give my Tamiya Lunchbox away, asking price would be 61,50GBP + 8,50GBP shipping to the UK or EU. Front Strut Bar Fifth damper bigger wheelie bar All oil shocks Metal ball bearings Grasshopper Pinion Aluminium body mounts these are the hop ups no body with this one, but I have the chrome bumpers and grill. wheels and servo are included will post pictures later today. Pictures EDIT:
  12. Hi all, thought I'd share a recent beach run with the Lunchbox. With some mods the Lunchbox can handle quite well: And some at regular speed:
  13. Scaler LB? ’70s Rock Van Clear Body for 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase Scale Crawlers - SKU: 3552-00 ($43.95) ’70s Rock Van Tough-Color (Black) Body for 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase Scale Crawlers - SKU: 3552-18 ($51.95)
  14. I recently required a near mint original lunchbox and paid $30 for it on let go. Has original manual speed control in mint shape. Has chrome wheels. The body is a light pearl purple with DARE logo and says To Keep Cops Off Donuts. There are some light cracks and the a frame pillar on drivers side is missing. I can fix it with a mold, crazy glue and baking soda. Has anyone seen this body before. It looks factory. Also thinking of selling after I fix the body. What do you think it’s worth?
  15. Recently saved a few £ by making foams for the boys Lunchboxes. Only foams I could find were £9.99 a set and needed 2 sets. That's before tyres and wheels. Got 2 sheets of upholstery foam on eBay for £4 posted. Enough to do two sets of lunchbox wheels on one sheet. Might do the Clod as well but the tyres are a lot harder on that so it doesn't need them as bad. You can cut this with a sharp Stanley or one of those extending snap off blades. I taped the one in the pic but don't tape them now for the car. Cut a strip just over 12inches long by 2inches wide. Foam is 1 inch thick. Stuff it in, I don't tape it, just cut it a bit long and stuff it in. Less tyre wander, stiffer sidewall. Slightly better handling.
  16. The question is: what models share the same chassis at the Lunchbox and Midnight Pumpkin? I think the Montero(?) does, but is there anything else? Also the chrome Midnight Pumpkin, what's the best way to protect the finish? Has anyone ever spray lacquered it? The reason I ask, I am slowly pulling out my rc stuff that I have collected over the last 10 years or so and trying to organise it. Today's job was to sort my Lunchbox and Hornet parts, which I'd kinda lumped together as they share some of the same parts. So this is what I have: There is one complete Grasshopper A damage Grasshopper body which I will attempt to repair, and plus I have the parts for a rolling chassis. There are 2 complete Hornets (1 original and one Re Re) and enough parts to make 1 more complete car and 1 to just make a complete chassis which I might revert one back to a Sand Scorcher body onto the hornet chassis. The chassis has been modified anyway. 2 complete lunchbox chassis, one will be for a chrome Midnight Pumpkin body I got for Christmas, I think around 2012. And over the years I collected bits and pieces to make a chassis to go with it, and pretty much ended with this 1 lunchbox chassis which I think I can make from the leftover hornet parts. So that means I have two lunchbox rolling chassis that will need bodies for. I'm hoping for something different, so send me you suggestions! Now for the pics, these are all the parts I got together. Midnight Pumpkin body, I want to build and drive but I don't want to scratch it Any suggestion on maybe protecting it with a spray lacquer or other ideas? And since I'll have plenty of time, I might as well have a go at fixing this. Once I weld what is there back together, its only one rear corner that is missing.
  17. I will be moving soon, so I’ll have a better workspace, what are some essential mods to do? I already have aluminum body mounts, also, how do I stop the front wheels rubbing on the front bumper? Thanks!
  18. I love when new builds come in the mail!
  19. Uhhh, is there an upgrade? What should I do?
  20. Sooo, when I jump my lunchbox rere up curbs, the front bumper hits the front wheels, so I took it off. Anyone else having this issue? When I have a chance I’m probably gonna dremel some of the corner off, is that a good idea? TIA!
  21. So I was doing dumb things in my lunchbox, and then the gearbox started sticking, like it didn’t want to move in one place, and it made a clicking kind of noise, I took the gearbox apart, and didn’t see anything. Anyone know what’s wrong?
  22. Was is dumb to put this: http://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/112851, and this: http://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/101279 in my lunchbox? I also duct taped a Lipo in temporarily until I can get a bigger battery door, it’s so much fun! But will it damage anything with literally no upgrades other than the aluminum body mounts?
  23. Ok, so I’ve seen people say it is possible, but I can’t seem to find a video of it, can you please share one? And if it’s lost in a general bashing video, please include the timestamp, thanks!
  24. Hi all, New to builds, having had my Dad make me a Super Blackfoot as a kid. My cousin had a LB, and I always loved how mental it was to drive😂 My missus bought me one as a gift back in February and having put it all together, and immediately crashing it, I decided I wanted to look at making it fun but better to drive. To date I’ve installed a Tamiya Sports Tuned motor, metal bearings, and this evening I’ve installed oil filled shocks. Having just taken it out, it seems to sit better under load. I will say it pulls a touch to the left, and I’m almost certain that the wheels are spinning inside the tyres. So my questions are the following: How can I make the car better than stock beyond those adjustments? Should I have replaced the pinion with the motor upgrade? Foam in the tyres or not bother? What’s the best battery setup to choose? Where can I get a transmission strut brace in the UK, as I don’t want to do the 5th shock mod? Sanding down the damage on the body for re-spraying, what’s the best process? Sorry, lots of questions but I’m very new to this. Kind Regards, Carl
  25. Hey all, I've enjoyed reading the many threads in the forum. This body has a copyright 1987 and an arrow pointing to PS (styrene), not ABS. I'd like some advise as to what to do with this body. On the outer shell, it appears that there is that "chrome" top paint that's sold that isn't chrome at all. And some really rough, to the touch, green paint on the inside. It looks like marking paint to me. I did some wet sanding on the outer shell and it's very smooth. My thoughts are to get the outer shell wet sanded smooth a bit more, not touch the inside, and prime it inside and out for painting. I've read about Easy-off and other chemicals. I'd hate to ruin this thing. Thanks for the input.
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