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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have the 19805886 mount screws for the M-06 chassis? I can't find them anywhere. I'm trying to find 2 of them, though 4 would be better. Thanks for looking, - Trowa
  2. Hello everybody! This is my very first question on this forum (and in this language... ) and yes, i know my English leaves a lot to be desired, but believe me i do my best, so please go easy on me I'm going to build an M-06(Nimh Battery and TBLE-02s Esc.), but it being my first RWD Chassis i have a few question when it comes to the handling: -Is my Sport Tuned motor powerful enough for it to be quick when accelerating out of a curve or should i buy something hotter(I would prefer a brushed one)? I guess quick acceleration depends also on the gear ratio, so my next question is: -What pinion size should i choose? -Is an Anti-roll bar any good for this chassis? -How does this Chassis actually drive? Sorry for the dumb question, but i guess it will be FAR different than my TL-01, TA-02 or M-03, so i just want to have an idea in terms of what to look for when it comes to driving this car. Good Tires(60D M-Grip), Suspension(Oil filled extra short dampers), Aluminium Steering(Yeah Racing) are also going to be on the Car
  3. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience in drifting this chassis? ive just picked one up. Running 10.5t brushless motor, esc, lipo, and some drift wheels. Well i had it at the track last night.... and needless to say it was a mess. It seemed to want to spin at the slightest touch of the steering. with my ESC and motor it almost felt like the car had too much power. I test fitted a Gyro and wasnt much help.... Im determined to make it work though. heres my inspiration... this is an m-06 chassis with mods. Not sure what mods though.I have seen a mod on another m chassis to get crazy lock, and thought this might help just need to figure out if it will suit the m-06. Any one any thoughts? it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone. After years of rather enviously looking at the big Tamiya boxes in the hobby shop I've decided to take the plunge. What I'd like is a good basic 190mm rally setup to be able to traverse the woods and pathways around where I live. Just trying to figure out what's the best entry point from what I've learnt through reading this forum and others, which is: XV-01 is probably the best chassis/package. It can easily be upgraded with longer shocks for more travel/clearance BUT doing this then limits the choice of bodies to boxy things like the Impreza hatchback, Evo X and Integrale to fit the longer suspension inside. DF-03 is better than a converted touring car chassis like a TT for rallying but seems out of favour compared with XV-01. Not sure how it compares on ground clearance or what options there are to spring it best for where I want to take it M-06 just looks like fun, and the build of the Alpine A110 that I saw using CVA Mini shocks to increase clearance and travel, plus fitting rally block tyres, looks brilliant. Just not sure how deep in the forest she'll get! At the moment I've got three options that I've focused on and would like to see what you guys think. Option 1) Blow the cash and get an XV-01 with longer shocks plus an aftermarket body like a Skoda Fabia S2000. Even with the basic 'retailer's bundle' electronics that's close to £400, which is an interesting prospect... but if you're gonna be a bear, you'd better be a grizzly Option 2) Go for a DF-03 with a Lancer Evo V body, my all-time favourite rally car, and find out what the best options on shocks are Option 3) Build a little Alpine or Beetle with CVA Mini shocks and rally block tyres, accepting that it will probably get stuck more often but, awww, it looks cute Given all that, may I ask you experts whether you think I've understood things correctly and which of my three options you like? Also, given that I'm not competing or anything, can I get away with the sort of servos and electronics that are on offer from most retailers' set menus or is it toy-grade stuff? Many, many thanks in advance for your thoughts. I shall try to be a bit less of an irritating newbie ASAP!
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