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Found 3 results

  1. This is my first build thread, my first road car but my fifth kit build (approximately one a year). Apologies upfront if I go into too much or too little detail. I already tend to photograph my progress as this ensures that I am selecting the correct parts for every step (measure twice and cut once). It also prolongs the enjoyment of building a kit and is a good way of keeping a record. I’m pretty sure that the hop-ups are not a financially sensible route to take but my preference is to build the kit with the hop-ups and keep the standard parts unused, plus the financially sensible thing to do would have been to pay off some mortgage but where’s the fun in that. There are already a couple of other excellent M-07 build threads which go into detail of the kit build so I’ll just show the hop-ups I’ve added plus any comments on any features or tricky areas that I think might be of interest. I thought that it would be beneficial to list the extra parts that come with this kit (over the M-07 Concept version #58647) and also the additional hop-ups I’ll be using. First off, the following option parts/hop-ups are included with this kit: M-07 Concept High-Traction Lower Deck #54812 TRF Special Damper (Hard Black Coating) #42102 M-07 Concept Reinforced C Parts (Uprights) 2pcs. #54810 M-07 Concept Reinforced D Parts (Suspension Arms) 2pcs. #54811 33mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.) #42312 Clamp Type Aluminium Wheel Hub (5mm Thick) #53823 Rear Stabilizer – NOTE: the manual states that this is #54757, although checking online, #54757 is for the set (front and rear plus hard and soft). The kit just contains the hard rear stabilizer rod, I guess the front is stable enough? Aluminium Cup Joint for TA06 Gear Differential Unit (2pcs.) #54532 Hard Fluorine Coated 0.6 Aluminium Pinion Gear (20T) #53509 2.6mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft Set for Reversible Suspension #53917 46mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shafts 2pcs. #53851 3x106mm Aluminium Turnbuckle Shaft #54756 The following additional parts and hop-ups are being added. I wasn’t sure if the kit was going to come with tyres or inserts so bought some just in case although I have no idea how good they are. I’ve also got a couple of body shells plus paint and I have a couple of designs in mind: Tamiya M07 Aluminium Rear Uprights Set Blue #54781 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Rear Suspension Mount 4 pcs Blue #54760 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Steering Arm 1 pair Blue #54763 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Front Suspension Mount 6degree Blue #54780 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Steering Bridge Blue #54764 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink Blue #54759 Tamiya M07 Carbon Rear Damper Stay Set #54762 Tamiya M07 Carbon Front Damper Stay Set #54761 Tamiya M07 Carbon Bumper Support Set Black #54791 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Centre Shaft Silver #54767 Tamiya M07 Aluminium Counter Shaft Silver #54766 Tamiya TA06 Cross Shaft for Gear Differential Unit #54311 Tamiya TA06 Aluminium Differential Unit Cover #54602 Tamiya M-Chassis 60D Radial Tires (2 pairs) #50683 Tamiya M-Chassis 60D Inner Sponge x4 #50686 Yeah Racing Aluminium Front Steering Knuckle Set #TAMC-030BU Yeah Racing Aluminium C-Hub Set #TAMC-029BU The following are existing parts that I already have that will be used with this build (to prove that I’m saving money by reusing parts). As mentioned, I have no experience of road cars so not sure how these will perform but I am happy to try it out and change to brushless later if I feel that I need more performance. Hobbywing QUICRUN 1060 ESC Tamiya Torque Tuned motor Servo Spektrum receiver nVision 3700 2S LiPo My first impression of the box is that it’s a lot smaller than I was expecting but I guess other kits I’ve had before contain the body, tyres, ESC and motor. It just looks like a standard box with an extra flap showing the details of the M-07R kit, there are no sections or layers and everything is just packed in pretty neatly. Looking through the parts the standard plastic parts come in clear bags whereas the reinforced parts come in thicker blue plastic bags. Also included is a manual, decals and an antenna pipe and it looks like all the screws are hexes. Parts Parts bags The M-07 can be assembled in either in either medium (225mm) or long (239mm) wheelbase options and I’ll be following the medium - 225mm instructions. The first thing I did was to run through the instructions and add mini post-it notes to the steps where I will be adding the hop-ups to ensure that I don’t miss them. I also wanted to highlight the parts where I should follow the medium wheel base steps (29-36) instead of the long wheelbase steps (21-28). Finally before I start, the manual states the following: As this kit is for experienced users, design tolerances of parts are very tight. Files and drills will be used for fine adjustment. Make threads using Thread Forming Tap. I bought the Tamiya M3 X 0.5mm Tread Forming Tap #54232 and practised using it on one of the shock towers (this part will not be used). I’m pleased to say that this has worked really well, just slowly screw it in to the desired depth and then unscrew it. When putting in the actual screw I turned the screw anti-clockwise for about a quarter of a turn before screwing it in correctly. See below for a ball connector test fitting: Right, time to get started..
  2. I have had a bit of a dilemma, I have received semi-sign off to buy a new car (this is a once a year thing at the very most) but there is so much choice. As I rarely get a chance to actually use them (kids not really that interested), the main point of my purchase is the build as I absolutely love that part of the hobby. I/we currently have a Mad Bull, DT-03, GF-01 and an Axial Yeti (that I should sell although I know it is probably worth about a third of the amount that has gone into it). I was thinking of something totally different to these cars. I've thought about the TT-02, the classic re-res, even the new Comical releases but I'm interested in trying a road car and so was thinking of the upcoming M-07R. Looking at the included hop-ups, the additional cost over the standard M-07 seems worth it..plus if I went with the standard car, I would just end up getting the hop-ups eventually. I have never had a road car so it would be great to get anyone's opinions on this car plus I do have a couple of question that I really hope someone could help me with: Probably the most important question first and a really newbie one..what sort of surface can these cars run on, i.e. how smooth does it need to be, will an outside car park be OK? It's not the smoothest and there are a few loose gravel patches. The manual states that 'tolerances of parts are very tight, make threads using a Thread Forming Tap'. This isn't something that I have used before, how does it work, is it necessary to use this on all holes? #54232 looks suitable? It seems that the road chassis either come without a motor or with a Torque Tuned. I am guessing that as the track surface is more consistent, then the motor is less stressed (although that could be complete rubbish). Can I get away with a brushed motor, (Sports Tuned) or should I really go brushless? I have a Castle Creations 3800KV motor in the Yeti that I could use but not sure if I should get something quicker? Would any bodyshell that fits the M-05 or M-06 be suitable (as long as it has a 225mm wheelbase)? Many thanks for any help.
  3. The awesome new Tamiya M-07 Concept car has one flaw. There is a hole on the bottom of the chassis, said to allow access to the pinion screw, that has the potential to allow dirt and pebbles into the transmission. This would wreak havoc on the gears. Tamiya provides aluminum glass tape to cover the hole. Unfortunately, the tape peels off after the first run or two as the chassis bottoms out on the ground. I created this plug to close the hole and keep debris out of the transmission. Unlike the tape, this plug is reusable. I suggest you purchase at least two plugs so that you have at least one spare in the event that it gets lost or misplaced. You can even share with your friends that run the M-07. https://www.shapeways.com/product/SEVSZVNE6/tamiya-m-07-concept-chassis-plug?optionId=63334527
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