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Found 7 results

  1. I have an M02, and unbeknowest to me, since the M02 is simply an M01 that runs backwards more or less, this means that pretty much anything past a silver can will have its timing reversed compared to the forward direction of the car, since the motor essentially runs backwards. I'd like to know what adjustable timing motors would be suitable for an M02. I currently have a sport-tuned in there that makes it run better backwards than forwards lol. I'd like a motor that is: 1. Pretty nice looking if possible 2. Not overly bonkers powerwise (it's just an M02 after all!) 3. Available online these days (no rocking horse poo or hen's teeth please ) 4. Not ridiculously priced 5. Brushed and most importantly: 6. Can have its timing turned backwards without having to mod it, or break off tabs or whatever Any suggestions?
  2. So I have bought on the end of 2019 a M05 chassis I have built here to M05ver2 spec. the pictures dont work any more... I am using a different hosting service now. anywas... that build above originally was a M05 Fiat 500 kit that got split to parts and I bought the chassis so cheap, I also bought the m05ver2 chassis parts and converted it to a m05ver2... that means I have a almost normal M05 in spares. this is it, the M05ver2 now on a M02 chassis, the m05ver2 has a Nissan Silvia S14 body So here it goes, after the m05ver2 was finished, I bought a parts lot on ebay as it had the original Tamiya steering its for the M05ver2 and normal M05 Yeah racing motor mount with big heat sink... I have also left over speed gears and RA uprughts... thats a direction I am going.. Also carbon reinforced front and rear lower suspension arms. a few pictures of the process by now: Chassis by now: on the Inside I am using the first gear next to the pinion, from 3 racing in 35T, with a 20T pinion mounted. Yeah racing motor mount aluminium for the stock M05 with oversized heatsink. so I dont forget I put up the other day a topic I am looking for a servo buckle for the m05, and some c, d and b chassis parts... I remebered I have the buckle somewhere as my M05ver2 has the hop up blue one. So lets fit the servo in with a blue alu horn as I dont have the correct 25T horn for this kind of servo. I decided to install this caron reinforced arms onto this M05, my M05ver2 dont needs them as it has the ver2 arms set. nice and stiff these are RA uprights and C hubs same as in the rear. The shocks are Tamiya OIL dampers, but the seem like a older model like a FF01 or so? on order I have Jaz riders flat diff cups, and drive shafts with outer joints. Tamiya B parts (steering parts) Tamiya D parts (rear damper mount, rear suspension plate, upper rails) The only thing I am missing for now are the rear body mounts. they fit of a M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 and TA04 from my expirience. PLEASE HELP
  3. Does anyone know if the rear hub on an M02 can be replaced with one from another M-Series model or any other Tamiya model? Just noticed one of mine has cracked irreparably & I'm not holding out much hope of finding a replacement. thanks.
  4. which, if any, of the m kits can be set up short enough to fit a 190-200mm wheelbase body?
  5. For sale, my entire collection of M01 and M02 parts. I once gathered all this for a failed idea to go racing with an M01, and now it's been gathering dust. Not everything is in the best of shape, but there are a few new sprues, and two whole good long-wheelbase nose sections. What you get: - 2 almost-new long wheelbase nose sections - 2 complete D-parts - 1 C-parts without steering knuckle (part C5 is seperate, but present) - 3 x left and 3x right main chassis parts in good shape - 2 x gearbox halves left and right in poor shape - 1 steering link assembly - 6 battery stoppers - 3 battery 'wings' and some misc small bits like body posts and such I'd prefer not to split the set. If you want we can always negotiate about making a set of parts. Asking price for the whole thing: €40, ex. shipping from The Netherlands.
  6. As I promised, here is a small overview of my cars so far. My first ever RC car I bought when I was 12. It was an M02 Alpine A110, and it was well used and abused throughout the years. I raced it in the Eurocup, where it soon found itself hopelessly outclassed against the (then-new) M03s. I parked it in the attic and forgot all about it. However, four years ago, my then-office decided to have a team-building exercise; build and race TT01s against the other departments. Because I was the only one with any clue how to assemble them, I was named chief mechanic and driver. After the big event I took the thing home, and promptly bought a second one. ... I guess you can kinda see how this goes from here... Four years later, and I have fully restored the M02, making it a light-duty runner with the only modern addition of a 2.4Ghz receiver and an ESC. The rest is pure '90s goodness, including an original body set. The TT01 received a Lancia Delta Integrale body set, and a rally interior soon after. The TT01 is still with me, I race it in the Dutch Tamiya Cup wearing a Toyota GT86 body set (the beautiful Lancia is just too fragile for the track).. For the local indoor carpet track I have two cars. I started out running the TT, but soon upgraded to a TRF419, currently in Stock 17.5t trim to comply with local regulations. It's an absolute beast, precise as a scalpel and quick like a fox. The other car I bought to compete with my wife. She runs a Tamiya F1 mutt (F104 with an X1 rear pod and setup, and a TRF102 frontend on foam, and I found the 419 to be outgunned. So I went and got a TRF102. The TRF F1 is still fairly new to me, and I'm still working on setting it up. I run it on rubber instead of foam, which puts me at a huge handling disadvantage compared to her foam-shod car. The 102 has the upper hand in power though, she runs a silver can, and I run a 21.5t brushless in blinky. We also have two DT03 buggies, just to mess around with on the beach, and I'm currently painting up a CC01 Mitsubishi Pajero MTW.
  7. I'm selling some parts and NIB kit Please, No swap. Tamiya Honda S800 M02 NIB : Price : 159 euros + shipping at cost (from France) Lot 4 bodysets 1/10 Renault Megane Maxi : - 190mm - 260mm - No decals - Fit on FF-01 et FF-03 Price : 25 euros for the whole + shipping at cost. (from France) HPI Bodyset 1/10 BMW 2002 Turbo : - 225mm Price : 29 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Ta02 Racing Special NIB : - NIB Price : 189 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya Clio NIB : - NIB Price : 195 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Blue Roll cage for Marui galaxy RS - good shape Price : 22 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya BMW M3 TT01 - NIB Price : 100 euros + shipping at cost. (from France)
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