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Found 6 results

  1. So I have bought on the end of 2019 a M05 chassis I have built here to M05ver2 spec. the pictures dont work any more... I am using a different hosting service now. anywas... that build above originally was a M05 Fiat 500 kit that got split to parts and I bought the chassis so cheap, I also bought the m05ver2 chassis parts and converted it to a m05ver2... that means I have a almost normal M05 in spares. this is it, the M05ver2 now on a M02 chassis, the m05ver2 has a Nissan Silvia S14 body So here it goes, after the m05ver2 was finished, I bought a parts lot on ebay as it had the original Tamiya steering its for the M05ver2 and normal M05 Yeah racing motor mount with big heat sink... I have also left over speed gears and RA uprughts... thats a direction I am going.. Also carbon reinforced front and rear lower suspension arms. a few pictures of the process by now: Chassis by now: on the Inside I am using the first gear next to the pinion, from 3 racing in 35T, with a 20T pinion mounted. Yeah racing motor mount aluminium for the stock M05 with oversized heatsink. so I dont forget I put up the other day a topic I am looking for a servo buckle for the m05, and some c, d and b chassis parts... I remebered I have the buckle somewhere as my M05ver2 has the hop up blue one. So lets fit the servo in with a blue alu horn as I dont have the correct 25T horn for this kind of servo. I decided to install this caron reinforced arms onto this M05, my M05ver2 dont needs them as it has the ver2 arms set. nice and stiff these are RA uprights and C hubs same as in the rear. The shocks are Tamiya OIL dampers, but the seem like a older model like a FF01 or so? on order I have Jaz riders flat diff cups, and drive shafts with outer joints. Tamiya B parts (steering parts) Tamiya D parts (rear damper mount, rear suspension plate, upper rails) The only thing I am missing for now are the rear body mounts. they fit of a M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 and TA04 from my expirience. PLEASE HELP
  2. Does anyone know if the rear hub on an M02 can be replaced with one from another M-Series model or any other Tamiya model? Just noticed one of mine has cracked irreparably & I'm not holding out much hope of finding a replacement. thanks.
  3. which, if any, of the m kits can be set up short enough to fit a 190-200mm wheelbase body?
  4. For sale, my entire collection of M01 and M02 parts. I once gathered all this for a failed idea to go racing with an M01, and now it's been gathering dust. Not everything is in the best of shape, but there are a few new sprues, and two whole good long-wheelbase nose sections. What you get: - 2 almost-new long wheelbase nose sections - 2 complete D-parts - 1 C-parts without steering knuckle (part C5 is seperate, but present) - 3 x left and 3x right main chassis parts in good shape - 2 x gearbox halves left and right in poor shape - 1 steering link assembly - 6 battery stoppers - 3 battery 'wings' and some misc small bits like body posts and such I'd prefer not to split the set. If you want we can always negotiate about making a set of parts. Asking price for the whole thing: €40, ex. shipping from The Netherlands.
  5. As I promised, here is a small overview of my cars so far. My first ever RC car I bought when I was 12. It was an M02 Alpine A110, and it was well used and abused throughout the years. I raced it in the Eurocup, where it soon found itself hopelessly outclassed against the (then-new) M03s. I parked it in the attic and forgot all about it. However, four years ago, my then-office decided to have a team-building exercise; build and race TT01s against the other departments. Because I was the only one with any clue how to assemble them, I was named chief mechanic and driver. After the big event I took the thing home, and promptly bought a second one. ... I guess you can kinda see how this goes from here... Four years later, and I have fully restored the M02, making it a light-duty runner with the only modern addition of a 2.4Ghz receiver and an ESC. The rest is pure '90s goodness, including an original body set. The TT01 received a Lancia Delta Integrale body set, and a rally interior soon after. The TT01 is still with me, I race it in the Dutch Tamiya Cup wearing a Toyota GT86 body set (the beautiful Lancia is just too fragile for the track).. For the local indoor carpet track I have two cars. I started out running the TT, but soon upgraded to a TRF419, currently in Stock 17.5t trim to comply with local regulations. It's an absolute beast, precise as a scalpel and quick like a fox. The other car I bought to compete with my wife. She runs a Tamiya F1 mutt (F104 with an X1 rear pod and setup, and a TRF102 frontend on foam, and I found the 419 to be outgunned. So I went and got a TRF102. The TRF F1 is still fairly new to me, and I'm still working on setting it up. I run it on rubber instead of foam, which puts me at a huge handling disadvantage compared to her foam-shod car. The 102 has the upper hand in power though, she runs a silver can, and I run a 21.5t brushless in blinky. We also have two DT03 buggies, just to mess around with on the beach, and I'm currently painting up a CC01 Mitsubishi Pajero MTW.
  6. I'm selling some parts and NIB kit Please, No swap. Tamiya Honda S800 M02 NIB : Price : 159 euros + shipping at cost (from France) Lot 4 bodysets 1/10 Renault Megane Maxi : - 190mm - 260mm - No decals - Fit on FF-01 et FF-03 Price : 25 euros for the whole + shipping at cost. (from France) HPI Bodyset 1/10 BMW 2002 Turbo : - 225mm Price : 29 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Ta02 Racing Special NIB : - NIB Price : 189 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya Clio NIB : - NIB Price : 195 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Blue Roll cage for Marui galaxy RS - good shape Price : 22 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya BMW M3 TT01 - NIB Price : 100 euros + shipping at cost. (from France)
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