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Found 10 results

  1. I did some 8 deg c hubs for my Comical Hornet. They will fit any RWD vehicle that uses TL01 derivative suspension - Any of the WT02 derivatives, WT01, M04, there may be others. It improves front grip. It does exactly the same job as Tamiya 54661 but is a bit cheaper. If you have a GF01 or 4WD WT variant you need the Tamiya part. These don't have a hole for the front driveshaft to maintain strength in the 3d printed material. They are on my Shapeways store now. The other bonus for Comical chassis owners is these come in a loaf of colours, so you can get a green one for your Grasshopper, or pink for your Frog. http://shpws.me/RiXw
  2. As many of you have guessed, I'm a lover of all things Lancia. I've owned two Lancias. In high school I had a Lancia Beta Coupe *cue rust jokes*. And during college I bought and drove a Lancia Scorpion aka Montecarlo. The Coupe was fun, and I still tell the story about its rust nearly causing an accident. The Montecarlo was my true love, still to date my favorite car owned. I drove it for nearly a decade, eventually selling it as I needed air conditioning and it needed a proper repainting. I've been in love with all things Montecarlo since I saw the Lancia Rally stradale in the Bayless Fiat-Lancia parts catalog. From that I'd read many articles about the car. So as a Lancia fan, it's odd to say but the Stratos always comes second in my mind in spite of its accomplishments. I've owned more than a few 1/43 scale 037s, a few 1/24 scale Hasegawa, a pair of 1/24 Polisil models, and a 1/18th Kyosho. But the Tamiya 037 is the most interesting. Plus you can actually use it. My family was huge into Fiats and Lancia. Still is to a degree. Clockwise from bottom left: My 1976 Lancia Scorpion, Fiat 124 Coupe, my father's 77 Scorpion, 81 Beta Zagato (Spider), '80 Fiat 124 Spider ITB racecar, and another 124 Spider project car. So for me getting into RC in early 2013, it was quite timely that Tamiya should re-release the body in 2014. Unfortunately there is a bit of hunting required to piece together a working car. I did buy a TA03R, bought the new production belt from Germany and a R-S tub, built it... crashed it (minus bodyshell), rebuilt it. Then it annoyed me that the axles were always a little too wide in front. And the belt kept falling off on the back. The decision was made that I would sell the TA03R-S with the 911 GT1 shell I had that was useless because it was already cut... making duplication a daunting task. Then came the TA05. Originally you guessed it, it was for the Lancia 037 shell. Using the Porsche 911 GT2 body re-release instructions, I shortened the chassis. Again... front track way too wide even with extra thin hexes. If you've read this far, I think you know why I've decided on an M04 as the basis for this project. Additionally the supplied 037 wheels are simply too large in diameter for the body. This isn't surprising. Bearing in mind the body was originally designed for the ORV then redesigned to fit the TA03R-S. The reality is I'm grateful Tamiya made the re-releases. I now own enough bodies bought at a reasonable enough price, that I don't have to treat all of them as shelf queens. More to follow :-D The more you know factoid: Lancia Rally was the car's official designation. The 037 portion is an Abarth project number. And yes, the Group B Lancia Delta S4 is the Abarth 038.
  3. Hey folks, this is my first post to TamiyaClub and I wanted to share my cars. I have used this forum to figure what I wanted to build and to find out options for bodies etc over the last year or so and its really a great forum and resource. I wish that I was better at taking pictures while I build the bodies and the chassis but I end up being to focused and I forget to take pictures. I would have put this in the build section but its pretty much the finished cars. So being a big Porsche fan I wanted to get an RC car and at the same time Tamiya Released the 1/10th 40th Anniversary 934 Jagermiester. A great car and kit, I enjoyed the build but realized it was a dated layout and tech, and also really big. So after researching about Tamiya I found that there first cars were mostly Porsches and actually more like 1/12 scale and that the most recent similar and cost effective offering was the TamTech GT-01 Chassis. A nice RWD setup i picked up a few TamTech 935 RTR kits one to drive and crash with my son and a couple to keep / sell. The RWD proved to be fun with high grip but out of control on slick surfaces. So not wanting to spend more money to get older rare vintage and older tech, I started looking at M-Chassis to quickly learn they are all FWD or RWD and pretty entry level, except for 1 special limited edition version! So as quirky as it is, the TA05 M-Four was just what I wanted 4WD M Chassis that was a little "high end". The main downside is the tall height of the front shock towers as many 1/12th scale bodies are of cars with low lying hoods. (So all of my bodies sit as low as they can on the shock towers but oddly enough, works out being just the right height so far) Being Retail $600 was not what I wanted, but tamiyausa has it for $249 nowadays. I want to buy one more to keep since it is in fact limited edition! Tamiya 84255 TA05 M-Four Dynamite Basic Fwd Rev ESC Futaba Standard ball bearing servo Tamiya SPT Motor 380 Tactic Basic Receiver / Controller So after figuring the chassis out I was about to pull the trigger on 934 and 935 TamTech Bodies and original 934 and 935 plastic bodies I found available, but then learned that the 934 and 935 where on an even smaller wheel base than 210mm....So I re-started my search for bodies to find HPI Cup Racer 1/12th scale had 2 - 210mm wheel base bodies : Lancia Stratos and luckily '73 Carrera RSR! BAM!! Back on track to accomplish my mission of 1/12th scale Tamiya 4WD M Chassis Porsche! So I ordered the discontinued HPI Porsche body from Japan. It is very accurate with nice trims and accessories, but thinner flimsyier than Tamiya bodies, but thats ok, its still awesome! I also started looking again at Tamiya bodies as they are always super detailed and very sturdy. So I have a list now and I have accomplished 3 bodies with about another 5 left to obtain and paint: HPI Cup Racer Porsche Carrera RSR - Done Tamiya 1/12 Renault Alpine A110 - Done Tamiya 1/12 Honda S800 - Done Tamiya 1/12 Nissan Silvia S15 - Done Tamiya 1/12 Renault R5 Turbo - Next in line to complete and to make a scale replica of my own actual 1984 R5 Turbo Red - Need to Find! Tamiya 1/12 Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR - Next in line to complete and currently available for little more than i want to spend around $200-$300 for body. But super awesome with engine hanging out of the back!! Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 959 - Hard to find and very pricey - awesome none the less and required for my Porsche collection!!! I will do this one after I do a Renault R5 Turbo Tamiya 1/12 Toyota Celica Group B - Even harder to find than the 959 and I love Toyota so I hope to find this one at a reasonable price and build also. And on to the rest of the pics! 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR - Burnt Orange - 3mm Front Wheels - 6mm Rear Wheels : HPI Cup Racer 8 Spoke MX60 1971 Renault Alpine A110 - Corsa Grey - 0mm Front Wheels - 3mm Rear Wheels : HPI Cup Racer 8 Spoke MX60 1965 Honda S800 - Metallic Black - 3mm Front Wheels - 3mm Rear Wheels : HPI Cup Racer 8 Spoke MX60 Nissan Silvia S15 - Pink Gold Irridescent PS47 - 6mm Yokomo T6R Wheels Thanks for looking and any comments are appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya BMW Z3 M Roadster body shell and wheel set. It has a 239mm wheelbase (MChassis) and is now a very rare body set and wheels. The body is in used condition and the paint is flaking off. However, there don't appear to be any splits and the decals seem to be in great condition, so perhaps it could be re-painted! The wheels seem like new, there is lots of tread left and the rims are in nice condition. I'm after £25 + postage (ONO) Thanks, Sam.
  5. Cruising around on Shapeways, I found an interesting little conversion. It was an M04 rear motor conversion. After a little more digging, I found an "XL" version which stretched it out to 257mm (standard touring size) Using TL01 bits, it could be a rear motor 190mm touring car...interesting. Since I had a full option M04 on the shelf collecting dust and a TL01 long arm suspension on another shelf, I thought this might be a fun project. So initially, I had stretched the M04 out to a mid motor 257 car with some homemade chassis extensions. I dug out the LA parts and they pretty much bolted right on...sorta The rear bolted right up, even the TL01 swaybars transferred right over. Mixing and matching Tamiya parts is so much fun. The front parts also dropped right on, though the steering knuckle was way too short and bound up against the swaybar. I tried out a few and found that an old TB02 knuckle fit perfect and was long enough to not hit the swaybar. The rear motor conversion flips the rear clip around, and bolts to the chassis using the 4 rear bumper holes. Pretty slick idea. There's no provision for the swaybar though, and I had to improvise. I glued some CR01 spacers on to keep it centered vertically, and put a small piece of foam in between to keep it from moving laterally. Works like a charm. Bolted up and ready to go! Finished chassis....low and narrow! Vintage wheels and tires - the fat rear tires should help with grip out back. I had to swap the rear hubs side to side to get some toe-in in the rear. It's only a degree or so, I'll be keeping an eye out for some hubs with more toe built in. Stock silvercan (out of little brother M06) until I get the suspension sorted out. Found a 21t pinion as well, so bumped up the gearing from a 19t and dropped in a TL01 speed tuned gear set. Also picked up some 3000mah lipos that fit in the chassis (has the old round style battery opening) Love how low the entire chassis is..Tamiya's low profile bodies should have no trouble dropping on. I took it for a test run in the driveway and compared to the mid motor set-up it's much more planted, both on braking and acceleration. It drives like a big M06 which is a good thing! Much different from my TT02 and other touring cars. It's a bit edgy, but that's what makes it fun! So now it's time for a little body work! Picked up the Tamiya Capri body and went to work. Found out it's a 251mm body...whoops! Just lined up the front wheels and I recut the rear wheel wells a little further back - since the sides are flat, it worked out ok. I also had to swap over to TG10 axles front and rear to get the wheels pushed out enough...this body is very wide! Laid down some of my "team colors" and started with decals, rear wing, etc.. And done! Rear wing took about an hour to get right. Holy cow! Anyway, kinda went with my own scheme using the Jager decals and "team colors". I forgot to paint the grill black, sometimes reading the instructions comes in handy! I don't have any track pics, per-se, but this car is a blast to drive. It suffers in the tight areas as braking is only RWD, but on long sweeping turns it just plants the rear and takes off. I could add some stickier rear tires but frankly I love the look overall and I'll deal with it.
  6. which, if any, of the m kits can be set up short enough to fit a 190-200mm wheelbase body?
  7. So, I have been fascinated to say the least with the M chassis group. I have amassed at least ONE of each type, even the shared platform M01/02 with the only difference really being which end of the car is driven and steered. Where I owe a HUGE debt to OCD Steve for a beautiful paintjob on an original Mini complete with layering and just plain perfection in its Union Jack flying on the roof, I haven't posted it up on TC as I have never felt it quite "DONE" yet, that is coming very near dear friends and neighbors, so just hold with me a little longer and you will get the showcase that gem deserves. Now, onto the rest of my M garage, I am currently going for The Italian Job triple threat Mini build, using the easier and cheaper to source Racing body with the lackluster lack of chrome, but I hope they don't disappoint as I have a twist going for that build too. I got sidelined when I was building 3 at once with a lack of all the bits and bobs and I wanted to ensure there were some newer parts and some Hop Ups and some uniqueness and such, so that is still on the back burner, but because the overseas postman has dropped off the majority of the goods, I can get back that direction, especially since I think I have wrapped up my dual M04 build. I built 2 at one time since I had promised my brother an RC car about 3 and a half years ago, it has been a while, but I dug up receipts from late 2013 where I was buying bits and bodies, so I have the proof in front of me. Because he has moved a few times, perhaps it is a good thing I haven't gotten it done as now he is in a better spot to enjoy it and perhaps even get it onto a road track since I didn't build an offroad M04, but with M sized rally tires, that thought could happen now, just kidding. He is also older than I, but a bit of a novice in things RC, so I built his with a little less magical stuff and made it where he could upgrade it as he saw fit. Tamiyamandan donned some paint on the twin bodies over a year ago and I have to admit they are still not done, but I won't reveal them until I can call them done with details and such, let's just say MAGNETIC BODY MOUNTS are a necessity. ON WITH THE BUILD AND NO MORE TYPING, PHOTOS Starting point That was some eye candy and WALLET emptying right there, thankfully I spread that out over a number of years since I don't seem to get all my ducks in a row, but while thinking it over, I scour ebay some days endlessly and other times I just get plain lucky. Now that you have seen SOME of the goodies, lets get to building. GEARBOX internals Those carbon shafts sure grip the bearings tightly This had been put together and run a looooong time ago, so I did get some of the excess grease out of there upon the rebuild Front and rear sections, perhaps the coolest part about building an M04, the compartments you build BEFORE you attach them to the main "fuselage" of a chassis Note the hop ups, there is stainless steel suspension pins, metal motor mount, sport tuned motor running a 17T gear(I think) and you can't see it but the sway bar kit is installed on this gem too. Ball joints for upcoming upgraded shocks. In case you caught them in the previous photo, put the M03 universal assembly joints in there too(notice they are black, not the standard silver/chrome) Here we have the front suspension assembly, again, hopped up a tad with REINFORCED Axle shafts in black again vs the standard or lightweight silver stock. They come with shims that I think are a NECESSITY for getting some of that little slop out of the front axles, I ended up using 2 shims per axle nearest the bearing mating surface. Lightweight kingpin screws or whatever Tamiya calls them, you can see the sway bar here as well as the simple metal hexes I went with, perhaps some clamp on style later, REAL Alu Tamiya uprights, came to me used, but since this is a "used/worn/ex racecar" build, slight scuffs here and there only add character, but there are new parts in there too.The bearings on this build are Teflon shielded that I had laying around and had enough of them, so in they went after I was sure they were in good, smooth operating order. Home made/ hand cut foam front bumper, had to trim it up a tad to clear the shocks when I went to install them, I will hope it fills the gap with the end use body when I get to that stage. and BOOM, we have those shiny shockers, a little worn, but I couldn't pass up the offer made by a seller on eBay to unload them on me, they have some nicks and scars both on the plastic bits and a little on the bodies too, but again, CHARACTER as I had to rebuild a pair to the spec that is vague at best for what goes on an M chassis as these are the 53155 set with instructions for Touring cars vs the smaller M chassis, they of course now have a specific set of M Chassis low friction shocks with a piston that is some 2mm shorter and body that is matched to that short throw, but THESE were listed on the HOP UPS sheet, so these went on, I do like to go period at times with the proper additions to a build. ANNNND their mates, out back same again, different piston for a tighter action, single hole piston plunger or whatever it is called. and YES, they are a deeper pink, it is one of the reasons they were so cheap as they didn't perfectly match each other in color as a set of 4, but I considered putting them on an M01 or M02 and still might later, I don't know, but in going with the made up Theme I have going on here, budget character racer, weekend warrior type runner/race car, so it is fitting I think. This is where things got dicey, wanted to use the Hi Torque Servo saver, had some bits in black, but not enough of them sadly and was missing a spring on that "loose" kit, so opened up the white set and when I went to build it, realized I had to make a choice of the Q parts with the SS tree, or use THIS piece of kit, so in this went, I had intended it to go on say an M05 or M06 later, but realized that those are a single horn type and not of this more direct connection type, so then it came here naturally so it could get into the MM04. The only problem I am having with it is that it is BLUE and there isn't all that much blue on this car, so I will see what happens later, oh and I have an M03 that I want to build out HOPPED UP and BLUE would work perfectly with that, so conundrum, buy another one or what???? I don't know, but will cross that bridge when I get to it. I also dug around and found that I owned the 3x32 turnbuckles apparently. I couldn't find my turnbuckle wrench to save my life, but luckily, the standard Tamiya wrench worked on getting the toe in set well enough till I find the blasted turnbuckle wrench I spent good money on. According to Tamiya, these are Titanium, but since I don't have a metallurgy lab, I am just going to guess that is what they are made of and pray I don't snap them or bend them up as I have heard nightmare stories about Ti in the past. LOTS of fiddly bits in this build, but thankfully, I did find my little pot of AG threadlocker Installed and getting ready to button up the "fuselage" chassis, have put the quick release battery latch on this one too. Well, that does it for the photos I took, I had to get it out and drive it dark or not, so I did last night and it tracks REALLY straight and smooth acceleration and if you dial the steering throw way down, you can just drive with the rear end flinging out all the time, so I dialed more in and gave it less throttle to actually steer through the turns. I didn't hear an inordinate amount of dragging, but it is hard to tell since this chassis came to me really beat up, but still very useful and intact. I think I might have threadlocked 2 or 4 screw holes, so all in all, really tight. Now to get the magnetic body mounts to get rid of the goal posts.
  8. SimonSez

    WTB M-04

    As it states, i am looking for M-04 stuff. I am mainly looking for chassis pieces but I am interested in anything M-04. Rollers, NIB kts, spare chassis sections, hit me up with what you have. I have been trying to track down parts for some time now, is it just me or is the M-04 stuff incredibly hard to find now. Nothing on eBay save for a couple NIB kits going for several hundred. Are these really worth that kind of money, and am I SOL on trying to find these parts? Thanks in advanced!
  9. Hi, As titled, I'm after a rolling chassis M04. Body isn't needed. Thanks, Sam
  10. As a kid in the early 70's, no other car impressed me as much as the Mercedes C111 and as I wasn't alone about that opinion, the toy market was flooded with C111 models and I had a few. All small diecast cars. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I'm here as an adult model car collector, and the dream about an RC C111 still very much alive. A couple of years ago, I suddenly stumbled over two different 1/10 scale C111's at the same time. The C111/2 from the French company Rollet and the C111/2 from the Spanish company Paya. It turned out that the Paya model was better in all respects, so it's what I'm basing my model on. Pics below show the crude toy the model is based on, the current condition of the body after stripping the paint and puttying all the sinkholes and other imperfections, and finally the real car I hope the finished model will resemble pretty well. More here: https://www.facebook.com/mokeikagaku/posts/766419573484981
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