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Found 27 results

  1. I SHOULD know this... But my lifetime of experience started with Buggies, including Semi-Pro Racing, then in recent years, RC Scaler/Crawlers - where Foam choice is CRITICAL, due to enormous soft Tires!! But these little M Chassis Cars..... They don't weigh much, and I'm not doing any competition beyond a little weekend Club Racing. Do People even USE Foams in M Chassis Cars?? 😲 If so, I'd imagine that something very firm would be useless. I've got some fairly soft Tires, and would not want the Tread bowing out, killing traction! I've had a M01 two M03s, and a M04. All with bog standard Tires, felt HARD, no Foams. I hope you can help! πŸ˜‰
  2. Hello M-chassis savvy people. I want to build a stock differential for my M-05. I would have to source a set of gears which include the diff case. Then I would need 51008 (diff internals). And then I would need a pair of little washers like these: I do not have the diff internals yet to measure what the washers would need to be. These washers are hard to find. Would anyone be able to measure the M05/06 washers (ID, OD and thickness)? I want to make sure I can source suitable washers before ordering anything. Thank you!
  3. I figured I'd make a build thread for my first kit, I have experience restoring and repairing RCs, but I've never built a kit. I chose an M05 both due to its low cost, previous experience with a few M-chassis, and because they're just fun drivers. Of course, a day later Tamiya more or less announced the cancelation of the chassis, and a nice already built used example of what I'm building popped up on ebay. My plan is to stick close to the book, Im new to kits, I shouldn't start breaking rules before I know them. But the real question is, will I build another kit after this one? The only hop ups that I will be using are RA uprights (though I will test the chassis in low mode), bearings, torque tuned motor, and a set of 50mm dampers from a previous project. For car park bashing I have little need for much more. I did consider an aluminum motor mount but I couldn't find any. As of this writing the chassis is 80% done, the weather will more or less dictate when I get to the body. I was short just a few self-tapper screws but thankfully I have spares. I didn't take many pictures but I will show the chassis once its ready for testing, and of course the body when its completed.
  4. All items below are $20 a piece, but I am willing to make combo deals. If you are interested in any of my items please PM for pictures and more info. Pro Super Mini Shocks = These are the transparent shocks from an M06 Pro chassis with black springs, they do leak so they will require rebuilding before being driven or use for a shelf queen. I've used them only a few times. Used Foam Tires/Wheels = These are a used set of tires glued to their rims, one has some wear but the others aren't half bad. Two M03 Chassis = Both of these chassis are the bare front/rear halfs, they have their share of scuffs but no cracks. Included are part trees with hubs, servo savers, etc.
  5. ( 2015-present ) I’ve been a TamiyaClub & Rctech site admirer, researcher and observer for decades. Finally I thought it would be nice to document my journey and the various chassis I enjoy. This is as much for some viewers to casually scroll through my process and humble learnings as it is for me share and digitize my untold journey 1990s / Toronto Growing up always I lusted after touring cars and particularly a Tamiya. Back in the day it was only grainy magazine photos and some Californian or Japanese address. It was always far out of reach, both the sun, rc tracks and the culture. In 1993 I was lucky enough to get and build a Traxxas Stampede with my dad as a kid in Toronto, Canada. Decades and many moves, continents, education, career, kids later I bought my first Tamiya. 2015 / Melbourne Purchased through Gumtree Australia I got my hands on a well built and well used M05 13T spec racer. Having had zero prior experience with Tamiya m-chassis or any in depth knowledge anything rc related I began to learn and appreciate the tasteful and useful upgrades the car already had at time of purchase from what I could gather : β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Tamiya M05 Pro Tamiya Alu M dampers Tamiya Alu Front and Rear hub carriers Tamiya Alu steering assembly Tamiya Alu front suspension mount Tamiya Alu steering arm Ball bearings 3racing Gear Diff Yeah racing driveshafts Tamiya M chassis springs Sweep 36R tires Hobbywing EZrun 13T / ESC combo 4200mAh 40C Lipo M chassis compatible Futaba servo NIB Colt 210mm Mini Cooper body ( Loved that it came with a untouched lexan too ) NIB full spare M05 chassis kit plastics ( Was very happy this was included, even if not used for quiet a while ) β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- It arrived, as quick as I could open the box I stuck in a spektrum receiver at the time bound it up to my radio and quickly hit the pounding hot Australian courtyard pavement learning how much of a blast and unique the driving experience was of a fwd m-chassis. The power was ample, this thing moved but was not overkill. It had a quirky balance and a style of driving that needed a bit of planning. The cornering ability was incredible both off and on throttle. The car was enjoyed thoroughly at lunch and afterwork courtyard racing with work colleagues. Once a month it was experienced untimed lapping at Templestowe raceway (TFTR) in VIC, Melbourne with work colleague. Incredible fun, if I could I would sleep there. ( First track I’ve seen IRL, life changing and affirming. ) With the modern β€œbmw era” Mini Cooper body I went with a one-make race series look you might see cutting through the apex on three wheels in the UK or Japan, something I am really passionate about, Group A, improved production, one make racing. AUX mounted lights are never a bad look in my book, I disassembled a 1/10 roof rack made for a crawler bought off eBay and fabricated a simple lamp tray from styrene for them to sit on. I bought a set of Hot racing foam wheels in black off eBay on a whim, I was happy how they looked. Family circumstances made the retreat back to Stockholm, Sweden a reality and everything was archived, wrapped up, boxed and courier express shipped where it stood in a storage unit. From 2016-2019, passion glowing red at the moment i can dive in again. Best moment First sight Too excited to wait to finish shell Courtyard sprint with a workmate Small repairs here and there Front end of the shell I antipated a hinged clamshell static display of some sort, but didnΒ΄t end up taking it any further
  6. So I have bought on the end of 2019 a M05 chassis I have built here to M05ver2 spec. the pictures dont work any more... I am using a different hosting service now. anywas... that build above originally was a M05 Fiat 500 kit that got split to parts and I bought the chassis so cheap, I also bought the m05ver2 chassis parts and converted it to a m05ver2... that means I have a almost normal M05 in spares. this is it, the M05ver2 now on a M02 chassis, the m05ver2 has a Nissan Silvia S14 body So here it goes, after the m05ver2 was finished, I bought a parts lot on ebay as it had the original Tamiya steering its for the M05ver2 and normal M05 Yeah racing motor mount with big heat sink... I have also left over speed gears and RA uprughts... thats a direction I am going.. Also carbon reinforced front and rear lower suspension arms. a few pictures of the process by now: Chassis by now: on the Inside I am using the first gear next to the pinion, from 3 racing in 35T, with a 20T pinion mounted. Yeah racing motor mount aluminium for the stock M05 with oversized heatsink. so I dont forget I put up the other day a topic I am looking for a servo buckle for the m05, and some c, d and b chassis parts... I remebered I have the buckle somewhere as my M05ver2 has the hop up blue one. So lets fit the servo in with a blue alu horn as I dont have the correct 25T horn for this kind of servo. I decided to install this caron reinforced arms onto this M05, my M05ver2 dont needs them as it has the ver2 arms set. nice and stiff these are RA uprights and C hubs same as in the rear. The shocks are Tamiya OIL dampers, but the seem like a older model like a FF01 or so? on order I have Jaz riders flat diff cups, and drive shafts with outer joints. Tamiya B parts (steering parts) Tamiya D parts (rear damper mount, rear suspension plate, upper rails) The only thing I am missing for now are the rear body mounts. they fit of a M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 and TA04 from my expirience. PLEASE HELP
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD express Tamiya mini pickup, sitting on a Tamiya m05 chassis, this was painted by me and has never been run,only been a shelf queen, as such it would need a receiver and an esc.etc. the chassis is unused. if you want to run it,you would need to raise the body slightly, because of the size of the front wheels they just catch the front wheel arch as they turn. please study the pictures,as what you see is exactly what you will get. im in Romford,Essex and this is collection only, or I may be able to deliver locally . the price is Β£150.00, please message me if your interested. many thanks.
  8. Hello and welcome to something that most People WOULDN'T or couldn't justify... Yes, it's a M05 Build. How many thousands are out there? 😜 Mine's just a bit different. You see, whilst the SANE RC guys have simply bought Kits.... I'm in a different, dire and unbelievable (for many), situation. I'm a Retired, Disabled Veteran, like too many people are. I couldn't stop there! It was 1991, I was 27, let's go and have a big, horrible Car Accident. 😲😧 I actually Worked for almost another 20 years, but by 2011, the Doctors FORCED me into SSD Disability. Not the "free ride" that too many People assume it is! Because Disability was a result of injuries AFTER my Service.... After the fine print, I was NOT eligible for the nice, juicy Veteran's Benefits - OR PAY. I get a disgustingly small amount of money every month, and we're really scraping by. 😞 So WHY am I in an expensive Hobby like RC??? Because I've been in the Hobby since early 1984. I love all facets of it. In the 80's and 90's, I even Raced Semi-Pro, in 1/10th and 1/8th Scale Buggies, Electric and Nitro. These days, it's REALLY the only thing keeping me SANE! I love building Kits! The past Decade saw me build several Axial RC Trucks... But my first love was always Tamiya, since I bought a "brand new" Frog, in 1984. ❀😁 Lately, disposable cash has been nearly nonexistent. 😭 BUT I need this Hobby as much as I need my Wife!! I absolutely CAN'T afford to buy a new Kit. Even $100 to $150 is WAY more than I may ever have available.... So... Back to the second paragraph. I've wanted another front drive M Chassis so badly, since I was forced to sell my M03 Mini Cooper (although I got an INSANE amount of money for it 3 years ago!!) πŸ’” So, I'm GOING to have one, somehow. That Somehow has been over the past year, buying a M05 Kit... one Parts Bag at a time, one Screw Bag at a time, with a couple of hopups along the way... YES... I'm building the World's most expensive M05 - PIECEMEAL!!! πŸ˜§πŸ˜²πŸ˜– It's really my only option. At least I'm not buying anything I DON'T need, and a couple of improvements to boot. Even if someone were to hand me $150 tomorrow, I'm now WAY TOO deep into this one! πŸ˜– Since I don't believe I've ever done a proper introduction... Here it is! πŸ˜‰ Since it ended up this way, I'll actually start the Build in the next Post! Here's the Body I'm going with, a Honda CRX Body from Tamiya! I'm going to recreate the beater CRX that I had in College, MANY years ago! 😜
  9. Hiya! I've been playing with the joys of parts interchangeability between Tamiya models... While I'm finishing up my M05 PIECEMEAL build (and vow never to do that again!), I found a bunch of duplicate hardware and Gearbox bits... Almost enough to where if I could get the Plastic Trees, I could feasibly build a SECOND! Back to parts swapping, and the POINT. Do ANY of you know, if the A Parts from the M05 Type II, would fit in place of the older M05 A Parts??? (The Front Chassis) I'm only interested because the Type II has the larger Battery Tray, to easily fit Lipo Batteries. 😁 Thanks my Friends!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. Greetings Friends!! My Build Thread is in the "Builds" Section... I've been foolishly building a Street/MILD Rally M05 Kit..... But I've been doing it - PIECEMEAL, over the past year. Sometimes the Heart wants what it wants. I really kicked myself for selling my 3 M Chassis Cars. Broke as a joke (literally), I've been slowly gathering bits, including hopups. Over 90% there now...... But there's two things that have me against the Wall. First is inner Diff Cups - the kind with the apparently unpopular Oval shaped shafts, that go into the Diff. (NOT the Splined ones) The second, and MUCH harder to find, the two Shafts that the Transmission Gears ride on. The sizes are - 5x21mm and 5x40mm. I do not know if they have part numbers. I'm hoping that some, even ONE of you, got Carbon Fiber Shafts, and don't need the Steel Kit Shafts. I'm in a pretty bad way, mostly Disabled and BROKE at a level that 99% of People don't even believe is that BAD. If you also have spares... I'm going to need Wheels and Tires, Steering Arms (at least the threaded bits in the middle. I've got Rod Ends), 18T and/or 20T Pinion Gears, 2X10mm Axle Pins, ESC, and the long Rod for the Servo to Bellcrank Link. IF you have any of those items, I would really appreciate it! What's more important are the first two items. I truly hope you are all doing well. Life can get you out of nowhere! Please stay vigilant. Carmine
  11. Hi everyone! I've been trying to piece together a M05 Kit.... Hit a snag. Without the whole sob story, money ran OUT. Does anybody (U.S.) have Parts Trees D and F, and Parts Bag A?? That's all I need to start actually building. Got a CRX Body, planning on making a Brushless HOON-Mobile!! Still need Bearings, Wheels, Tires and a 20T Pinion... But I can source those after. I just want to get the Chassis done. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Guys!
  12. Hi there, I have recently built the M-05 chasis with the Mk1 golf on it. The roads around where I live are really busy so I am thinking abt converting it to run on gravel. Does anyone know any shocks that will fit and make it sit a bit higher off the ground? Seb
  13. I am not sure how much excitement there may be for this new car, but I see a whole lot of possibilities for the shell: Any takers for this one? The 1:1 Citroen 2CV was the basis for a lot of, uh, inspired works: While the Tamiya release is quite likely to be a polycarbonate-bodied version, I am wondering if anybody else might be inspired by its appearance in the new releases list. Edit: Now paging @JennyMo and @IBIFTKH:
  14. Hi, I wanted to introduce my new car in the M-Chassis class, my first m-chassis was in the late 90's a M03 50795 Mini Cooper body. Now I own a hopped up M03 with a Fabia WRC body.from Colt. The thing with this is, I bought the body first since I consider this 51424 Fiat Abarth body to be rare nowadays, and I needed a chassis for it, since the holes were factory drilled for a M03 or M05, I went for something new, M05 was always a desirable chassis to me, with ability to hold a Li-Po battery, so I went and bought next: RC-Klein-Kramm: 51424 Fiat Abarth Berline Corse 58453 M05 Alfa Mito kit without wheels, body, and any kind of electrics (at least a Italian intended kit) 51394 Fiat Abarth Asseto Corse rims RCmart: 54000 M-Chassis Shocks 54605 M05 ver2 chassis A Parts 54606 M05 ver2 suspension arms set 54609 M05 ver2 alu motor mount 53924 DF03 heat sinks 54408 M05 Alu servo mount 4x Pit Shimizu 55mm threaded soft Ebay: 18x Metal ball bearings Tamico: 54319 Steel hollow diff shafts 54613 M05 ver2 Stainless suspesnion shafts So as soon as all parts have arrived I started the build. The Body: as soon as I saw on the site this body, I bought it! I remember these Fiats, from our local hill climb race on ''Brgat'' in Dubrovnik, every year we are hosting a national race, and especially in northern parts of Croatia, like Skradin or Buzet. Fiat 500's with either homemade or original italian body kits were always an eye catcher. Not that the new Fiat Abarth Asseto Corse body is less desirable, but seems impossible to be found??? RCK I used, White (for all purpose plastic 400ml can, as finish coat and body kit) Revell spray Light Grey (revell plastic spray paint 100ml can) Also used: Revell brush paint : gloss black Flat black copper flat red aluminium silver masked and painted light grey first, took off the masked and sprayed white. Took window sickers off, and decals were fitted another day. All together ruff 6hours body build, were detailed stickers, but not a lot of them. Painting the engine was probably the most interesting part, according to manual, the valve body was supposed to be red with alternator and the valve cover was supposed to be aluminium silver, but I turned the colors the other way. And the exhaust is also in alumiun silved, but I have thoughts to paint the exhaust with revell brush colors in steel silver instead. I failed at painting the rear lights and front lights, would have been much better that way. But the idea is if they fall off I’ll paint tem from outside. The Build itself wasnt that short neither. Neither did I make it any easier with the conversion ti a ver2 and C clips on the suspension arms. Also some steps are different and different screws were supplied, for example in the ver2 build it uses ball connectors for the rear upper arms. but it cane out very nice, also a 3racing speed gear was installed with 33T giving it with a 20T pinion a 5.17FDR. Wirh steel hollow shafts, the carbon hollow ones I used in my M03 were very lightweight. for now, my next thoughts are a TBLE02S esc, with a Mabuchi RS 540 and 2s lipo. Until I save up for a TBLE02S 10.5T motor. and I found another imaginary reason for this build, if locally ever a M-Chassis class opens, I have a M03 and M05 as backup car. Haha
  15. Hi, Been searching for the Tech Racing Aero parts for a while, decided to make them myself :-) Here's a start for the rear wing part 1 Version 1 Version 2 - adjustable rear wing
  16. As you can see, I just took delivery of a new NSU TT kit with an M05 chassis...... For now, I intend to use the standard 540. I also know that,eventually, I will upgrade the motor. What other brushed type motors will work besides a Sport Tuned 540? I'm looking for something that compares to that. I really like the Sport Tuned in my Grasshopper/Hornet, but I just want something different in this new build. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  17. built a touring tamiya m-05 v2 pro bought a brushless motor,esc,servo, 7.4 v battery but can not get it to run in reverse , forward and steering work, tried to set it up multi times but no reverse what am i doing wrong have a FS-GT3C flysky transmitter
  18. hi everyone who reads this, I own a tamiya m05 v2 pro and the standard diff (not the ball diff) suddendly started knocking and it slows the car down. I took my diff/transmission apart and gave it a quick clean but it didn't help. What should I do? take the car apart and clean it really good? just buy the standard ball diff? or is it not the diff but something else? I hope someone can help me
  19. I have a few projects going on at the moment and I've been meaning to start a build thread for a while. I will post about the cars as I'm working on them, some may take much longer than others and some may never get finished . Here's what I currently have in the fleet, if anyone would like to see or ask a question about a specific car just shout. TT01 - Countersteer drift car. TA02 SW - Built chassis intended as a shelf queen but I messed up the body so need to buy another. Bruiser - Part assembled for almost a year. CC01 - Built chassis (stalled camera car project). TA02 SW - 40th Anniversary still in box. FF03 - Speed run car (*worlds fastest FF03 82Mph) F103 GT - Built chassis with Mugen body currently a shelf queen but intended for speed runs. TRF 419x - Built chassis planned for 17.5T blinky club racing. M05r vII - In progress. TT02 - Stalled speed project, either TT02s conversion or shelf. TB04 Evo IV - Silver can challenge car, current fastest silver can powered Tamiya at (44.8Mph) TRF 418 - Speed run project car going for triple digits and current fastest Tamiya Club Car (85.5Mph) (94.8Mph) I'll start with the M05. I'm working on a Swift body for it and at the decal stage but need to visit my friend and get some more vinyl cut but here it is as of today. It's a V2 R kit with lots of nice Hop Ups included from Tamiya so the only additional parts are carbon towers, hollow carbon gear shaft and 3Racing graphite side trays. I ordered the towers before I built the car and have discovered that the front tower is completely pointless. I just noticed that to fit the 3Racing side trays I need to drill the chassis holes for the mount to sit flush . The pointless front shock tower: The side tray problem: Chassis: It was a nice build overall and I'm very much looking forward to running it. My current plan is to finish the body and then decide on the motor but at the moment I'm thinking about a 2s, 3.5T setup . EDIT *Wild claims relating to having the worlds fastest 2s FF03 are to the best of my knowledge correct at time of posting.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm selling all the parts that I used to make my Tamiya M05 rear wheel drive (with onboard suspension) conversion. It will include the back half of the M05 Chassis which is where where the modifications are. I will also assist in explaining how it goes together for anyone interested. You will require a standard M05 for this conversion. Thanks, Sam
  21. which, if any, of the m kits can be set up short enough to fit a 190-200mm wheelbase body?
  22. Folks, have a project body that is not going to get put to use by me, it is a pretty decent , but unimaginative painted up Mk1 GOLF Racing shell along with its Kamtech partner from BITD. I must have had this Kamtech body for nearly 10 years now. It is coming along for the ride to its new owner as well as the unused Kamei decalset from Tamiya RE RE and the driver figure as well. Photo over on the main trades page. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=120570&id=2640 Looking for near $50usd, WITHOUT shipping, will sort that out with whomever shall be interested, not set in stone on the price, but I think that is a fair deal considering you get a 2 for 1 really. Chris
  23. Just to generate some funds...FREE UK SHIPPING, paypal gift pleaseAll superb condition, no ESC'sΒ£85 58581 m-05 Gopro SwiftΒ£85 58614 mf-01x JimnyΒ£100 58601 wr-02g Kuma tractorΒ£115 58616 CC-01 lwb VW AmarokΒ£115 58406 DF-01 Porsche Cayenne Or just Β£400 for all of them, Β£350 collected (North east wales)They are all listed on ebay as well now
  24. Hi, I'm having a clear out of my Tamiya M05s. I really haven't used the cars, but this is still a reluctant sale. The price may seem high, but for it all new it would be around Β£1,000! M05 Pro: Fantastic condition, used a handful of times, like new! Tamiya Carbon Front Damper Stay Tamiya Blue Alloy Front Hubs 3Racung BlueAlloy C Hubs Tamiya Universal Shafts 3Racing Differential Tamiya Ball Bearings 3Racing Blue Alloy Steering Link Tamiya Blue Alloy Steering Set Tamiya Silver Alloy Steering Posts (Slight Issue with screw, doesn't effect steering) Tamiya Alloy Rear Hubs Tamiya Stabiliser Kit Carbon Rear Damper Stay Tamiya BlueAlloy Motor Mount 3Racing Blue Alloy Motor Heatsink TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) Electronics: Savox 1251 Servo Hobbywing Xerun 60a 2S ESC Hobbywing Programming Box Hobbywing Ezrun 13t Motor Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) M05RA: Great Condition, fairly new gears and shafts, not used often. Ball Bearings 3Racing Universal Joints 3Racing Alloy Motor Mount 3Racing Alloy Steering Set Electronics: LRP Spin Super ESC HPI Flux Motor 13.5t Futaba Servo (Please not, Oil Dampers on the front of the M05RA are not included) M05: Good condition, spare car, hasn't been used much by me. 1 Crack on front of chassis, doesn't effect performance. Tamiya Silver M03 Alloy Front Hubs Tamiya New Driveshafts Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers Ball Bearings 3Racjng Alloy Rear Hubs Electronics: Savox Water Proof Servo Podium Brushed ESC HPI Saturn 20t Motor Spares: Carbon Front Bumper x4 Front Wishbones x1 Rear Wishbone x4 Friction Dampers x4 Roll Bars x1 Steering Bar x1 M03 Battery Holder x3 M05 Front Uprights x1 M03 Front Ipright x3 M05 Rear Hubs x2 M03 Rear Hubs x1 M05 Rear Suspension Block x3 M05 C Hubs x2 M03 C Hubs x7 M05 Rear Suspension Mounts x1 M05 Battery Holder x1 M05 Front Bumper x2 M05 Electrics Trays x1 Transponder Holder x4 Battery Bars x1 Compete Chassis Set minus Right Side x1 B Parts (Minus a Plastic motor mount) x2 C Parts (Minus a few parts) x1 3Racing Ball diff x2 Standard Tamiya Diff x1 Spare Gear x4 Bushings Shells: Tamiya Swift S1600: Good condition, few scuffs, minor cracks (under 1cm) Blitz Mini C30: Raced condition, paint scuffed under tape and 2 cracks over arches (Still useable though) Blitz Mini RS4 (Spider-Man): Shoo-Gooed and sticker under the paint on inside. No cracks. HPI Blue Mini: Used once, well painted, 1 dent. Looks great on a car, stripes painted not stickers. HPI Flame Mini: Shoo-gooed, race condition, glitter in paint, flames painted not stickers. Wheels: 1 Set of used Grey Minilite wheels, Tamiya Tyres. 1 Set of used 3Racing wheels with Tamiya Tyres. 1 Pair of used Sweep wheels and tyres 1 Set of new Sweep Racing Wheels in Packet. 1 Set of used Tamiya Rally blocks on Swift Wheels (On M05RA) Also: Etronix Stick Transmitter (Great Condition) Etronix Receiver (Case around bottom cracked and stuck back together, works fine). Tamiya M05 Manual (please note, the Spektrem receivers pictures are not included.) Will not split unless the price is right. Β£520 (ono) collected (will post, but due to vast amount of stuff I would rather it collected!) Thanks for reading Sam
  25. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya M05. Upgrades include: Tamiya Alloy Front Hubs 3 Racing Alloy Blue Rear Hubs Fully Ball Raced Tamiya TRF Dampers Tamiya TRF Short White Springs Tamiya Alloy Blue Ball Joints Tamiya New Front Shafts Electrics included: Savox SW-0231mg (High Torque, Water Proof) Podium 17t Brushed ESC (Lipo Compatible) HPI Saturn 20t Motor Also included are some brand new Sweep Racing mini tyres and an Blitz Mini RS4 body shell. A manual is also included. All you need is your own transmitter and receiver and it will run. I'm open to offers around the Β£120 mark, with Β£15 postage/PayPal fees or it can be collected. Thanks, Sam
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