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Found 11 results

  1. Many many moons ago I sold off my Madbull to a buddy, seemed a good idea at the time. Convinced him to give it back to me today to “have something for the kids to drive”…..lol Its extremely dirty and probably hasn’t seen the light of day for 5-10 yrs, so it’s a good chance for present me to see if past me was any good at RC. Yeah Racing shocks, a turnbuckle steering mod and what looks to me a half decent motor/ESC combo, Not bad past me! Plan is to give it a good old clean and rebuild, and because it’s me and I can never leave anything alone, to investigate a front arm mod idea I have. oh and to see about mounting a wing and to see if a lexan body will fit…..ffs
  2. I've had some advice from people and I've bought some things to upgrade my madbull This topic is for me to show my madbull evolve
  3. Hey folks! I'm not a total noob as i built a lunchbox for myself last year, but looking to put together a mad bull for my eldest to run (and wreck). Don't mind spending a few extra pennies on some upgrades (yeah ok maybe daddy will be playing with this too haha). Picked the Mad Bull as I think he'll like building the kit with me, and its supposedly quite durable. Will be running in the local park (after lockdown, does RC count as exercise?) Anyway - this is what I've picked out so far, any comments or places where i could make some changes? Specifically i'm not sure about the suitability of the pinion as i just have the stock motor in my lunchbox. The extra body is so he can paint one himself. Tamiya Mad Bull 58205 On Order with Supplier - The item will be back ordered for you and despatched ASAP. The expected stock date of this item is 31st Jan Remove from basket £99.00 Absima CR2S V2 2 Channel 2.4GHz Radio Control System - Steer Wheel 2000001 Good Stock - Will ship without delay. Remove from basket £33.20 Core RC 4012 - Servo 4Kg .12 Sec CR493 Good Stock - Will ship without delay. Remove from basket £8.09 Tamiya Torque Tuned Motor 54358 In Stock - Will ship without delay. Remove from basket £14.24 Tamiya 0.8 Module Steel Pinion 17T 54628 In Stock - Will ship without delay. Remove from basket £4.74 Tamiya Mad Bull Body 0335155 On Order with Supplier - The item will be back ordered for you and despatched ASAP. Remove from basket £7.19 Tamiya DT03 CVA Damper Set 54567 On Order with Supplier - The item will be back ordered for you and despatched ASAP. The expected stock date of this item is 11th Feb Remove from basket £21.84 Tamiya Fighter Buggy RX / Mad Bull / Mad Fighter BR Set BTFB Good Stock - Will ship without delay. Remove from basket
  4. Hi Guys! HISTORY: So the Tamiya DT01 or more specifically Fighter Buggy RX was my first and only ever Tamiya back in the day (so it holds a lot of sentimental value). My goal is to create the ultimate version of the chassis to make it a little more capable, modern and just generally improve it. THE PLAN: At its current state, my Fighter Buggy RC is bone stock and I plan to improve it with general bolt on parts, some 3D printed ones and also some hand made parts too using a 2.5mm carbon sheet. Here is my plan for the build down to the detail; ELECTRONICS: Servo: Yeah Racing Hackgear Low Profile (YE-0033BU) ESC: Tamiya TBLE02 (45057) or Quicrun 1060 Motor: Tamiya Torque Tuned 25T / Dirt Tuned 27T (what would be better?) Pinion: 17T or 19T ? (What do we think would be best for the selected motor and ESC to not over heat?) HARDWARE: Carbon Fibre 2.5mm plate: For front shock tower support brace & upper chassis with permanent servo mount Set of blue Anodised screws (where possible) Set of blue ball connectors (for shock mounting) Set of blue turnbuckles (for steering linkages & servo link) Alloy threaded link pipe (for rear shock tower support brace) WHEELS: Front Tires: Tamiya Rib-Spike 2WD (54896) Rear Tires: Tamiya Square Spike (53084) UPGRADES: Full set of ball bearings: Metal Sealed Front alloy shocks 75mm blue (using kit springs) 300cst oil Rear alloy shocks 95mm blue (using kit springs) 200cst oil 3D printed double wishbone A arms (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone shock tower (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone C hubs (Multijet Plastic PA12) Front A Arms: Heatshrink mod Jazzrider alloy uprights / steering arms blue T4 Works Alloy blue motor cover My biggest concerns are the 3D printed parts and the material selected, will it be durable enough? I plan on using the DT01 as a light runner on and off track, anyone with 3D printed experience can verify its durablility? Or add anything to the build that I may have missed? Many Thanks,
  5. DT Challenge 2018 7th October New venue this year …………. Swindon RC Car Club hosting Same Rules as previous years with the DT01 class now open to all DT01 cars (last year was just the Madbull) 20 places now available for the Hotshot gearbox cars …………. check out the rules and more info on the DT02/03 Facebook page
  6. out today and the little ladies lost hers.....must have caught the R clip on something and now no battery retainer door. If anyone has a spare let me know what you want for posted to Belfast please? Thanks.
  7. Our seven year old is taking a mega interest in our fleet of WT-01 (3, me, eldest and good lady) so far he has managed to break my old Pumpkins steering & body. His little RTR buggy wont even climb the jumps at the local BMX park which has lead to some frustration when we are all out. SO he has offered his Christmas money to get something more like the rest of us. I reckon a Madbull would be ideal. Does anyone have one that is abused but in decent running order? Will need a set of radio gear ideally with ESC and ballraced. (can do all my self but easier if I don't have to). Daddy will of course have to add to his Christmas money (£35) to get this. As its a basher not bothered about box, instructions, decals, body condition(£10 new I think) I am UK based so looking a UK based buggy. Anything out there? Thanks in advance from Kyan our 7 year old.
  8. Some pictures of my Madbull on track at this years DT Challenge (in the DT01 madbull class)
  9. As per the title really, looking for a body for my sons re built grasshopper (he is 3.5 years old) so I don't want to spend the £25-£30 for a new Grasshopper one(as thjis will be no doubt flipped and bumped into things etc), but seen that the Madbull bodies are around £10 brand new. Are these similar sizes? As I don't mind making custom mounts, just need to know from anyone if it would in theory fit. Many thanks James
  10. Was too sure where I should post this, sorry if it's in the wrong place. Ordered a Mabull today for my little lad, got it from Goldstar as they were the cheapest option, ordered it with a Tamiya ESC and a set of bearings and steel pinion gear (19t) Plan at the moment is to run it with the silver can, or that is too fast, switch out to a 55t. Will be using my Flysky GT2B with it. im after a reccomendatio for a steering servo please? And any other suggestions for what it may require to be a solid basher for a little one.
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