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Found 34 results

  1. Hi TC'ers! I'm playing with an idea to turn my NIB Comical Grasshopper into a Comical Madcap tribute, of sorts... I have a brand-new Comical Grasshopper that I was considering building up in Blockhead Motors style. Then I had the idea of painting it in Madcap colours and source some reproduction decals from MCI. The Grasshopper body doesn’t have a separate wing like the Madcap so I’m looking at other options. The Hornet and Frog are a different style to the Madcap buggy. However, the Comical Avante isn’t too far of the curved style of the Madcap. I can get a clear CB Avante body. I will need to check the dimensions of the wing decal, “Never Give Up!” in case the CB wings are smaller. I think I can make the rest work though. I’m just not sure if it will fit the CB Grasshopper chassis. Has anyone out there got a Comical Avante and Comical Grasshopper they can swap bodies with? Any thoughts on my Comical Madcap idea? The likelihood of a re-release is slim. I think the Super Astute has taken that 2WD re-re spot. Thanks!
  2. Hello, to separate the TRF201 transmission conversion and the restoration part of my Hilux Monster Racer I started this new thread regarding my TRF201 transmission conversion for the Nissan King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer and/or (Super) Astute / Madcap*. So the transmission section will not be mixed anymore with the restoration section. Here I can also offer a better and clear support for interested customers and can answer questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. For pictures from the installed gearbox in a Hilux Monster Racer, please visit my build log/thread: Sgt.Speirs‘ Nissan King Cab - TRF201 Transmission Conversion & Restoration Parts list for this modification: 1x 3D printed gearbox parts from Shapeways (latest rev. 1.5): >> King Cab TRF201 Gear Box v1.5 - Complete << 1x 54471 TA06 Steel Gear Diff. Unit Rear 1x 22031 TD4/TD2 Slipper Clutch Set 1x 53587 Shim 5x0.2mm (1 needed) 1x 13454709 Idler Shaft (alternatively: 54344) 1x 54262 Idler Gear (alternatively: 51416) 1x 19114075 Spacer N15 (N-Parts tree) 1x 19804411 Screw 3x36mm (4 needed) 1x 13450284 Aluminum motor plate (alternatively: 54225 /13454715) 1x 50586 Washer (2 needed) 1x 19805746 Cap Screw 3x8mm (2 needed) 1x 19808013 Cap Screw 3x6mm (2 needed) 1x 19805990 Screw 3x5mm (2 needed) 1x 19004273 Gear Cover 1x 19805957 Screw 3x10mm 1x 19805763 Screw 3x10mm 1x 19805765 Screw 3x8mm 1x 53577 Urethane bushing (red) 1x 53588 Ø10 mm Shim Set (optional parts for shimmimg the gear diff) 1x 42115 Ball bearings 1510 (2 needed) 2x 42113 Ball bearings 1050 (3 needed) 1x 42113 Ball bearings 840 (1 needed) Manual for the assembly: Gearbox Assembly - Manual_Rev_1.3 (see attached file) Gearbox Assembly - Manual_v1.3.pdf External link for non-members: Gearbox Assembly - Manual_v1.3.pdf on File-Upload.net Pictures from the first Shapeways order: The gearbox ready assembled: The first customer's complete gearbox package: And finally the video of the assembly according the manual:
  3. As some of you know I am collection the 4WD buggies from my youth.From Boomerang to Terra Scorcher. Well at least I was till this popped up locally on GumTree for a good price. Told myself I was buying no more buggies till I had the ones I have finished. You know that lie we tell ourselves and the boss. It came with a box instructions and loads of bits and bobs, in full running order as it was raced. Ok so its not got the right wheels, or tires, the body is BRUSH painted inside and OUT!!!!!!! badly round the decals. BUT it was only £60 and came with Hi Caps and 2 Tamtec cars with it. The Tamtecs are already with a new owner, the wheels, original blue shocks and near bald tires and body are on their way and the money from the Tamtech's paid for for the car and the bits so its basically free.....This hobby pays for its self!!!!!! OH the lies we tell ourselves and our other half's. NO MORE until I have finished all the work on the ones I have. UNTIL that MUST have bargain comes up cause you secretly really fancy a (oh lets be honest anything Tamiya that looks good - **** thats just about most of the back catalogue!!!!!) It started with- I do LOVE the look of the MadCap and the Astute so if they ever came up at the right money.....And a Nissan King CAB, oh and a monster beetle, a lunch box (OK all the monster trucks really) maybe a FROG or a FOX as well BUT only at the right price.......honest!! **** who invented eBay you have a lot to answer for. SO what have you bought cause you found it at the right price rather than went looking specifically for it. Show us how you found it and how it finished up (basher or display)
  4. Hi all, approaching the mid life crisis caused me to enter the loft to find my vintage Tamiya Madcaps that have been stored away for 25 years. The cars were originally purchased in the late 80's and I'll be rebuilding these, so I thought I'd share the progress as a lot has changed over the years and I haven't kept up to speed since the late 90's, even so far it's been a bit of a learning curve. To start with, here's some photos as as I begin the journey, I'll call them the 'Red' and 'Blue' madcaps. In the Red Corner we have: Red Madcap 20220705_095754.jpg - Shell on photo The stock motor was previously updated to a Demon Power Bushed 18T motor. The decals were also updated to include Fiat and Ford stickers etc... yes these will be removed (I was a teenager). The hole in the shell was my boyhood attempt to cool the ESC as in the late 90s's I found out that an ESC could be fitted... so I ordered an Mtronics Digi Sport RV M ESC. Which leads me on to the internals: 20220703_163211.jpg - Shell off photo Nothing much to see here aside from the new ESC and a lot of dust. The ESC is already on eBay as I'll be replacing it with a more modern component. The plan for the Red Madcap will be to keep it similar to its current configuration, but clean it up, improve some screw types, and look into a new body/shell. It'll remain on the 18T brushed motor. On to the Blue corner: Blue Madcap 20220705_100020.jpg - Shell on photo Stock Tamiya 540 motor and the stock yellow patch up paint to fill in the original spray paint wear! No idea what I was thinking here but fortunately I've matured over the 25 years and acquired much better craft skills. This Madcap was originally sprayed the same colour as the wing until teenage hormones were unleashed in the form of some yellow paint. There's a few more rogue decals which will be removed of course. 0220703_193430.jpg - Shell off photo All very basic here, a lot of cleaning to do and a lot of components will be replaced with their more modern day counterparts. The plan for the Blue Madcap will be to push the boundaries a little more and take some inspiration from the following post: Having done some research I've decided on a Hobbywing quicrun 1060 ESC for the Red Madcap. And so far for the Blue Madcap I've picked up a Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored ESC, FlySky FS-GR3 receiver, and 3Racing DT-02 Aluminium dampers. I'll be replacing the Futaba S148 steering servo with a Etronix ET2035 for now, and am undecided on the new brushless motor, but it'll most likely be a 17.5T brushless sensored. Next up I'll share some photos of progress so far as I start the project. I'll use a follow up post to keep this a shorter read...
  5. Hey guys, finally got my original Madcap ripping again! Bought an aftermarket shell and decals to replace the destroyed original. Got rid of my burnt out stock diff for a custom made planetary gear diff from a decent group on ebay. Added an original aluminum motor plate because my plastic one broke, as well as some aftermarket rims and Pro-Line Blockade tires. Upgraded all the electronics with a Fuze 60a brushless ESC, Spektrum SR315 Receiver and a cheap 4370kv brushless motor from Surpass Hobby. Gotta say this is my favorite car to drive so far, the whine from the gearbox even with aftermarket diff sounds awesome and the way this thing handles is actually pretty decent, gotta love being able to pull wheelies while already cruising at half throttle! I'll have to figure out how to post some videos!
  6. well I picked up this Madcap for a very reasonable Buy it Now with the intention of converting to a Saint Dragon (as I don't want my other MadCap to be lonely....you all know how it goes (the lies we tell ourselves and others to justify getting another car!!) The car itself is in half decent condition and it DOES have the original rear rims but the tires are totally shredded. So to make it a Saint Dragon I need:- Red Shocks (thanks to @Hobgoblin) from a forum members swift reply to a Wanted add on here (I also had an offer from @max69vk) so cheers guys. Then I need the body and decals, some instructions would be good (no idea how many buggies this shell can fit did you?) The body is a TBG (as you can see) the decals are genuine vintage Tamiya and the instructions are printed of from Tamiya base. This shows where to cut for:- Saint Dragon, Madcap, Grasshopper 2 and Hornet chassis. and this one shows were to cut for:- Terra Scorcher, Thunder Shot /Dragon & Fire Dragon.
  7. UK based, I have two instruction booklets for the MadCap. 1 is A condition (barely used and paper in very tidy condition), other is B+ The photos below are from the B+ as am listing on eBay this evening.(used with a small mark on cover but page is not torn) I am UK based. B+ for £4 plus P & P and PayPal fees if G & S (happy to use F&F) as long as UK based and a regular forum poster. A condition is £8 plus P & P and PayPal fees if G & S (happy to use F&F) as long as UK based and a regular forum poster. I also have two boxes, would let one go. One is A+ condition. Other is very tidy but faded/yellowed. Cost on PM. Can get you photos if needed. Mark is just above the front shock towers on the bottom half of the front page. Mark is not through page BUT can be seen on the inside front page.
  8. Though this maybe of interest to some. Especially if you r looking for a Super Sabre at sensible money. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/tamiya-supersabre-r-c-car-1-10-scale/1328755100 look at his other items. I just bought his LunchBox. I dont personally know him but spent a decent time on phone with him. He posts Parcel Force 24Hr and is happy with goods and services. He also sent me a few pics of his whole collection.
  9. Hi I have a few bodies I have replaced for new TBG ones. If they are of any interest let me know please. packing and post is worth about £5 so make me an offer if they are of any use to you. All are original vintage. FireDragon, small tear just above front suspension into the front canopy, also rear cut outs for shock mounts are rough as are the rear body mount posts. Madcap, in black for main body with a silver black metal fleck wing (some of paint on wing is starting to flake off) Boomerang in a sort of orange/light red, rear wing is bent. some of decals starting to peel. Boomerang main body- no wing, or protective film Thundershot - odd colours badly done and no decals. Body is reasonable with only a tiny split starting in back corner, not yet bad enough to really notice. If any of them is of any use to you drop me a PM. Thanks, Andrew
  10. So I've just purchased a nearly new Madcap that's only been run a couple of times indoors. Just wondering what's the hotest motor I can put in it without risking the diff, and what other sensible mods would you advise. It will mainly be a shelfer with a bit of light use. Thanks
  11. I picked up this rig a bit ago for two main reasons... My 5 year old son really liked it and it was cheap enough! Ahh, who am I kinding, I just use the kids as an excuse. Anyways, back to the rig. It's in decently good used condition. The body is cracked up by the nose and the bottom of the chassis is scraped. But popping the body reveals a nice, albeit dirty, inner chassis area. This thing was built, and still is, box stock... still with the original msc and silver can motor and the plastic bushings throughout. So, how about some pictures... Okay, come on people... pay attention when you put stuff together. I didn't clean anything for these pictures, it is just as I brought it home. So far I am happy with the purchase! Geez, can't forget the most important part... the ball diff seems to be good! It spun smoothly, didn't seem too loose or too tight like he was trying to hide something.
  12. I sell 1 pair of original Tamiya Tires -Item-No. 53048 (OP-48, OP48) 1 pair of Front Tiress for the Tamiya Madcap, Bear Hawk.... NIB, New and not used. Brand New. Please see at my trades
  13. After deliberation and with an upcoming trip to an amateur ice hockey tournament in mid-May, I have decided to list my Tamiya Astute for sale. Unlike previous attempts, I am not wavering on my promise: this car is and will remain for sale until sold. The memories I have are unfortunately not enough to overcome the room and board and equipment fees I will be facing abroad... What you see here is a Tamiya Astute. Several modifications have been implemented, including: - modified suspension front and rear, using simplified Madcap components to reduce weight and complexity compared to the original Astute specification - alloy rear suspension blocks (replacing Astute parts D1) - a complete Tamiya Traction Control geartrain, purchased separately and installed as stock - Super Astute central battery holder (G parts) - ball bearings installed in drivetrain and other areas (where bearings are still used; suspension modifications negate many of the original Astute's areas) In addition, a reproduction shell and wing are included - minor scuffs and scratches appear on the shell and undertray. Blue anodized wheel nuts anchor original lightweight racing wheels and correct kit tires. This car is in good working condition, tested with the electronics pictured (which will be included). These electronics can be removed upon request for a discount. All mechanical parts are in solid structural condition, with no visible cracks or evidence of fractures. I bought this car used and refurbished it prior to running it; since then, it has been run five times, and only twice with the TTC geartrain installed - personal photo records verify this claim, as well as the notion that RC circuit-type jumps were never encountered while in my ownership. I am open to offers and trades; however money is a priority given the circumstances under which I am selling this car. At present, I am looking for approximately 250 GBP (amounting to roughly $445 CAD at writing), which will include worldwide shipping. Where other currencies are considered, the Canadian dollar will provide a baseline for conversions (and remember that it is weak at present ). As this car is based in Canada, this fee will facilitate paying for faster shipping options overseas; otherwise I am willing to negotiate offers if you are willing to accept less expensive (if slower) shipping. I accept PayPal, either marked as 'gift' or with a nominal increase added to compensate for transaction fees. As well as I have attempted to describe the car, pictures do a better job; thus: Of course, if you wish for more detailed photos and/or have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me! I have ready access to this Astute and wish for you to buy with confidence, so I will be more than happy to answer your queries. Thanks for reading!
  14. Looking for a roller , broken bits are ok , dont need body or wheels and tires or electronics. Dont really need shocks either , just needs to be complete otherwise for a project
  15. Vintage Tamiya Saint Dragon - Good Condition w/ CVAs + Madcap Shocks 58083 58082 Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331991317244 Good vintage condition; great to restore or run. See pics. Black oil-filled CVAs installed; also comes with blue Madcap shocks. Madcap and Saint Dragon body mounts are both installed. Transmission smooth with spare spur gear included.
  16. Hello, I bought a few old Madcaps and parts last months, so I can build up something to have fun like when I was younger. But I found out that it was better to use modern electronics, so I put some hop ups and stuff into my Madcap, turning it into a overkill Madcap which is now almost undriveable if I go full throttle. It has so much top speed and torque that I already burnt 2 diff spurs. But the funny thing is that the Madcap is making wheelies if I put too much throttle so I wanted to share that with TC users because it's lot of fun. Setup: -2S 3300 Lipo -TBLE01 ESC -Trackstar 4T brushless motor -ball bearings -25t pinion and 70t spur -Carson rims and tires set (all terrains) Result: I'll upload it on Youtube it's really lot of fun
  17. I have for sale my Tamiya Astute that is made up of alot of Madcap parts too. The Chassis plate, and damper stays are Astute as are the Battery Holders and the rear gearbox too. The Front Damper holder/kick up plate is a Madcap one as is the rear Damper Stay holder. Madcap front and rear arms and Uprights. The gearbox has the metal motor mount plate. I have run it twice and its just sitting on a shelf now so would be good to find a new home for it. It comes with an old original Tamiya Astute body, undertray and wing that have seen better days, but they are still tidy enough, and also a brand new (non original) Body, undertray and Wing that has been painted Tamiya Metallic Red backed with silver and then Painted Metallic red again and non original decals have been applied. All the wheels are Astute wheels and are in great condition, as are the tyres front and rears still have loads of life left on them. Also comes with 2 spares sets of used front (1 set Tamiya and 1 Set Proline) along with a fair few spares. The upper arms would need replaced as they are made up of 3mm threaded rod for running purposes. All in all its a good buggy and looks fantastic, but would look even better a gentle runner for someone. SOLD !!!! Thanks James
  18. Found these whilst sorting out some r/c stuff today. Free to who ever wants them, 2 separate give away ( i.e. the same person doesn't get both ) 1st up is some Madcap Speed Disc Decals. 2nd is some Pirelli F1 Tyre decals. Uk only, or if you pay the postage I will send overseas. Thanks James
  19. Looking for Madcap "C"-parts tree. I only really need the rear hub carriers so if all else is missing it doesn't matter..
  20. I'm feeling impulsive this morning and so I have relisted my Boomerang and Madcap NIB body sets at reduced prices and I'll also offer, for fellow TC members (make sure to tell me in your 'best offer'), to drop the price to $100 for either or $180 for both if you buy both ($100 accepted for first, $80 for second). Shipping included in the U.S. or at-cost 1st-class int'l post, and probably cheaper than quoted by ebay (will adjust down / refund excess). http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html Vintage Boomerang NIB Body Set (TCer price = $100, or $90 for 2) Vintage Madcap NIB Body Set (TCer price = $100, or $90 for 2) Vintage QD Manta Ray NIB Body Set (TCer price = $30) Vintage Saint Dragon Decals (TCer price = $25, or $20 with anything else)
  21. ** UPDATE: I'VE DECIDED TO DROP THE PRICE TO $48 (FIXED) ** I had been holding onto this for my Astute project but I've decided I don't plan to run the Astute anyway so it isn't likely to break the plastic part, and doesn't do much for display either since this piece is inside the gearbox. So, have it up on ebay for $60 obo - but would accept $50 from a TCer, just let me know who you are. If you're paying international shipping I might accept less to offset your shipping. This is not an easy part to find and I'm probably selling it at a loss - don't remember what I paid for it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIP-Thorpe-Dirt-Burners-Tamiya-Astute-King-Cab-Madcap-Center-Gear-Support-4946-/331707092119
  22. Hello oh ye Elders of the Internet (IT Crowd joke), I am hoping someone can help me unravel a mystery. I've had several Madcaps now, and have an Astute underway, and as we all know the narrow front 2WD stud-spike tires are rare, and there are a couple hop-up options like the rib-spiked. Somewhere along the way I came into 2 pair of tires that I imagine must be a hop-up option or from an unknown kit which not only fit the Madcap dish wheels and Astute lightweight wheels but are a much cooler match to the rear stud-spike tires. They have "Tamiya Cactus Tire" embossed on the sidewalls and the studs are an exact match to those on the rear tires, as opposed to the stock tires where they are smaller. I put together the composite pic below showing the tires I'm referring to on the chassis on top, labelled "B" while the stock tires are on the chassis on the bottom, labelled "A". Does anyone know anything about these mystery tires?? For the avoidance of doubt, here is a better angle to see that these are definitely not regular Narrow Hybrid Spiked, which have a 2-3-2-3 stud pattern -- these have a 1-2-1-2 pattern:
  23. As per the title I really need a metal motor mount plate for the Madcap/Astute. Either new or used condition. Let me know what you have, can pay asap with paypal. Thanks James
  24. Hi all, I'm hoping that one of you guys will have a solution for me. I've fully restored my 1989 vintage Madcap 58082 and taken it out for a few runs now. It runs great, especially with the Hop-ups and the GT-Tuned motor, but I keep breaking the C4 part - Front C-Hub (not the steering arm, which is now upgraded to carbon reinforced) I know its 26 years old buggy and not up to todays quality standards, but its so annoying as this is the 2nd time now in a month (and sourcing new C4 parts is getting harder) I know newer models have alloy parts from GMP, Yeah Racing etc. Is there an alloy part that will fit my buggy Tamiya or otherwise?... or am I destined to spend £££ on 3D printing an alloy version. Photo attached Thanks Madcap74
  25. A recent bulk purchase on ebay has yielded some nice items, but alot of them I do not need. So I might as well sell them onto others who could better use them. So the first batch for sale here is ....... Brand new Madcap chassis. Some extremely light marks underneath from storage but its mint. £20 Madcap/Astute front tyres. These are in extremely good condition, no signs of ever being glued at all and approx IMO around 80% life still on them. As you can see on the pictures the pin grips are still in good condition. £15 Astute Gear set brand new in packet. £15 and finally a Fibrelyte Astute front Carbon Fibre damper mount. used but in great condition, with only slight marks where some screws and bolts have been to mount it to the bulkhead. £10 Here are the pics ...... No idea what these are worth tbh, so I can either sell all together or separately. I have added some prices, but these are rough guesses at what they are worth. Feel free to make an offer. Willing to post worldwide at cost. I also have found some brand new Madcap front and rear damper stays in mint condition. (pics to come tomorrow) More items to come soon. Thanks James
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