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Found 12 results

  1. 1x Sonic Fighter manual 5/10 quality 1x Futaba FX10 manual 6/10 quality PayPal gift please, please make an offer plus shipping. £10 each?
  2. Hello, Anyone who has the Quadtrack manual, would you be willing to share an electronic version? It's baffling Tamiya in the last 12 months has slowed down launching manuals online, we used to get them a month or so before launch but it's been four months and I still can't find one.......just want to have a look before purchase
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an original Striker manual. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. I've just bought a TA03F David Jun Special edition for (what I reckon to be) a rather nice price. One caveat; it doesn't come with a manual. Tamiya has the manual for the 'regular' TA03F Pro as a pdf, but the DJSE seems to be slightly different in some regards, and it'd be nice to have the correct manual for the car. Does anyone have this manual, either digitally or on paper? Thanks!
  5. Hi all. I'm struggling to find a PDF manual for the avante mk2 58387. Hoping someone can help me or send me a copy. Thanks in advance
  6. I am in the process of restoring my old vintage Blackfoot. I had been using a PDF copy of the original manual from here: http://www.wheelsacademy.info/rc/tamiyapdf/TamVeh76.pdf However, it has fallen off the web this week. I have a re-release manual but would ideally like a copy of the original. Does anyone have a PDF copy of a vintage Blackfoot manual they can give to me or a hard-copy that I will gladly pay for?
  7. as title says, I am looking for a Marui Big Bear manual version 1 and/or 2. original, copy or scan.
  8. As per the title. I am after a manual for the Tamiya Astute. Doesnt need to be mint, but at least in good usable condition. Let me know if you have one. Thanks James
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased and early model Nichimo, the chassis is very similar to the early Tamiya Porsche 58001 and 58002 kits. Its chassis only and a bit of internet searching has shown that there were a number of different body version available - A Pantera, Corvette, BMW M1, a Mazda, a Lancia Stratos and a Porsche 935. These cars seem to be very rare and there is very little information available on the net about them. The wheels make me think it was the Porsche 935 version. The chassis looks to be pretty much complete but a little battered and porsche body from the Tamtech range should fit. However what would be nice if I could get hold of a manual. I'd be happy with just a scan. I am particularly interested in the gearbox as the one I have doesn't look right. The underneath guard is on the opposite side to the gears. Plus the differential doesn't feel right. So if anyone can help out with a scan from a manual of one of these cars, it would be greatly appreciated, regards Johann
  10. I am looking for the following manuals: 58107: Top Force Evolution 58124: Super Hornet 58129: Castrol Celica 93' Monte-Carlo 58130: Sauber C12 58135: Calsonic Skyline GT-R 58140: HKS Skyline GT-R Group A 58141: Jeep Wrangler 58144: Nissan 300ZX IMSA GTS 58146: Chevy S-10 58148: Rahal-Hogan Lola T94 58151: Calsonic Primera (Ltd. Ed.) 58152: Isuzu Mu 58153: Daytona Thunder 58154: AM General M1025 Hummer 58156: F103RS F1 Chassis kit 58157: TA02RS 4WD Chassis kit 58158: Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR 58160: Dirt Thrasher 58162: Volkswagen Golf V. 58167: Toyota Toms EXIV . 58170: Toyota Toms Supra 58171: BMW 318I STW 58173: Volkswagen Beetle 58189: Martini Alfa 155 58194: F103 RX Chassis 58195: Alfa Romeo 155 58196: Honda S-MX Lowdow. 58200: David Jun TA03F P. Payment by Paypal. I live in Norway. Email me at lars (at) butveit (dot) net Let me know :-) -Lars
  11. Alas, I was finally able to locate a copy of, if not a complete set of Thorp Dirt Burners documents / manuals / diagrams / parts lists, then a mostly complete set. I thought briefly whether there would be any good reason to not share it, but it struck me that if Thorp were producing Dirt Burners parts today they would almost certainly make their documentation freely available online for all to benefit from. So, that's what I'm doing here - and I see no reason why any of you shouldn't download the PDF and distribute it far and wide to anyone that might need it. http://sdrv.ms/1bqjIba ps- please let me know if the above link doesn't work correctly...
  12. Is the seller of fleabay item 170854660639 legally allowed to sell it (them)? Surely this is blatant copyright theft?
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