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Found 4 results

  1. Project Start: 2023 Chassis - M-04L / M-06L / M-08L / TBD Body - Tamiya Honda S2000 / Mazda Mx5 Electrics - TBD Paint - TBD Tamiya PS Ambitions - DIY livery / Decals - Functioning driving lights with brake. - Build and 3D print front & lamp buckets - Build and 3D print Hardtop? - Source Lexan hardtop from Tamiya’s Mazda Eunos MX5 A Honda S2000 inspired build by spoon sports for the Super N1 Taikyu Endurance Racing Series. Some notable races that Spoon as a company has participated over the years and finished with a win were - - Super Tayiku ST-4 class championship -24h of Nurburgring -24h from Tokachi -25 from Thunderhill - 9h Tsukuba Fun FACT: The name of Spoon, comes from the famous curve with the shape of a "spoon" (Spoon in English) of the Suzuka Circuit. The first generation of s2000 cars remained mainly unchanged visually from exterior which I always liked other then the hardtop, fuel cell and livery. Their later cars came with aggressive bodywork which I like too but would be much harder to do, a future project plan for sure!
  2. Project Start: Q3 2023 Ultra 4 Race Truck M Scale Chassis - Yokomo Land Jumper Body - Kit Electrics - TBD Paint - TBD Tamiya PS Ambitions - DIY livery / Decals - Front and rear auxiliary position lights - Exterior Accesories - 3D printed Rear engine cover? By chance came across this neat little kit that I have never seen before or knew existed. What attracted me to it immediately is it resembles a Ultra 4 Race "Truck" / machine very well without being grotesque in proportions or styling in terms of scale realism like many rc offerings in the category. In my opinion it´s almost perfect as is. Oddily enough the wheels on it are non original Tamiya M04L from an S2000 which will be exchanged for something more appropriate and much taller. Off the top of my head TA02 or CC01/02 wheels tyre wheel combo might work nicely. The track width sits a bit wide but with the right wheels it might look perfect. It was originally sold as a brushed RTR but this one came as a roller with the original motor and a futaba servo horn. It is shaft driven with two differentiation. Some official text - " While Yokomo is better known for their high-end race machines, their newest buggy, the 14th Scale Land Jumper, has basher written all over it. The Land Jumper comes with a roll cage for scale looks and damage control during big crashes, and its 4wd system gets more traction to keep you in front. Some of its features and specifications include - * Comes with servo, 380 brushed motor, and ESC * Aluminum chassis * Double wishbone suspension * Large capacity oil shocks * Front and rear gear diffs * Aluminum motor mount and center shaft * Slipper clutch * Ball bearings * Weight- 940 grams * Length- 300mm * Width- 200mm * Height- 110mm * Wheelbase- 205mm " I bought it complete with two unopened extra bodysets, and one that´s mounted now appears to be painted matte black from the exterior. My inspiration will be drawn from the images seen below. The Kit The inspiration
  3. SimonSez

    WTB M-04

    As it states, i am looking for M-04 stuff. I am mainly looking for chassis pieces but I am interested in anything M-04. Rollers, NIB kts, spare chassis sections, hit me up with what you have. I have been trying to track down parts for some time now, is it just me or is the M-04 stuff incredibly hard to find now. Nothing on eBay save for a couple NIB kits going for several hundred. Are these really worth that kind of money, and am I SOL on trying to find these parts? Thanks in advanced!
  4. Folks, have a project body that is not going to get put to use by me, it is a pretty decent , but unimaginative painted up Mk1 GOLF Racing shell along with its Kamtech partner from BITD. I must have had this Kamtech body for nearly 10 years now. It is coming along for the ride to its new owner as well as the unused Kamei decalset from Tamiya RE RE and the driver figure as well. Photo over on the main trades page. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=120570&id=2640 Looking for near $50usd, WITHOUT shipping, will sort that out with whomever shall be interested, not set in stone on the price, but I think that is a fair deal considering you get a 2 for 1 really. Chris
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