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Found 5 results

  1. The Tamiya Brat is the only Subaru I have ever wanted to own and 6 months after buying one it is finally up and running. There are some small detail paint stuff that still needs to be finished and some up-grades that need to be done. While constructing it I suspected that the steering gear might give me some issues and that improvements need to be made. My local outdoor track open for the summer today so I took it out for a run and yup, the steering was certainly and issue with the RH arm getting bent like a banana right at the end of the session. The rear shocks are currently way too stiff also and combined with a fast steering response it was a very twitchy beast to drive indeed. The body and bumper center's were sprayed with Tamiya TS rattle cans with all the other colours including the semi-gloss black (which you can't really see) and silver, also Tamiya TS paint, are hand painted. It is basically built box stock with the addition of one piece alloy wheels, alloy front suspension arms and an alloy motor mount/heat-sink by T4works who are currently planing to add more dress-up parts for the Frog/Brat chassis. The sticker set is by MCI Racing. Along with the steering upgrades I am looking at adding a front coil over shock setup at some point too.
  2. Well I think I can call the Jager Bomb done. Grasshopper number 5 started off with a little idea in the back of my head and after a suggestion from a nephew it got brought into reality. Built mechanically box stock save for the addition of Hornet rear shocks and some more bling from T4works. The body was painted in Tamiya Pure Orange TS-98, which came out a little brighter than expected or planned, and then given two light cotes of Tamiya Pearl clear. This gives a nice sparkle to it although it can't be seen in the photos and is not easily seen in person. The alternate colour Hopper stripes & Jagermeister sticker sets came from MCI Racing once again and I took a punt on going for a slightly darker green which I think works ok. I also scaled back the Jager ones from 1:10th to 1:12th scale to ensure a good fit. The alloy wheel caps were found on ebay and cap the whole look off just nicely.
  3. Despite the fact that I have been using this for a few weeks now, I can now say it is finally finished. When I first got the Boomerang my first thought was to paint it green & gold, slap an Aussie flag on it you bewdy, bonza mate! My very next thought was, "No wait a minute, the Boomerang is not Australian it's Aboriginal." I thought about painting it brown with some white dots & squiggles and make it look like Aboriginal art, but I thought that might be even more insulting than putting the colonial queen's flag on it. So in the end I went with the original box design but changed the colours to that of the Aboriginal flag. Black, Red & Yellow. I hope it is a suitable tribute to the origins of The Boomerang.
  4. Finally got around to finishing this one off. You could call it a Grasshornet or Hornethopper if you like, basiclly it's a Hopper with the rear shocks and RS540 motor from a Hornet fitted. The paint is a one off custom job, I laid down a coat of Tamiya pink primer followed up with two good coats of Tamiya pure metallic red then topped off with two coats of Tamiya clear red. The resulting look is somewhere between a candy apple red and an anodised aluminium which in normal light looks a bit ho-hum but when in direct sun light it really pops big time. The roof is done in Tamiya pearl white. It's a pity the photos don't really do it justice. The decals are all from MCI Racing and the Budweiser ones were actually for a Earnhardt Jnr 1:10th NASCAR which I had scaled down to 1:12th scale to ensure they fitted properly and I ticked the box for the mirror finish gold option. The one piece alloy wheels were found on eBay and there are more bright shiny bits from T4works planned to be added in the near future. The inspiration for this project came from the IMSA Budweiser Chevy Monza as i liked the pure simplicity of the livery, however I did want to add a touch of white like the latter Bud liveries. Even though it is fully functional and goes quite well, because of the paint job and the inability to do any touch-ups, this one will spend most of it's time on the shelf with only occasional use. Overall I'm very happy with the way this one has turned out.
  5. The latest Grasshopper to roll off the production line late Thursday night and made it's racing debut last night. Sadly after only about 20 seconds into it's first warm-up run it got cleaned out by a big ole stadium truck and sustained some major damage. So now it's back on the bench for some repairs. The left side spotlight and pedestal mount was broken off flush with the body and the roll cage bar directly behind it is sheared right through and a few large scuff marks on the blue paint to touch up. I have glued everything up but it remains to be seen if it stays together or not as this is very similar damage to my original one and the spotlight just kept falling off every time I used it so I just left it off. Very frustrating when a lot of time, money, effort, heart & soul goes into building it, I guess sometimes stuff just happens but it's making me think really hard about taking the next one along because if that one gets damaged then I'm really going to be *******ed off as there will be no repairs to paint damage on that one! To build this one was not part of my original plan but just sort of happened after cruising through the www.mciracing.ca web site and seeing a few things I liked, and an evil plan was hatched. An alternate colour Grasshopper sticker set was ordered along with the Valvoline & Pepsi sets which were both scaled down from 1:10th to 1:18th to ensure they would fit. The body was painted Tamiya gloss White (TS26) and the roll cage bars are painted in Humbrol Baltic Metallic Blue. A set of ball bearings was added along with the very nice polished 1pc alloy wheels and another set of Ansmann Racing oil shocks. Some parts were borrowed from the previous Hopper build as more cool shiny T4works parts are still on their way from rcMart.com. It should look even better once they are fitted.
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