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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been stalking this forum for about a year and been really grateful to everyone for the accrued wisdom that I've been able to tap into to help me build my Avante shelfer (first RC car I've owned since 1993!). I wanted to ask for some help /inspiration for the next phase of my project. As this is fo the shelf, it's mainly cosmetic, so might not interest everyone, but, here goes … I've built my Avante box art, and I also have Black special shell and wheel tyre set to give it an alternate look when I feel like it. Just a visual flip, not all the mechanical changes. I thought I could use one more change of style to give me some options, and I went searching for nice custom Avantes online. I think the price point means not too many people have gone far from box art with these, but I did find some interesting things. I was especially taken with @neobrunox 1/10 Azente, based on the special edition Mini 4WD variants: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=117752&id=24357 . As you probably know, the 1/10 black special is also based on a Mini 4WD, which has me excited as I got interested in RC as a child having been weened on Mini 4WD. So, I wondered if I could do another Avante variant that stemmed from a Mini 4wd. The idea I've settled on is to do something based on one of the styles in the Avante Mini 4wd Dress-up Sticker Set (I'm thinking the pin stripe one): and here, alongside someone's nice Azente: So here' say vision for the car, and I wondered if anyone woud like to add any imaginative suggestions or give me some advice? VISION: Both the Azente AND this dress-up sticker set mention "TXR", which is spelled out in very small letters as "Tamiya Experimental Racer". I understand that the 1/10 Avante was the first effort by the tema that became "Tamiya Racing Factory", so I'm going to imagine that TXR is an early interpretation of TRF. The colour scheme here is also reminiscent of the white/cyan/blue/pink used in later TRF models. So I thought I would style my car with these things in mind, though I'm on the fence about using much pink. I'm seeing this car as like a development version of the finished Avante, before everything was finalised, but also aiming for a race spec, rather than the 'retail spec' of the finished machine. ARTWORK: I plan to draw the graphics myself and get them printed at MCI. Anyone have any experience of MCI custom decals? Anything I should watch out for, or any recommendations for another supplier? SPONSORS: For the most part, I'll scale up the Mini 4wd stickers, but I'll try to add in a few more details and small stickers, the same as how the original Avante and Avante BS decals are not simply scaled up versions of the Mini 4WD version. If anyone could suggest some additional sponsors or details that might add some flavour of Tamiya's experimental racing division c 1988, I'd be delighted! DRIVER: Well, Paranoid Perry I guess, but open to other ideas? I found this fun article the other day which suggests maybe one of the other Tamiya drivers. This is really just silly fan fiction, but i guess that's the realm I've descended to with this project! Here's the quote: "First, be aware that I was the one chosen for this project among almost one hundred drivers. Among them, the promising Albert Attaboy who remained stuck in Baja Buggy races, Evert Edwards who had relatives working at Tamiya and who couldn't get more than the Vanquish. Even Greg Martin, who was popular thanks to the Hornet, was in the list. The most pathetic of all was undoubtely Ricky Roop." COLOURED BITS: TRF stuff tends to have some anodised cyan/blue elements. Anyone recommend some avant compliant shocks I could try out in this colour? Or any other metal parts? WHEELS: In keeping with most TRF creations, probably white wheels, but I'm after something that might have felt experimental in '88 Or could have been donated from another car at the time, as part of the development process? Perhaps some white Thunder Shot rims? Like on the Terra Scorcher? Anything more interesting out there? TYRES: I fancied doing something a bit crazy, like some slicks? If not that, perhaps some more modern looking buggy tyres, to suggest the car was ahead of its time, but that ultimately Tamiya went with the more conventional option in the release product? (sorry, in fan fiction territory again!) REAR WING and OTHER AERO BITS: I was toying with the idea of a wing fro another car. I've not seen other wings that I think really look good on other custom Avantes (you often see an astute or Egress wing, I think). I was thinking maybe something more out there like a terra scorcher wing? Other thoughts? I hope some of you find this interesting and might be willing to chip in. Once I've got started properly, I'll try tout a build thread together. Appreciate your help!
  2. So I've had these Mini 4WD 80s buggys for a while now collect dust. I brought them a while back on eBay along with some of these cheap RC buggys that have the a same fix rear axel suspension as the Hornet and Grasshopper. The plain was to convert them to fully proportional 2.4Ghz using a micro DMS2 DelTang receiver or something similar. http://www.deltang.co.uk I just saw the AmPro engineering video on doing the same thing with the same yellow 27Mhz RC buggy i stated off with as it looks a lot like the Hornet. So i thought i would start this new topic to share my work so far and also maybe get some help on finish this project! As I'm really good at starting new projects but not so great at fishing them! :-)
  3. I have built quite a few of these Tamiya mini 4wd racers. When I saw this new starter pack from tamiya I couldn't wait to get my hands on it ! This kit is fantastic value for money considering what you get in the box. On the side of the box we can see all the extra's (Tune Ups) you get Inside the box this is what you get. (note you even get a little screwdriver as well as the usual spanner) so on to the build - oh but first I added these to my build. building ..... note I ball raced the spur gear too. Gears in, axles in and the ballraces the motor ready to go in the chassis motor in chassis wheels on and the carbon parts laid out ready carbon parts on rolllers and mass dampers on the underneath all complete body on - I have had this one ages and put it on the car, note the stickers are different to what's on the box but it is the same style of body. I really enjoy building these little Tamiya mini 4wd racers, just a shame there is no where to race them. (what this space )
  4. For sale:- Tamiya mini 4wd racer I have been building a few of these and this one is surplus to requirement built with tons of mini 4wd tune ups, ball raced, tough'ned chassis and parts, faster motor, wheel tires ..... it's all done and pre tuned for you ... custom paint £60 posted UK
  5. just wanted to share a place i found some excellent deals on a couple of hard-to-find mini 4WD's. it's actually a brick and mortar hobby shop in greece, but they have an online store and ship internationally. but shipping for two mini 4WD's was only 10 euro to the US/NJ. specifically, they seem to have a lot of hornet and grasshopper II mini 4WD's in stock for like 6 euro a pop. as in plain vanilla retail pricing. here's the link: http://www.e-kalfakis.gr/login.php?language=en if you email them you actually get a response from a real human too! ben
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