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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Recently re-built NDF01 Nitro Force I have had for a while. Unfortunately I have lost the manual with the base engine tuning settings. I have looked online for hours and cannot find any. I did find the Nitro thunder manual, but this does not contain the engine tuning. Thanks
  2. Before @netsmithUK starts coding and modifying tamiyaclub for this, it would be great to guage if there is any enthusiasm for the idea. The premise would be that custom 3d printed designs from members could be held by tamiyaclub, uploaded like movies, adverts etc. So free stuff that you may have uploaded to thingiverse, you could also upload to tamiyaclub, shapeway items that are not free, hopefully you would be able to link to the item or your shop. If you have a demonstration video on YT, the link could be on here as well!? It's just another way of trying to keep everything together in one place for easier access. There are so many items on other sites it can take quite some time to track down parts and ideas! Maybe for free designs there could eventually be a donate button to your PayPal or a charity as a way for us to say thank you for your generosity. Maybe this could lead to more commissioning of parts and mods as the section expands. I would personally like a tag system which if the part was for a hornet then when you went to the hornet's main page the mods would show up there..... There are probably many more ways and ideas to implement this but I thought "we have movies, why not 3D parts!?" If this is something of interest please leave a comment below for netsmith to monitor the responses, it might become a reality! @Pintopower @miniguy77@Hobgoblin@Toykid
  3. Hi, this is my first post here. I just figured I'd share this with the world, since I haven't seen any of those mods anywhere else. If you're only interested in seeing what and how, feel free to skip the next lines and check out the links below (hope that's allowed?). A quick rundown on this trucks history. I got it as a birthday present when I was 14. It was a dream come true and was quickly tossed in the corner for the next 13 years or so to come. I finally dug it out several years ago to strip it of its body which I ran on a Savage 25 a couple of times. Not a good idea, so I put it back where I found it. Over the years I did spend at least some time with the Blackfoot, however, and every time I ended up somewhat disappointed with the driving experience. The suspension was too stiff, unwilling and generally awkward. The worst part to me has always been the steering and it always spoiled the fun with its wobbly behaviour and useless layout (no offence). Anyways... I recently found myself having a brushless Racestar motor/ESC combo and 9kg digital servo lying around - both new since I only ever ran them a couple of times on another RC. On top of that I also had 4 Savage X shocks left. Yesss, you read that right! So I decided to put all of it to good use and revive my very first RC car after its 18 year slumber. That said, I just couldn't leave the steering the way it was - I mean the inner tie rod ball-joint positions are just ridiculous! What were you thinking, Tamiya? (Haha still no offence). Now, long story short. I decided to rework the poor front suspension geometry and throw in all the goodies I mentioned above into the mix for good measure. This here is the result so far. I've got more mods lined up - but I'm not telling. The facia is missing because this way the truck looks freakin evil! You can check out some pictures of the mods under this link: https://goo.gl/photos/F2X7zgJy7UHNmhmC6 Here's a (very) short video of the steering setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2PTnfTFsFQ Here's the first ever trial run - you are witnessing something here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leMEaFB_w5M I'm not going to bore everyone and their dog by listing everything I did and parts and electronics I used. Just ask if you want to know or see anything specific.
  4. I have always been not happy with regards to the DT02 gearbox, especially when it comes to keeping a motor cool. I understand it plays some part in protecting the motor but does nothing to help keep it cool. So anyway I run a few DT02's and have loads of parts kicking around. I thought I would look at some options for keeping the motor cool or at least trying to keep it a little cooler ! I know there are many various heat sinks you can buy but most only fit a standard sealed silver can type motor. So here's what I have done. the gearbox as it comes after a little modification and some holes for extra airflow. and I cut a lot away on this one. not sure how strong it is with the torque from this 19turn spec which is quite a powerful motor.
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