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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, to separate the TRF201 transmission conversion and the restoration part of my Hilux Monster Racer I started this new thread regarding my TRF201 transmission conversion for the Nissan King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer and/or (Super) Astute / Madcap. So the transmission section will not be mixed anymore with the restoration section. Here I can also offer a better and clear support for interested customers and can answer questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. For pictures from the installed gearbox in a Hilux Monster Racer, please visit my build log/thread: Sgt.Speirs‘ Nissan King Cab - TRF201 Transmission Conversion & Restoration Parts list for this modification: 1x 3D printed gearbox parts from Shapeways (latest rev. 1.3): >> King Cab TRF201 Gear Box - Complete << 1x 54471 TA06 Steel Gear Diff. Unit Rear 1x 22031 TD4/TD2 Slipper Clutch Set 1x 53587 Shim 5x0.2mm (1 needed) 1x 13454709 Idler Shaft (alternatively: 54344) 1x 54262 Idler Gear (alternatively: 51416) 1x 19114075 Spacer N15 (N-Parts tree) 1x 19804411 Screw 3x36mm (4 needed) 1x 13450284 Aluminum motor plate (alternatively: 54225 /13454715) 1x 50586 Washer (2 needed) 1x 19805746 Cap Screw 3x8mm (2 needed) 1x 19808013 Cap Screw 3x6mm (2 needed) 1x 19805990 Screw 3x5mm (2 needed) 1x 19004273 Gear Cover 1x 19805957 Screw 3x10mm 1x 19805763 Screw 3x10mm 1x 19805765 Screw 3x8mm 1x 53577 Urethane bushing (red) 1x 53588 Ø10 mm Shim Set (optional parts for shimmimg the gear diff) 1x 42115 Ball bearings 1510 (2 needed) 2x 42113 Ball bearings 1050 (3 needed) 1x 42113 Ball bearings 840 (1 needed) Manual for the assembly: Gearbox Assembly - Manual_Rev_1.2 (see attached file) Gearbox Assembly - Manual_Rev_1.2.pdf Pictures from the first Shapeways order: The gearbox ready assembled: And the first customer's complete gearbox package:
  2. Hello, and welcome to Sgt.Speirs‘ King Cab - TRF201 Transmission Conversion build log for the Nissan King Cab / Hilux Monster Racer. =========================================================== To skip directly to the final pics, parts list and manual: >> CLICK HERE << =========================================================== In the early 90s, two of my friends had a Nissan King Cab (and they still have them). Although I think the Hilux Monster Racer looks better, the King Cab has a special place in my RC memory. NISSAN King Cab - Tamiya Guide Book 1995 TOYOTA Hi-Lux Monster Racer - Tamiya Guide Book 1995 Four weeks ago I found a local offer of a King Cab chassis for a good price (65€). No wheels/tires, no body, but blue sleeved dampers from the Dyna Storm and the carbon race steering set (53033). Only the body mounts referring, that it was previously a Nissan King Cab. Not related, but still nice...the Dyna Storm Overall, the parts are in great condition and even the bathtube chassis has no scratches as expected from heavy off-road trips. The rear dampers have some scratches from the spring/suspension, but they will work fine. The general weak point of the King Cab/Monster Racer, the ball differential, has a lot of wear and is hard to move. Unfortunately are spare parts hard to find. Because this car is planned as a runner, I decided to replace the gearbox by a current one (incl. a slipper clutch) with a probably better spare part availability. 1st proposal - The gearbox of the Super Astute (Re-Release): The King Cab shares its gearbox with the (Super) Astute. The gearbox of the re-re Super Astute from 2018 would be a good alternative. But not all internal parts for the gearbox are currently available… 2nd proposal - The gearbox of the Dyna Storm: The Dyna Storm has also a slipper (Multi Disc Clutch system) and would be a proper solution. But there is the same issue with spare part availability than for idea same as for proposal 1. 3nd proposal - The gearbox of the TRF201: The TRF201 is currently no longer available, but the ball diff (not the diff joints) and the slipper clutch is shared with the new Super Avante. So spare parts will be no issue in the next years. So I decided to go with proposal 3... The TRF211XM uses the same ball diff. Optional there is a oil filled gear diff. Due to less maintenance, I wanted to try the gear diff…a mistake at the end. First I ordered only the gearbox to find out if it will work (enough space, position of the gear box outlets, wheel base,…). It does in my opinion... ...so I started modeling of the main chassis (bath tube), sub chassis (frp plate) and TRF201 gearbox in 3D, to create the brackets for the top and bottom mounting points.
  3. I have alot of incomplete threads on this forum so I thought I'd follow the lead of some of you. This will be my one go to thread to track all of my projects as I go. All of the projects are running now but are in various stages of their build. There is atleast one more that Im going to add in the near future but first I need to update you all on where is what in what stage. First up is the Astute. The Astute is the first Hobby Grade RC I got. I spent a summer doing chores for my Grandfather to save up for it. AFter about 27 years of neglect I decided to bring it back, man I am really that old. Ill update that thread one more time, Ill post the finish goods here as well. First the group shot!
  4. I have ZERO afiliation with this auction, just thought Id pass it along. If someone want a solid runner Monster Racer/King Cab this has what you need. Thorp Trans, AMPRO Arms, and a new body. This is a bargain. IF I didnt have another in the works Id be all in!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Tamiya-1-10-Nissan-King-Cab-Off-Road-Racer-Toyota-hilux-grail-find/254352041093?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dafd6678e6898405e89857554145a4654%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D123873020296%26itm%3D254352041093%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A4330bbf2-d18a-11e9-bd25-74dbd180503a|parentrq%3A0c7f606a16d0aa41161fdc2cffcec241|iid%3A1 Again Ive got nothing in this. Just trying to help out a fellow enthusiasts.
  5. Hi guys anybody have any rear red monster racer wheels they would like to sell? i have completely built a new car from new parts and I am just missing 2 rear wheels, if you have any please let me know. cheers
  6. Good afternoon I purchased this Aqroshot after feeling inspired by a recent post on the Monster Racer/Nissan King Cab. Seeing as I love to tinker with Tamiya's and in particular raiding the Tamiya parts bin and making Frakenstein creations this caught my eye in an attempt to recreate a modern twist on the Monster racer. What drew my attention was many of the similarities to the Monster Racer, in particular; The relatively enclosed chassis, the motor hanging out behind the wheels, similar wheelbase (approx 10mm longer) and features that I particularly like, such as direct steering and a symmetrical layout. I have no idea how this will turn out or even if the plan will work. The WT01 has always been a favourite basher of mine, I'd like to recreate the robustness of the WT01 with something a little more precise and well balanced. So to the build...Box art... Layout... Features... Some suggested Hop Ups... (note that this kit already comes with the Torque tuned motor and CVA's) I have bearings and the ball diff to go in also. Remainder pics of build to follow pending approval...
  7. Hi guys im looking for a pair of monster racer rear wheels to finish my project. i have managed to build a brand new car from parts over the last 2 Year’s but I am missing the rear wheels if anybody has anything could you please let me know. cheers
  8. Hi does anybody have a pair of nice rear wheels for a monster racer they would like to sell? i would also buy a set if you didn't want to split. please let me know cheers
  9. Hi anybody got a pair of rear red monster racer wheels they are interested in selling i have a monster racer built out of 100% new parts but am now just missing the rear wheels to complete my project. if anybody can help please let me know thanks
  10. Hi im looking for wheels to complete my build on my monster racer, the truck is built from all new parts and all i am missing is a pair of rear wheels if anybody has any they would like to sell please let me know thank you
  11. Hi guys looking for some king cab parts if anybody has got them to sell 77t spur gear monster racer wheels 2 bv3 pins that hold the front hubs on 1 shaft for the spur gear if you have any please let me know thanks
  12. I had been accumulating this King Cab project for ages, and it's ... SOOOO CLOSE... but it's time to let go and see that it goes to a good home. The full details of what's included are detailed in the eBay description. Definitely have a look. No reserve auction, LOADS of NIP RARE parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331676993635
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