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Found 5 results

  1. OK, not sure what to call this project yet as I'm still jamming some ideas down, but I've already started the build so I thought I'd throw out my thoughts so far. The story begins back at the end of the summer, when my wife decided to continue in a temp job that was supposed to have finished a while back. At the time she had a bit more spare money than usual, so I raised the idea of more expensive Christmas presents (we normally don't spend a lot). My plan had been to give her a list of new kits, and have her choose one to buy, so I wouldn't know what I was getting until I got it. Well, she didn't really go with that plan, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself the MTX-1 and put it away until Christmas time. The chassis seems to have been well-received, and then just as quickly forgotten. I'm not sure UK / Europe have officially got an MST importer, since I couldn't find it anywhere locally and had to source from abroad. That might explain why there aren't so many of them around. Also the choice of colours and bodies seemed odd to me. I've raised this before, but: Who makes a monster truck out of a Toyota stadium truck? It just seems odd Lots of yellow parts in the Toyota body model, which is restrictive when considering a custom livery Chevy body model comes with more forgiving white parts, but the body is pre-painted, also restrictive when considering a custom livery In the end I went with the Toyota model (officially the TH-1 model), and a '93 Ford body from JConcepts, with the Toyota body planned to be consigned to the parts bin for some other project, whenever I get around to it.
  2. This is going to be a slow-burn thread over winter as I put my J45C together. Every Saturday I'm on toddler duty, and we like to go out for a walk in the morning (weather allowing) or make some cakes or cookies or do some creative stuff, and in the afternoon we have a cuddle and a film. And once the film is over she almost always want to move on to some mind-numbing Netflix series, so that's when I leave her to it and break open a kit box. To be honest I've been meaning to start this little project for weeks but we've been having so much fun we haven't wanted to stop, so it took an unexpected afternoon off work with a temperature and fatigue (covid results came back negative ) for me to get started on this one. As a special treat, we have My Littly Pony playing in the background, which is way more tongue-in-cheek than I expected is secretly becoming one of my favourite series to binge (it's not quite as good as Duggee). Anyhoo, on to the project. My long-term plan for this one is for it to be mostly stock, or at least, fitted with off-the-shelf hop-ups. I've got too many custom rigs and, although they're fun, there's always something else to go wrong. These are supposed to be great out of the box, so there's no need to spend hours in the workshop custom-hacking new parts. However it will be fitted with my own LED setup (using an Arduino, when I get around to finishing the code) and also have front and rear winches using sail servos. So, here's how it all started: MST kits are nicely laid out, with the parts bags divided into steps. The instructions aren't quite as easy to follow as Tamiya (one step can include several different parts and I sometimes find I miss one, or neglect to install a bearing) but assembly is straightfoward and the parts are well made. My helper had collapsed with excitement at this point and wasn't much help
  3. I was contemplating on what light crawler to get but I always like the CFX. I didn't want a full size 300-313 crawler because I just want something that I can drive side by side with the CC-01 with my daughter. Fortunately, my friend handed me this new (assembled/built and displayed only) CFX. It also comes with a painted body, a rear steel drive shaft, two sets of bead-lock wheels (wide and narrow) and two sets of tires. I plan on upgrading it. So far some parts have already arrived. Aluminum dampers 80mm YR aluminum suspension links for 242mm Aluminum shock towers 25kg SPT servo Aluminum srevo mount with carbon fiber plate (I also used the same for my XV-01) Still upgrading the front and rear bumper mounts to aluminum, steel drive shafts, metal steering links, and full ball sealed bearings. Will also install Hobbywing 1080 ESC and a full light kit with extra roof light bar. I don't want to rush the build but the parts and accessories just make me excited.
  4. So... finally getting around to my MST CFX-W build. Just started today, and I'll post up progress as I go along. Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMBHMsTRQrNz7XLyypnUaENe Build Details: MST CFX-W Kit MST M06 19T Pinion Gear MST CFX-W Steel drive shaft [210571] MST CFX-W Steel drive shaft set 99-119mm [210569] x 2 Yeah Racing Hackmoto V2 35T 540 Brushed Motor Boom Racing #BR967010S Stainless Steel Links W/ Ball Ends 313mm Wheelbase (4mm Rod Ends) Silver for MST 1/8 CFX-W Boom Racing 25T Aluminum Servo Horn Pro-Line 85 Toyota HiLux SR5 Body (Cab and Bed) Aluminum 1.9inches RC Beadlock 12 Spokes Wheels/Rims Pro-Line Racing #10128-14 Hyrax 1.9 G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires Spotlights taken from Generic Roof Rack + Light kit RC Nerds RCN004 Grill with radiator for Pro-Line Toyota SR5 RC Nerds RCN003 Front grill lamps for Pro-Line Toyota SR5 RC Nerds RCN005 front main bumper for Pro-Line Toyota SR5 RC Nerds RCN011 mirrors for Pro-Line Toyota SR5 RC Nerds RCN014 logos for Pro-Line Toyota SR5 Knight Customs SR50019 SR5 Rear Light Buckets Knight Customs SR50020 SR5 Rear Light Lens Knight Customs SR50005 SR5 Twin Roll Bar "TOYOTA" Vinyl Decal V2 - White Samix MST CFX-W Titanium Steering Links (on eBay) Traxxas Rod-Ends #5347 (for use with the Samix links) Electronics: Hobbywing WP-1080 Brushed ESC FlySky R6B 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver FlySky GT-3C 2.4 GHz Radio Power HD WP-23KG Waterproof Digital Servo Tools / Materials: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Tamiya Side Cutter Tamiya RC Car Spray Paint PS-23 Gun Metal Tamiya RC Car Spray Paint PS-5 Black Tamiya RC Car Spray PS-31 Smoke Tamiya RC Car Spray PS-12 Silver Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz. DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Step 1: Transmission The parts are really well organized and laid out. Impressed.
  5. Hello again friends and welcome to my most recent build. I was going to name this one "What Tamiya could have and should have" just because of my disappointment when this model was originally released. OK, so let's start. When Tamiya first released the Volkswagen Amarok, it was on the WT01 chassis, and it was meant to emulate this truck: In my opinion, Tamiya completely missed the mark when they released a 2wd WT01 version of this vehicle: It's not even the right color!
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