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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. Ive acquired a good WT-01 chassis. The only things its missing is a battery retainer (E1 part) and a shell. If you have an E1 part and/or any of the following shells knocking about that you no longer need, please let me know: Bush Devil Black foot 3 Amarock Mudblaster 2 Wild Dagger Double Blaze Mighty Bull Shell condition doesn't matter too much as it's for a basher. Thanks in advance. Mark
  2. So after restoring a vintage mudblaster for my neice & nephews to play with and then deciding that there is no way the little monkeys were getting their paws on it and destroying it iv decided to build a more user friendly version for them instead. This one though is not going to be a standard blaster but more of a post apocalyptic version. started out buying a couple of old wrecks which iv stripped, cleaned and audited for loss and breakage. Time to start emptying the wallet again
  3. Hello, iv been lurking for a while and seeing others great resto jobs i thought id start to share mine. i owned an original brat many many years ago along with a couple of others but as i got older these got sold and I hadn't thought about RC cars since.... until christmas when my neice & nephews were playing with some cheap little things which sparked something inside me. i started looking at re re brats & blackfoot, then thought maybe i could put a brat body on a blackfoot chassis, after some googling i found out there used to be a creature called a mud blaster & knew that i had to find one. Original intention was buy it & let the kids use it..! short ebay trip later and a runner was delivered but in fairly poor condition so first job was find original instructions for it and completely strip it down, catalogue whats good/ bad or missing then clean the lot. As it turns out everything was present with just some minor replacements required, however by now iv re-discovered model shops & started reading forum posts so obviously a big shopping list had been drawn up & my wallet started emptying. Im now utterly addicted to restoring/ upgrading the car & there is 0 chance the kids are getting to use it. over next few posts ill document whats been done & how its looking. Iv also just bought 2 more old, fairly complete ORV chassis from feebay which ill be turning into a usable mudblaster & maybe a beetle. Graham
  4. Hi all. Well after a recent thread I started about which is the best basher in WT-01 (mudblaster 2, blackfoot 3 etc) vs the staduim blitzer, blitzer beetle etc to decide which to buy it turned out there wasn't really a winner. I eventually went for a mudblaster 2. They both seemed to handle the rough stuff and looked loads of fun. I decided on the mudblaster 2 because it was going for a really good price, roughly £90 delivered from Germany to the UK. Also I had a plan with the wt-01 plus the fact that if I ever wanted to do I could do a 4 wheel drive/steer conversion which is really easy with this model. It's a really versatile kit. So I thought I'd do a little build thread of what I had done during the build. I took photos at every stage but don't worry I'll just skip to the big parts. Here's everything laid out. It's not a dining table anymore, its a tamiya workbench! Front frame Front axles with replacement rubber sealed bearings from rcbearings Front assembly almost complete Assembling dampers Front assembly complete Adding rubber sealed bearings to the gearbox Rear gearbox assembly complete Metal geared servo with tie-rods attached (thanks to mr crispy for the link to buy the servo) Chassis halves attached with the tamiya teu-104bk esc installed, towardpro MG946R metal geared servo and the receiver Fully assembled gearbox added to chassis along with completed front assembly The wheels are on! Woo hoo. So instead of the mudblaster 2 body shell I decided I wanted to put the blitzer beetle/sand scorcher/monster beetle shell on instead. Here it is after arrriving from kamtec after a trimming. I used some curved nail scissors and was really pleased with the result. Then I ordered a couple of cans of tamiya PS-34 bright red polycarbonate paint and built myself a spray booth. The shell ended up like this... Then a really satisfying part. Peeling off the protective layer revealing the shiney red shell. Next the monster beetle decals went on Decals applied to shell And finally I modified the mounts to fit the beetle shell. With the front I just used one of the mounts as apposed to the 2 for the mudblaster shell and put it in the middle of the support and sandwiched it with some of the rubber tubing that was used on the dampers. Someone on here has done a very similar mount for this body so I can't take credit for this method. Rear modified mounts All done..... So that's it for this build so far. I did the monster beetle conversion because I really loved the original monster beetle but tamiya never did a re-re. I think if they did it probably would have been based on the wt-01 chassis going from what they did with the blackfoot and mudblaster so I tried to make what they haven't. I was going to buy an original but I bought an original blackfoot which is rarely run and I don't want to ruin 20+ year old originals. This is pure basher! From here little touches like tinting the windows will be done as it won't have a driver and I'd like to fit an original monster beetle rear bumper or fashion a plate at the back like the original has with the huge monster beetle decals on it. This will help fill the big space at the rear too. After this I'll look at improving the performance, esc, motor, batteries and changing to 2.4ghz radio gear. I've also got some plans for the suspension too. Eventually it will be lipo powered and brushless but I'm going to start at the bottom with a standard 540 motor and friction shocks and enjoy the improvements as they come along. Hope you liked the build. I'll put up a vid soon of its first run. It'll probably be in the snow.
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