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Found 10 results

  1. I bought this DT03 Neo Fighter last year as a fun buggy. Most of the time, I'm racing my RC10s and Ultimas. I didn't realize this at first, but the kit I got is the super cheap one without the CVA dampers and ESC. I've added bearings, the DT03 turnbuckle set and a set of CVAs that originally came with my TD4. I've decorated it like my re-release Frog by combining the stock decal set with the re-release frog decal set. I think it looks pretty good aside from a few green paint bleeds which are mostly covered with decals. I will probably add a better pic...I was lazy today.
  2. Hey guys! I got a Neo Fighter for Christmas. I thought I'd take a break from my normal race RC10s and Ultimas. I've purchased a few basic hop-ups including bearings and the turnbuckle set. I know there's a damper set specifically for the DT03 but pics online seem to show an integrated metal shock shaft and piston. Is that how they come? I have about 6 or 7 sets of black plastic CVA shocks so I may be able to build a set of dampers out of the parts I have. Does anyone have the measurements of the front and rear lengths?
  3. *apologies to NJ’s second favourite son JBJ for the title* But man was I Livin’ on a Prayer hoping to find anything in stock in these difficult times, seems like any Tamiya kit is Wanted Dead or Alive. But when hope was lost I Kept the Faith and Fusion restarted their webshop coming though with the Aqroshot like a Blaze of Glory. Selling the Top Force was Bad Medicine but getting this basher is sweeter than a Bed Of Roses. I Regret Nothing.
  4. Here is my neo fighter with decals inspired by taiyo / tyco jet turbo hopper. I can make custom decals for tamiya's and make them look like vintage taiyo or tycos. Included a picture of my reproduction taiyo, tyco decals.
  5. Hi All, Just clicked "Confirm" on the purchase of a Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) Kit #58587 ($116 with shipping). I loved building my first RC car the TT-02 Subaru 99' Monte Carlo, Advice for First Time RC Car thread and now that I am finishing up that build want to start the next. I am curious about 2WD off road buggies and thought the Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) would be a good way to try out 2WD. The kit already comes with CVA shocks and I already have an ESC, battery, servo, and receiver. Are there any other "must have" hop ups for the Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) Build ? Thank you all ! The Tamiya Club was great and very supportive for the TT-02 build, cheers. See below a specific question about bearings. Notes: Servo Brushless Motor ESC Receiver Shocks Tires and Tires Rear Wing
  6. Hope the group mods don't mind me posting this, but after testing by me and a racer i know have decided I am confident enough in my DT02/3 3 deg toe in uprights to offer them for sale. I have opened a Shapeways store called CTE RC (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/cotic-rc) and have put them on there with a few of my other designs. There are fitting instructions on the part links on the store. No one else makes toe in uprights for these chassis which is why i did them. Hopefully some of you might find them useful, or fun, or just a nice colour (There are about 10 colour options). Here's a pic of Andy's cool DT02 and DT03 race cars and my DT03 truggy with them installed. There is a full installation and rundown over on by DT03 Build log The improvements I wanted was to reduce the size and make the uprights dedicated to the metal driveshafts. The kit uprights are bulky and bind on the wishbones. As you can see in this comparison, the new uprights allow about 10mm more suspension travel, which gives more roll capacity and more grip. No one else makes toe in uprights for these chassis which is why i did them. If you race you will find these a big step forward from the kit version. Andy (my tame racer) reports more rear end grip and stability and the ability to get on the throttle earlier out of corners. He was able to dial in more front end grip because the rear was better. Also reported it had a bigger impact on performance in the DT03 on astro than the DT02. Hopefully some of you might find them useful, or fun, or just a nice colour (There are about 10 colour options). If you would like to order they are available as individual left and right items. Left: https://www.shapeways.com/product/DHAWQ2DWJ/tamiya-dt02-3-rear-upright-3-deg-toe-in-lh?optionId=65301051 Right: https://www.shapeways.com/product/FPEB2TSM2/tamiya-dt02-3-rear-upright-3-deg-toe-in-rh?optionId=65300950 Cheers!
  7. Hi All, Came back to RC few weeks by restoring a 20 years old FF01 chassis. It was fun, I like it but unfortunately quickly broke one of the front pieces. While waiting for a spare part (quite hard to find) I was thinking that a buggy would probably better fit with my idea of RC fun. After few hesitations, I finally ordered a basic Neo Fighter as it seems quite fun, easy to find and cheap replacement parts while open to some tuning. It's a standard one (EU model with oil damper kit) and just added the ball bearing kit. I unfortunately didn't took picture as I was building it but here is the final result. It was my first in a long time trial for body paint and I wanted to customize it a bit. Result is not as I expected but kids love the result so it's ok. I wished the body to be more red (guess its because of the green applied on top of it, should have applied a kind of white intermediate? As well as the wheels, I tried to color the white plastic in red but failed at selection of the good product Now waiting to run it but it dosn't stop to rain since it's finished...
  8. New to the hobby, my first car was the DT-03. After messing about with it on the road I wanted to see how it would do on a forest path. Bad idea! It somehow broke the front left suspension. The small retainer part was lost, thankfully I found the spring. (Hop-up CVA Damper set - part V5 lost). I'm wondering what I should do, from my searches online, I could just buy a new complete CVA Damper set, but a friend suggested just get a new set of non-Tamiya shocks. I like the idea, but now I'm not sure what would fit? As im a newbie, I've no idea about how strong I need the shocks to be or how it affects speed. Looking for advice, also if I replace the shocks, I'm guessing it would be wise to replace all four. What do I want to do with it? Nothing serious, I was hoping it would take more of an off road track, but maybe I will stick to roads and the driveway! Not going to race it or anything, it's all stock parts right now. (Was packed with hop-ups mentioned). Attached a pic of the CVA Damper set. Part missing was the "PAC-MAN" looking part seen on the top row.
  9. Hi all! When I was young and got my first RC car, I had to choose between the lunchbox and neo fighter.. i choose the lunchbox and had a blast untill the esc cought on fire and stopped working. After a couple of years I threw the car and controller after hearing it was not repairable. Needless to say I have regretted that for many years :(. But today I received BOTH kits (rereleases). I couldn't stand the emptyness any more. I also bought bearing kits for both cars. What else do I need? I am about to order some paint tonight or tomorrow so I thought I'd just ask if there are any other items I will most certainly need when building the kits. Grease? Glue? I also need to buy servos and batteries.. haven't decided if I should go brushed or brushless yet.. i don't need the cars to go faster is is there any other benefits or should I just stay brushed? Thanks for your time!
  10. I wasn't keen on this car when I first saw it. After a brain storming moment I realised what I could do to this car with the DT03 specific Hop Ups and Hop Ups I had kicking around doing nothing so ........ Here is my build, the Super Gripper'd DT03 As expected, the Tamiya instructions are noddy proof. I built the Hop Ups in to the build from the start. The alloy servo mount is very nice. 54565 >> and a Kimbro servo saver I forgot to take a picture of the bare chassis halves sorry. On the front end I used The DT03 Carbon Fibre shock tower 54562, really nice Tamiya weave in the Fibre. I had a spare set of TRF Aeration dampers so they went on with 54205 DB01 alloy damper bushings at the top and 54503 alloy suspension balls at the bottom. I also used 3Racing alloy C hubs and gray TRF 54247 reinforced adjusters. And 54396 Front Damper Lower attachment pins and 54395 Low friction shafts. I used TRF201 hex screws and not the kit screws. at the rear I used the DT03 alloy suspension bridge parts 54566. Now here I cheated a lot I used the complete rear gearbox from my DT02 Desert Gator It has in the Tamiya ball diff 53863, 3Racing Universal shafts and 5 Stars rear hubs and 5 stars alloy hexes. Anti roll bar is DT02 It also has a Losi 10.5 motor powered by a Turnigy Trackstar 100amp esc. So I then just bolted the whole thing on with the DT03 Carbon Fibre rear shock tower 54563 and TRF Aeration dampers. Again using 54503 and 54205. Such an easy build, I do not like the look of the kit rear wing so I used a TRF201 wing 54211. The car also has the DT03 alloy battery bar 54564 DF03 rear wheels and I have used Schumacher yellow mini spike tyre with Schumacher Tubby inserts. Just waiting for my paint to come from modelsport for the body shell.
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