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Found 9 results

  1. Another week, another questionable Nikko purchase. This one was a Nikko 18 wheeler that I picked up for £15. I thought at the very worst it'll make a push along toy for the toddler. A few rattling pieces inside, so knew it was going to be a resto mod with new parts. On the outside it looks great. Somewhat smaller than my road express but perhaps the same scale The inside was less pretty. Some damage and a very complex gearbox which used the same motor to power the 5th wheel and drive. Lots of tiny, noisy gears. I decided to remove all the old electronics and most of the gears. I am left with a diff stuck to the two axle halves. I can't remove the wheels without damaging something so it is all one thing. At the moment the axle can somewhat float around. My plan is to 3D print something to lock the axle in place and then print a motor mount that allows a pinion to engage directly with the diff as a spur gear. It's a 50T 0.6M gear, so an 8T pinion should give me a gear ratio of 6.25. Now this is pretty high but the wheels are small and I'll be running on the flat. I plan to use a brushless motor running 4.8 volts so I shouldn't melt anything. Any thoughts on this? I might be able to find a step gear if needed but I am just trying to keep it simple. For the front I can drop in a servo and steer it using the rack it's got already. 5th wheel will be another micro servo in the gearbox. Those two are easy but not sure about the drive gear.
  2. Hi, any ideas on where I can get a steering servo for a 1.14 evolution and a motor for a 1.10 super evolution? Cheers
  3. Nikko85


    Hi all, Thought I'd introduce myself here. 35 years old, used to play with RC cars as a kid. My brother had the hobby grade stuff, but I had the Nikkos. As lock down started I thought I'd try and find my old cherished RC on Ebay (A 1997 Nikko Spider 3) and that sent me on a rabbit hole of vintage RCs from the era. I've used these forums for lots of searches, so thought I'd contribute as the collection has grown. I'm not really into the more modern stuff - and when I was racing NiCds where the height of tech. What I find really interesting with Nikkos is trying to work out which model is which, which parts are interchangeable, particularly when it comes to Tandy/Radioshack. Hopefully I can post some pictures that someone will find interesting. I'll post some more photos and reviews soon, but I've managed to pick up a Turbo Panther, Mighty Max, F10, Turbo Dasher, Ford Ranger 4x4, Gambler, Black Fox and a Road Express 1/24 18 wheeler. Jeez, I didn't think it was so many, but that's lockdown for you. I've got a few questions: Is it better to make a larger thread with the collection, or a thread for each car with the review (particularly if a thread doesn't exist). I don't want to spam a new-to-me forum with loads of threads, but it can be useful to keep a thread about a rarer car separate. I've also picked up a cheap version of a QD clod (so a budget version of a budget version) which I want to upgrade to modern(ish) proportional stuff. Is there a place in the forum for very green questions about electrics, motors etc? Thanks in advance! Andrew
  4. This is where my interest in RC cars began. It's a Tamiya Hornet copy but at the time of recieving this on Chrismas day (Mid 1980's aged 8 ish) I had never heard of Tamiya.... to be continued
  5. Saabman

    Nikko Super Sprint

    Perhaps three years ago I was given three RC cars including a Tamiya buggy (2wd), a Subaru and a Nikko Super Sprint. All had parts missing or needing attention. My son used to race his tuned-up Manta Ray, so he was keen to have first drive of the Super Sprint. I had incorrectly positioned the drive servo, so he had to remember the reversed controls. Result? Broken front floor pan on that first outing. These things can be repaired well, so the car was ready next time his family visited. The grandsons had a turn but the outcome was even worse, with a broken suspension pivot and lost front driveshaft. There is a fix for that, too, but it takes patience and a tubular section remodelled with several coats of Araldite. I have dispensed with the slow acting mechanical speed controller and replaced it with an electronic one. Plug and play, no setting up at all. Brilliant! Now three more grandchildren have arrived and are keen to try their hand. The car is fast! Play or sell?
  6. Greetings, Please check out my items for sale area, and be sure to revisit each week, as I often list new things when I have the time... https://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/ You can also buy from me on eBay if you wish. But everything is cheaper if you get in touch via my website, and simply use Paypal or Direct Deposit (what I save in eBay fees, you save). Pretty much everything I sell is vintage. Currently stuff for sale includes........... .............And lots more. Thanks for looking. H.
  7. I noticed that there are some Nikko collectors here, so you might find a good use for this. I got this for a project but it did not work out. I have actually tested the controller and it works. If you want me I can take a picture of the crystal inside so you can know the exact frequency 5€ plus shipping. Free shipping in Europe.
  8. With the Australian dollar in decline these days, overseas buyers may find some good value here. My full list and photos - http://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/ All items are 100% vintage and original, as I have zero reissue items. A few examples... Vintage Original NIB Cox/Kyosho Tomahawk... Tamiya Hotshot trump cards. Rare 1980s promo item. Update: I have 2 left (1 sold) Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk2) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Near mint. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original 1987 Taiyo Jet Fighter. Near new. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Wild One... Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk1) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Boxed with all inserts and paperwork. 99% New in box (zero wear, a couple of tiny marks).Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Hornet... Vintage Original Nikko Alaska Polar Expedition Mercedes Unimog (clean/restored)... And lots more (and more to come). Thanks for looking.
  9. Got involved in a new project, converting a 1986 Nikko Dictator to Hobby grade. The car is in pristine condition and it have close to zero wear. I removed all plastic bushings from the front, rear axles and the wheel carriers. Replaced the original Johnson/Mabushi 380 motors with two Traxxas Titan 18T 380 motors, installed a high torque servo with a Traxxas servo saver while still using the stock steering rods. Rewired the car with 12 gauge cables and used only Deans connectors, the ESC is a lipo ready 8T ESC. Installed a FlySky radio system. Will replace the wheels and tires with Tamiya Boomerang ones which I got off eBay. Also ordered 100mm and 65mm oil shocks which I should be receiving today, will update the folder with pictures for this. Below is a link with pics of the whole process documentation in pictures (Photobucket folder) http://s646.photobucket.com/user/cjmarti/library/Nikko%20Dictator%20modifications Video: (Select 1080p) http://youtu.be/pks70AkHsiM?list=UUy1qk1RirzC4OlPOAFDOg2g
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