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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys Found a TNX new in box locally, Is it any good? I won't pay more than new so that's fine. I don't have a specific wish or need for yet another nitro monster truck, so if it's no good, why bother right? But if it's a decent and fun rig, sure why not add it to the ever so growing collection. What engine is in it? I'm aware that it's a .32 of some kind, but got no clue as to what it actually is. Any and all info is much appreciated.
  2. SOLD tg10 mk1 tamiya nsx raybrig nitro. comes with box and radio controller. it ran twice, and you can see the condition under the chassis. i will ship worldwide at buyers expense. i could trade with a vintage tamiya hornet (58045) but NIB, and i will throw the extra cash if someone has one and is interested 155 euro excluding shipping (from Cyprus - Europe)
  3. I am putting my old and RARE Carson CH-04 2speed belt driven nitro car for sale here first. It is missing motor (long shaft), dampers, bodymounts and electrics. This has a product code of 59169, this car was made while Carson was a DICKIE-TAMIYA member (dont know if still are) this model is much superior as the CR04 that can be still bought from Carson, this model is discountinued somewhere around 2006 and NIB price was around 200DEM It was powerd with a 2,5ccm nitro motor from 'Force', I believe same as Tamiya nitro models. It is in full working condition, all belts are provided and some spare. Also optional damper stays in matching blue aluminium, optinioal pinions... Since the Spur's are immpossible to find, I did pay to fabricate alumium Spur's they work perfect and are the same as the original plastic ones, new alumium spurs can be made at cost, not so cheap but possible. Price Edit: it is listed on ebay auction for 70€ + posting here on the forum I will put this to 60€ + shipping! What you see is what you get. ,
  4. Picked up 5 nitro's from a guy down the road, was just passing with a handful, of cars, and he shouted that he had loads in shed. Did we want to buy them?. bought them straight away, not sure exactly what we have though, help appreciated. Acme condor, looks complete minus bodyshell. Cant see any markings on this HPI not sure which? Thunder tiger?, chassis has no markings but exhaust is thunder tiger CEN racing All 1/10 scale, dirty, horrible things they were, no wonder they were in his shed and not on a shelf in his house like us normal people.
  5. I have a new in pack TM1 exhaust muffler for the Tamiya TR15T nitro truck 44001 £12 posted with in the UK PP gift cheers
  6. Hi Has anyone got an empty kit box for Mardave Marauder , MK1 and or MK2 Anything considered - good , bad or ugly - or even good pictures of the box art illustrations on the box lid and sides UK only please
  7. Hi , has anyone got any old 12t clutch bells for old nitro engines such as Irvine / Veco etc . These were the choice of Mardave for the vintage nitros like Marauder / MK4 & MK5 chassis etc . They take a needle roller bearing , not ball races cheers
  8. Has anybody got a 12T clutch bell / clutch cover for an old nitro engine . Can be from Irvine , Veco etc , or any of the old engines from b.i.t.d . It takes a needle roller bearing , not ball races like modern covers , I have the bearing , just need the cover / bell . I can get sizes if need be / new or used is ok Cheers !!
  9. Hi all , looking for a clutch cover 12t which takes a needle roller , roll bar , fuel tank, yellow flat disc type wheels, some nice foam - ribbed front tyres - anything else that you might have , ta .
  10. Hi , has anyone got a Mardave Marauder or Mardave Stock car fuel tank , new used , w.h.y , anything considered - also need yellow flat style wheel set for Marauder - new or used ( any other spares ? ) Thanks
  11. Rebuilding my TR15T engine and forgotten what screws are used to bolt the heatsink the the engine block. Does anyone know what these are? Thanks for your help
  12. Hi all, I am looking to sell my Nitro Thunder to someone who will look after this model and use it to its potential! See pictures below. The car has never been run in, having only been used for a few hours. It has recently been overhauled and serviced, by Nitroflight Models Ltd, Rotherham, and is fully functioning and runs perfectly. There are a range of spares, including charger, spare batteries and fuel can. All original paperwork is provided, along with original packaging. Looking for offers so fire away! Any questions feel free to ask and I shall reply as soon as possible - I have a price in mind for this. Thank you, Dan
  13. Ok, something completely different than my normal vintage restorations: I can buy a Tamiya TG-10 in nearly new condition for about 60 Euro. I always wanted a nitro. Is it a good deal? My plan would be to hop the h*ll out of it :D and make it a mean machine for some road fun. Please share your thoughts. edit: sorry, i thought it was a TGS but it's a TG10 Mk1 and i bought it!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site so just introducing myself really. I've always been a MASSIVE fan of Tamiya. I used to dream about getting one in the 80's but as we were poor as s**t, it only finally happened with a Monster beetle for xmas in '89. After that I got a Avante 2001, and a Manta Ray. Some years ago though my wife got me a mini cooper racing M03 chassis as my other love/obsession is classic mini's. With that in mind you can imagine my Homer type drool over the Mini Cooper Nitro Tg-10. Well I've wanted one for so many years now but the cost and availability is, well not fair! Now I was recently looking at one in Australia Ebay. It was brand new and never used with no box. New unpainted shell etc. Couldn't afford that. So ended up buying this!!! I paid £88 for it. It has a nosram .15 engine in that apparently hasn't been run in yet but I'm taking all that with a pinch of salt. Anyway, more pics: And my M03: So, I'm gonna start by getting the radio gear going. I've a Futaba Receiver (which is all it needs) so if thats a success then I'll try and get the engine going and work up from there. I suppose I would have loved the brand new cooper but I actually want to use it and that would have just ended up a shell queen me thinks. Maybe one day I'll hve both!!! Wish me luck! I'll be needing all your helps! Adam
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