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Found 9 results

  1. Hey folks, I'm selling off a couple of my NIB collections. This is the Kyosho Optima Mid - 30622. New in box. Asking US $360 + shipping to USA and Canada only. Payment will be through PayPal goods and services. Please PM me for details. Photo attached.
  2. So I always wanted a Optima Mid actually since back in the days. Even dough I can remember that I never understood the others how they could consider anything else than Tamiya. But this car is such an awsome buggy, it got the right look and some very nice decals. That said, my Optima Mid is no looker, but I hope I can turn it into an nice survivor car. I have disassembled the car, so that i can wash all the parts. I have already bought a new body (TBG) and decals (MCI Racing). I guess I could just have painted and applied decals to a new body and added some new tires, and this one would have looked stunning on the shelf, but I can’t just get myself to take such an short cut.
  3. I've had this Turbo Optima Mid SE for probably 15 years. It had a bent chassis and several missing parts. Thankfully, it still had the things that made it an SE including the platinum shocks, silver plated wheels and original Le Mans 240ST. It came with the body which was in bad shape and painted red. The chassis has been replaced along with the other missing bits. I've added the Kyosho turnbuckle set which is weirdly included with the Mid but not the Mid SE. I've ordered a replacement mid body from Kyosho and some SE decals from MCI. I'll post some pics of the finished product. But first, anyone have an idea on the yellow that matches the box art? I'm assuming it's the yellow from the Kyosho polyca paint series though it appears that it might be a little orange-y. I'm not totally sure since I do not own the original box. Also, I do own the belt covers, they are just not installed.
  4. Finally! the Optima House Artbook 2021 is ready. 88 pages of pure vintage marvels (cars, chassis, motors) Full color Size: 24x20cm (softcover as I wanted an old kyosho catalog feel; I could propose a hard cover option later if there are anyone interested). The book contains mostly images that weren’t published anywhere and made exclusively for this purpose. It focuses on the optima series but they are also AYKs, Hirobo, Mugen, Yokomo cars and some classy motors. A must see for vintage rc buggy lovers! Ask to your friends that actually bought it If there is interest, each image of the book can become a poster, or perhaps be featurend in a calendar (I don't know if there are still people using calendars though ) The price is 50€. DM me for shipping fee.
  5. Does anybody remember playing Ace trumps/ Top trumps / Quartet trumps games in his childhood? I loved them and had created my own card set with drawings I made of the dream cars; kyosho optimas, tamiya hotshot, ayk viper, etc. Now that I modeled most of them, I decided to recreate a new set with my own pack of illustrations I made for my Artbook. If you want to play with your friends again, just order the card game and have fun! https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/optimahouse 32 cards, full color, poker size Contains: Kyosho Optima & Optima Mids series AYK Sidewinder, Buffalo, Bobcat, Viper, Radiant Mugen Bulldog Hirobo Zerda Yokomo YZ834B Dogfighter Marui Hunter, Galaxy and Samurai All the iconography is original © 2021 Optima House All rights reserved Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any remarks for improvement!
  6. My Optima Mid seems to build up speed slowly and struggle on grass although top speed is very quick. If I hold it still and accelerate gently the the motor and pinion are turning the gear but the belt is not moving. It feels like a slipping clutch on a car. Does anyone know what can cause this and how if at all it could be adjusted or if not what may have gone wrong?
  7. Higrades


    Optima Mid survived 30+ years. What are my options?
  8. Just looking at what's going to be coming out again this year: BigWig Top Force Avante 2011 (Again) Schumacher CAT XLS and I wouldn't fall off my chair in amazement if we didn't see a variant of the Optima Mid being released either as the pro was released last year and the MIDs arch rival the CAT xls is making a comeback. It's going to be a year of tough decisions ............. If I had to pick one at the moment, taking into account cost, it would probably be the Top Force, or the Mid if it appears, what are other peoples thoughts ?
  9. 4 Kyosho wheels in very good condition. I do not know exactly for which model they are but google says they are for the Optima mid but do correct me if google was wrong. They have tires on the them but 2 pairs of different ones: 2 tires are kyosho Sand Super 320/30/20M bridgestone and 2 tires are unknown to me but bear an AE-logo and the inscription TO-20 "made in Japan" and have a block profile. All 4 tires have been used and have wear but still very good profile. PM me if you are interested.
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