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Found 13 results

  1. Finally! the Optima House Artbook 2021 is ready. 88 pages of pure vintage marvels (cars, chassis, motors) Full color Size: 24x20cm (softcover as I wanted an old kyosho catalog feel; I could propose a hard cover option later if there are anyone interested). The book contains mostly images that weren’t published anywhere and made exclusively for this purpose. It focuses on the optima series but they are also AYKs, Hirobo, Mugen, Yokomo cars and some classy motors. A must see for vintage rc buggy lovers! Ask to your friends that actually bought it If there is interest, each image of the book can become a poster, or perhaps be featurend in a calendar (I don't know if there are still people using calendars though ) The price is 50€. DM me for shipping fee.
  2. Does anybody remember playing Ace trumps/ Top trumps / Quartet trumps games in his childhood? I loved them and had created my own card set with drawings I made of the dream cars; kyosho optimas, tamiya hotshot, ayk viper, etc. Now that I modeled most of them, I decided to recreate a new set with my own pack of illustrations I made for my Artbook. If you want to play with your friends again, just order the card game and have fun! https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/optimahouse 32 cards, full color, poker size Contains: Kyosho Optima & Optima Mids series AYK Sidewinder, Buffalo, Bobcat, Viper, Radiant Mugen Bulldog Hirobo Zerda Yokomo YZ834B Dogfighter Marui Hunter, Galaxy and Samurai All the iconography is original © 2021 Optima House All rights reserved Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any remarks for improvement!
  3. Years ago, I restored my Turbo Optima. It's a combination of NOS parts including an Option House belt drive conversion and some solid used parts. I used an RCScrewz set also. At the time, I couldn't find a body so I used an Associated ProTech body. It came out rather nice. In order to get the body on, I used a CRP shock tower and made some body mounts from Tamiya parts. Thankfully, it's all reversible and I can reinstall the original shock tower. Since Kyosho has rereleased the Turbo Optima, I purchased a new body set, wheels and motor guard. In my excitement, I already installed the wheels. Now, the goal is to paint the body box art, reinstall the original shock tower and install the motor guard.
  4. Hi, I know this is weird, but I am using a dt-03 chassis as a base to build something different based on a kyosho Tomahawk body And I am looking for some nice looking and also usable aluminium oil dampers. I thought about using the Ultima re-re or Optima re-re but are too expensive for this build, so I came out with these: https://www.rcmart.com/xtra-speed-aluminum-front-damper-set-for-kyosho-optima-2016-1-10-buggy-xs-om27001-00068009 https://www.rcmart.com/xtra-speed-aluminum-rear-damper-set-for-kyosho-optima-2016-1-10-buggy-xs-om27002-00068010 I really love these replicas from the original Golden Turbo optima, but I also have lots of doubts: Do you guys think these dampers are good enough or just a stupid copy? I I noticed the new Turbo Optima re-re has a different ones.. These replicas have a small c ring as the mechanism to retain the o-rings as the original ones had.. which seems quite outdated for today standards. Were these dampers reliable? As I asume these dampers, as a replica won't be top notch on feeling I was planning to replace the included o-rings with the red o-rings that new Turbo Op are using today, will they fit? Cheapo Dt-03 don't come with pivot balls for dampers, just some kind of flat screws with lots of play. With these dampers, on the Dt-03 body should I use pivot balls? Any idea of the ball size on the original Optimas? Any help is welcome. Thanks!
  5. Any idea why the optima platform sounds like a fighting cat? It feels quite different to any other car.. highly pitched I would say. Is it because of the chain? Does the belt version sound any different? Deeply trascendental question, I am aware
  6. Stuck on two restores (as is the way) and so time to crack this one open. My first NIB build since 1987. It feels great knowing I won’t discover half way through that I’m missing a part. I didn’t realise though that the Ladder Chain (OT226) was NOT in the kit. I’ve seen kits online where the same sticker and blister space “Option Parts OT226” is there with a chain inside. Are there two versions of the kit? Not to worry, I’ll build belt drive.
  7. My Kyosho Optima Re Release
  8. NIB Kyosho Optima 2016 (New Sealed) ** Bonus Mini Diecast Optima ** Model 30617B Modern Re-Release of Kyosho Optima from 1985 -- 4wd 1:10 Scale w/ Both Chain and Belt Options New and Factory Sealed -- Note: has a small dent in edge of cover (see last pic) Includes Free Bonus 1:64 Scale Diecast Optima w/ Pull-Back Action (Item No. K04003) Free Priority Mail shipping within U.S. LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332045149386
  9. lin6499

    My Optimas

    Two Optimas and one Javelin.
  10. lin6499

    Optima " Mid "

    I have been planning this for a long time. Now, the basic idea is done. I got a 3d printer and a cutting machine to make parts or plates. However, the biggest problem is I don't have a lathe to make shafts.
  11. RNSpeed

    Shock Collars

    Hello Again. As we all know there is a well known problem regarding the broken shock collars from the vintage Ultima,Optima and Scopion,etc red shocks. I was looking for alternatives without the need to change shocks and keep it as original as possible so I decided to test a cheap alternative. I found out that the Kyosho part #SC222-03 Shock Plastic Part set for the 2014 Scorpion and Tomahawk look like the vintage shock collar but have a thicker area where the screw holds. The collar is a little bit smaller but fits. The pictures talk by themselves. Here is the broken shock collar Broken collar next to replacement Top View Installed Part number
  12. As some of you know I have Kyoho Optima and Ultima projects in the works (annoyingly - see my other thread - I'm obliged to specify that these are both the 'original' Optima and Ultima buggies). I was looking for box art wheels and tires for both, as I intend to do both as close to box art as possible. Was having some trouble finding original Optima wheels in good condition but stumbled on an Optima rolling chassis that happened to be fitted with very nice for used condition box art Optima wheels... and paid less for the whole buggy than just a set of NIP wheels. I posted it to my showroom and am also putting up some pics here as well for you forum dwellers ... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! LOL The one on the left is my first one, the right is the new one: Nice condition box art wheels! This is the first one again: Here it is after swapping on some parts from the newer one, and mounting the tires and wheels: With the original body... not bad! Can't wait to see it with a nice finished box art body.
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