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Found 5 results

  1. I intend to use this body for speed runs. This body will eventually get destroyed. I am not going for perfection or master modeler status here. I got the body from SabulaTech on eBay. It was listed as an error body, and only cost $7.99 USD. The error on the body was at the bottom of the shell in the back, and I planned to cut that part off anyways. So, at that price, I figured why not experiment. I picked up two of this body and one of another style. My idea was to make it fit an M-chassis with a heat gun, and see what happens. Maybe there's something to learn here about reshaping poly-carbonate bodies. I may make a second attempt at this using a mold that I am working on from a block of wood. I do have plans to get an RM-01, so I may save the other error bodies that I got for that. Here's how the body sat on top of the M-05. The body is resting on the top of the shocks. I screwed the back of the body down to a board. I used random objects as spacers to keep the chassis from rolling backwards, which also kept it lined up with the wheelbase. I rested a somewhat heavy book on the uncut part of the shell. My idea was that the weight of the book would pull the body down as the heat gun softened the body. I used a damp towel to keep the heat from going where I didn't want it to go. I used the heat gun on a low setting and now know that this step was unnecessary because the heat wasn't that extreme. I made a video of the heat gun process showing the body coming down. The entire video was 12 minutes long. I shorted it down to about 3 minutes. The audio is off, but it's just the sound of a heat gun. When I was finished, the shocks were not too hot to hold. They had some heat, but nothing that would cause damage to the chassis. As I said, the heat gun was on low, which is rated at about 350 degrees. For the last few seconds, I did run it on high, but over a larger area. Here's how it looked afterwards. It now looks like a Sting Ray, which was the decider of my color choice. I expected the body to sit lower than it did once trimmed. I now know to pull the body down further if I am to attempt this again. I also expected it to melt down and bubble out in a much bigger area. I did not expect it to take the exact shape of the top of the shocks. I've started carving away at a block of wood that I may use as a mold for the second attempt. My thinking is that this will give a much bigger spread, rather than taking the shape of the parts around it. Trimmed: M-05 rear body mounts did not clear the body. I has some extra body mounts on hand, and drilled and screwed them into the rear bulkhead for the droop screws. The front mounts are M-05. And a quick spray of Tamiya Gun Metal paint. I'm going to run it like this and see how it does. If I can improve on it by making a front spoiler to get rid of some of that ground clearance, I may do so.
  2. Hello, i'm Johan from Belgium, last week i bought an old rc car and i never seen or heard anything from this car. The brand on the box is Tsukuda but this brand is only known for static model kits and puppets... I happen to have also an old AYK from 1979 i think, and this car has the same wheels and rear axle, in the Tsukuda box are two optional gears and thy are marked AYK. The chassis is also black anodized. Maybe someone know something about this car? Thank you.
  3. Well here is something that I really don't want to part with, but it just sits in the living room gathering dust on display. So I would love it to go to a good home and maybe someone who will use it occasionally. As there are no super smooth surfaces where I am and nowhere to run it without wrecking it. So I have for sale a Corally SP12M in very good condition. Tyres still have loads of life left and the chassis itself is all in good condition with only small marks etc. Comes with standard acoms servo, mtroniks esc with a deans connector and a Reedy 27 Turn MVP motor that is brand new (only been bench ran in) . Also fitted to it is the gorgeous Tamiya 1/12 Mazda 787b #18 car bodyset. The bodyset is brand new and painted/decaled by myself to a pretty good standard. I apologise about the pic the LED lights in my kitchen were playing havoc with photos. But I am more than happy to take some better ones a bit later when its more daylight. [/img] /img] ] /img] img] No idea what its worth TBH as I haven't seen another for sale, but feel free to make me an offer. Happy to post worldwide at cost. Could also be interest in a trade, so what you got?? Thanks James No offers? Ok how about £75 posted or I could do just the body for £30 posted. Thanks James
  4. As above looking for any spare parts for the Corally SP12M. Let me know what you have. Thanks James
  5. Been looking for a Corally SP12 for ages, but they seem very hard to come by in the UK now. Especially older early/mid 90's examples. Anyway, today I seen a "R/C Car and Spares" for sale on my local Gumtree and it was up for £10. So I had a look at the pics and it looked like a Corally SP12 (or some sort, still unsure as to the differences in the SP12's) Went round to look at it and the seller indeed confirmed it was a Corally SP12 so I now have it at home and already stripped down. Ordered a bearing set from RC Bearings for it, but just wandering where the best place for info is on them? Or how to tell what model of SP12 I have? Many Thanks James
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