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Found 4 results

  1. I got this around 1989 when I was in Jr. High. It was my first hobby grade R/C kit after my first R/C car that was a black Nikko Typhoon from Service Merchandise. I ordered it from Tower Hobbies along with the Kyosho Pulsar Pro 2000 transmitter/receiver/servo package. Drove it for a few years, then left the hobby for around 20 years. I happened to dig it out of my parents' shed so that I could see if I could salvage this and a Kyosho Tracker that I had sitting in there for my son. Straight out of storage. The MSC that you see on there is a newer replacement from the Kyosho that I got later on. The one that came with the car is an even older model with all the contact points exposed... which I still have. As you can see... the stock leMans 05 motor is still in there. Unfortunately, I painted the front wheels green, and the rear wheels I traded for a set of 3 different ones back when I was younger. The rear wing is something I added on later from something else. Anyway, took it out and started cleaning it with a disposable toothbrush. I ordered a body from ebay since my original one apparently went missing, and it had a terrible paint job anyway from what I remember. My son likes the color blue, so I decided to paint it a metallic blue. Finally got the car up and running using a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Brushed ESC, Airtronics 371W receiver paired with Sanwa MK-V Transmitter. The original shocks/dampers were in bad shape. 2 of them had cracks in the tubes which was fairly common for this car. I took them off and replaced them with Kyosho FD-37 FD-38 ultima oil filled dampers. I also painted the wheels I had back to white. Ordered some repro decals made by ******* Racing. Not exactly the same as the original kit, and definitely not the same quality... but for this project, it'll do. I think it looks great now! I have an old brushed twister scorpion motor that I might stick in this, and I'm considering upgrading the kyosho servo to maybe a savox servo or something stronger. I'm also looking into seeing if there is a way to improve the tie-rod/turnbuckle system that it's currently using to help it turn better.
  2. As in, I hope it won't take long, rather than I hope the car will be fast. I think it is fast, but we'll come to that later. So, anyone who haunts this non-Tamiya section of TC may have seen my confusion over the steering system on a second-hand Kyosho Raider that I recently bought. The car looked great, had some of the electronics included and on a cursory check seemed to be in pretty good condition throughout. However, the steering was all over the shop, with the front wheels displaying an alarming degree of toe-out. Some debate ensued as to why this was, but it was narrowed down to the ball joint on the hubs being inserted into the 'inner' of the two available holes. This not only had a disastrous effect on the car's stance while stationary, but would have also had a similar effect on its steering ability while in motion, as shown by this image of it on full lock. So what's the to-do? Well, first of all, have a quick nose around the chassis to see what we can find.
  3. Hi all, I have dusted down my 30 year old raider and it works! Or did! Bought new battery and it was running great. Turned off but didn't disconnect and somehow the old MSC got nudged on . when I smelt smoke it turned all off and recharged battery. It now works only on full speed, I guess I have blown the resistor. As I can't get a spare u was going to buy the 1060? ESC and use that. My question is this... Is it relatively easy to swap the old style MSC out and replace with a new one. Can anyone explain what I need to do please. I have a futaba attack r controller- do just swap the crystal over to the new ESC? Is there anything else I need to remove? Also I need new tyres for the rear wheels and new rear shocks ( the others have always sagged and it seems to run too low to the ground. They are 65mm so was thinking I could get some linger ones? Any advice on what size shocks and wheels I'd need would be appreciated along with where to source them (/I'm in the UK). My kids are you so want them to get used to the fun of rc cars before they migrate to more modern models! Many thanks for any advice. Oli
  4. I have for sale inc. shipping in the UK, paypal gift please 1x NIB Kumamon WR-02G wheelie tractor £105 1x NIB Stadium Raider TL-01 truck SOLD 2x sealed in pack TBLE-02s brushed and/or brushless speed controls pulled from kits each £12 the kits with pics are advertised in my showroom and are on ebay (but more expensive due to fees)
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