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Found 4 results

  1. I loved the retro Porsche 911 Safari cars and when the TT-02 RSR was released it clicked! Here is a simple TT-02 build. Car has been completed prior to the write up but I will try to map out the steps I took should you want to try something similar. Many thanks to a few people in the “what did I do today” group for help This build is low budget with no major hop-ups. Items include: TT-02 car kit bearings Subrau Brat tires 2 pairs of CVA dampers 18 pinion gear 35T Yeah Racing crawler motor Yeah Racing roof rack with LED 934 Porsche light bucket kit and LED kit Paint Hobbywing ESC Waterproof servo TT01 Truck foam bumper Edited: Cover photo updated
  2. Well, been a while since I last posted... I'm taking the plunge, decided on building up a Porsche 959 based on the new MF-01X chassis set at 210mm. Ordered the following - 1/12 TGB P type 959 body - TGB P Type 959 wing - TGB P Type 959 interior - ******* 959 sticker set Need to buy - Jimny MF-01X - Options… :-) - RC Rally Raiders 959 1/10 wheels Looking for some insight on locating some 959 drivers heads. Anybody have any used bits they can part with? Don't fancy sporting for eBay units and can also craft my own. Interesting possibilities are Knight Customs SRB 3D printed head, helmet and visor. Just 1/10 scale and wondering if they could be scaled down? I do have several kits of the Toyota 4WD driver and could use the head only version, create a helmet and make a visor. Any other suggestions? TIA. Cheers, Thompson
  3. _oliK

    My Rallye M-01

    I don't always post build threads, but when I do, I'm already 85% finished! Anyway, thought I'd finally share my M-01 rallying project (or rather: gravel skid machine). This is my first own RC car, or at least the first one that I built myself, back in 2009. I drove it for a while, had lots of fun and then...well. It sat on my shelf. I've planned on rebuilding it, and bought two modded M-02's for spares, so you could call it a M-05 now. Here are some pics of the original state (Chassis was bone stock with blue Fighter shocks - legit): There aren't many pictures of the rebuild, but I sealed the gearbox with doublesided tape, and generally tried to protect everything against dirt and other nasty bits. Nothing oozes "professional paintjob" like a cardbox box on a heater! Looks crude, but a little preparation and some masking tape makes a huge difference. Painted the Team Blue Groove undercowl - great quality for a repo, and about one week shipment from canada to germany, absolute bargain. Here are some chassis pics, I will add a complete hop up list when I'm finished. Already took it out for a test drive, it had me grinning like a lunatic! The LRP F1 ESC is fantastic, switches from forward to brake/reverse in like nothing. Let me just say something about the quick release battery holder: I first saw it in an old 1996 Tamiya catalogue, and wanted one ever since. I got it with a M-02, that was never run, but had lots of hop-ups fitted. Everything about it was new and shiny, except for the battery holder. This means, that it also took the previous owner years to get his hands on this part! Some of you may have also noticed the bent metal piece in there, I custom made this for fitting a Willy Driver figure. And it took me eight iterations to get it just right. Eight. A new body is already painted (the old one being quite abused, and painted badly), but i'm still waiting for some parts. Here you can see how I masked off the arches: I first masked off the complete body, except for the arches and side steps. I used overlapping making tpae to get the shape of the arches just right, then masked only the Windows and painted everything White. Then I covered it up with silver, and gave the arches another coat of black, so that the silver isn't visible behind the wheels. But I ended up with some major imperfections: I'm quite upset with myself, but I won't buy a third body. I'll just make it as dirty as possible while driving. I should be finished with the stickers (personal custom stickers, yay!) in a few days, until then!
  4. Here's a little treat. Decided to tackle the 1977 Tour de France rallye, Eminence livery, Almeras-Fres Porsche 934 turbo. As an Art Director, I spend most of my day designing magazine and catalogues. At night, totally enjoy designing one-off Tamiya Porsche 911 sticker sets with as much realism I can. The Tamiya Porsche 934 turbo GT-01 is a great little base, the body is so detailed. With limited mods though, you have to think out of the box. Inspired by another TC'er I've bought some of the Kawada rims and some Tamiya upgrades. The photo that inspired my crazy path for this build. Based on other TC users speediness, I seem to be on the snail schedule for completing projects. Happy to report, this project has already passed up my 959 project! Research mode on, more photos...
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