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Found 14 results

  1. After some investigation about this Tamiya Model I decided to sell the Renault 5 Turbo, RA1226 from about 1980-1982. It is an unbuild Tamiya Scale Model, no packaging inside the box was opened. The box itself has some minor scratches on the front but no cuts or cracks. I kept this Model since my Father passed away in 2013 and since I am not into building Tamiya Models it is best to give it to someone who has the enthusiasm and love for these Tamiya cars. The price I am asking is 1.350,00€ + shipping (worldwide, tracked shipping) from AUSTRIA (not Australia). If there is no interest in this group, I am going to list it on Ebay with a Buy Now Price of 1.500,00€ within the next weeks. The Ebay offer will be higher regarding to the provision Ebay is asking. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you neeed more pictures.
  2. So what RC channels do you watch.. I'm really liking "RCing around" at the moment, it's not all Tamiya, but he is a Tamiya enthusiast. Recommend me some more please,
  3. I am so new to this but I want to learn as much as possible. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the stock Tamiya motors from a 1/16 scale King Tiger with brushless motors? If you can how do you integrate the speed controller? Todd
  4. Fotos del Unimog modificado, diferentes defensas delanteras, de la original a la definitiva.
  5. Hi there, I decided to build a replica of my VW bus, a 1973 lifted type2 bay window (with a water cooled v6 engine ) into a RC model. I purchased a reedition 2010 Sand scorcher and started the build couple month ago, I thought it would be all about the details, trying to replicate all the work that went into my original bus into a 1/10 scale version, using a mix of old models parts, 3D printed parts and so on... This is where things started to be a little more tricky than I thought, the only body I could find online of a type 2 bus 1/10 (the one with the square front, not with the V front) is an ABS Body and a Lexan body found on eBay that are basically vacuum molded and lack a lot of details as a result . Second huge detail is the wheel spacing, the bus front to back wheel distance Of the bus body is a lot smaller than the sand scorcher wheel distance... this is when I decided to cut the bottom plate and reduce the overall size of my Sand scorcher body :/ In this thread i’ll Show you all the steps of my work in progress, this is far from being done but i’m Planning on posting regular updates of my built . Hopefully this will be a good one . Here are some pictures of my (real) Bus , you can find more here http://www.instagram.com/pacifist_northwest . Let’s see how close I can get wish me luck.
  6. Hi there!! Nice to meet you, we are Tamiya Rally Lovers!! We use to run with Tamiya TT01/TT02/Xv01 and Minis 03/05/07!! Last sunday we go to a Rally Rc organized in Madrid Rally Portugal. We have make a Youtube Video, here you got the link. I hope you like it!! VIDEO LINK >>>>>> Rally Rc Portugal Video RALLY RC ARGENTINA SOME PICS
  7. Hello, I was reading a thread about Chinese copies of other manufacturers' chassis on another thread just now and was reminded of an unidentified car which I remember from my time as a teenaged racer back in the later 1980s. All of this has been filtered through thirty-odd years, mind, so forgive me if any of this is misremembered. I occasionally used to buy a magazine in the UK which I think was called Model Mart or Model and Model Engineering Mart, or something similar, mainly so I could scan the small ads for any 2nd hand bargains. It had a red cover and was mainly full of old school black and white print, but the back cover ad was usually full colour and frequently featured an ad for (I think) Maplins, featuring a 1/10 RC kit of unknown manufacture which seemed to be aimed at racers, but which always seemed unfeasibly cheap (about the price of a Hornet at the time). It was a 2WD chassis with a spindly design which vaguely resembled an early Ultima. It was shown as having (if memory serves) five-spoke wheels of an unfamiliar design, aggressive-looking spiked tyres (also unfamiliar) and a presumably polycarb body with separate wing (painted white with blue and red lining in the image). It always looked like a pretty tidy-looking kit to me and not at all like the cheap, injection-moulded, non-modifiable toys which seemed to pass for RC models elsewhere. I considered buying one at one point with my hard-earned pocket money, but my father advised against it, citing its unknown pedigree and unproven supply of spares. I have often thought about it since, though, and wondered if anyone here was ever tempted by one or has any idea what it actually was? It seemed to my reasonably well-informed eyes to be a pukka kit, but that could have been wishful thinking cobined with a misleading photograph. Another thought which recently occurred was that it could have been a cheap copy of an obsolete Ultima or something similar which had been knocked off wherever such things were done back then before China got in on the act.
  8. I'm letting go of this rare kit $300, tam 92200, it even has drivers cockpit detail parts, very cool and unique. 94 Castrol Celica WRC PM me for shipping cost, USPS first class or priority whichever is cheaper for the buyer. Shipping weight is going to be close to 8lbs including box and packing material. Unboxing video credits to rcmart https://youtu.be/2mhAMxfAJSA For more info on this kit, see the following official link:https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/off-road-buggies-36450/rc-castrol-celica-94-92200 Thanks for looking, Dave Paypal or fund transfer via bank (Wire transfers - domestic)
  9. Hello world, from cold Sweden I made a video on youtube with clips from me and my friends RCs, feel free to check it out The plan is to upload videos on a regular basis if theres an interest in what I create. Anyway.. enjoy!
  10. 7th - 14th May was the 2016 Model Week at Primrose Valley in Filey Yorkshire. A whole week of RC car racing ................. Both on and off road classes catered for. The off road was on grass and the on road was Tarmac. This year was my second year and cannot wait til next year. I raced only off road with my trf502x, trf201 hybrid and DT03T Aqroshot. check out the link to facebook https://www.facebook.com/primrose.modelweek?pnref=story there was even two heats of Grass Hoppers ........... I will get some of the pictures up
  11. hello, i am looking around for a tamiya 1/10 mini cooper racing model either painted or NIB. i also need a reasonable price in AUD if that is ok. had no luck so far, contact me by PM or just down below. cheers Minifan01
  12. Hello...I am interested in Tamiya petrol engine cars...is there any shopping website with good prices?...what it is your opinion about a TG10-Mk.1 model...because I dont have much experience...it is possible to mount body kit number 51364 Subaru impreza wrc 2008 on chassis TG10-Mk.1...thanks.
  13. Having bought this earlier this year and scanned through the many many pictures of offer (its all in Japanese so unfortunately I can't say I read through it at all) , I have decided to sell this on and let someone else appreciate it too. I was very careful when browsing it not to force any pages open too far etc, and so the book sits almost like brand new. Not a single mark or tear or blemish on it at all and no discolouration either. The book/catalogue, is 148 pages all full colour. With loads of hop up parts listings in colour too. Will be sent very very carefully packaged and covered in rigid cardboard as not to damage it at all, the price includes UK postage for this (will post overseas but at cost) , would make a nice Xmas addition. So I am asking exactly what I paid for it, £24 posted is the price. More items coming soon including loads of RC Line UP Booklets. Thanks James
  14. Hey guys. Pretty new with these older things (first post here). Im wondering if this is worth anything? Found the box when I was looking for the manual to my Raider Pro buggy. As you can see the condition is like new. Never even touched the dirt. Seen on a vintage site that it sold poorly when it was release but is very rare in new condition. I really like this thing but I dont wanna drive it if its something that could be valuable for someone. And since Im not really a collector, I just like to drive them, Id rather sell it. Any price ideas and should I put in up on Ebay or is anyone around here intressted? Thanks for any information. See you later!
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